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    Gamification is not just about badges and points. It is a way to truly change the way you engage your audience while boosting your customer community's traction and business value.  In this discussion, we will discuss the business value derived from implementing advanced gaming techniques -- including call deferral, increased product interest, crowd-sourced product enhancement, and self-education through gamed quizzes and rewards for social actions such as answering questions or liking threads.


    Michael Torok will highlight how his company has leveraged Jive's advanced gamification capabilities within its external Jive community ( and how it has helped in recruitment, engagement, and maintaining the interest of a demanding and diverse IT-centered community membership.  Michael will talk about SolarWind's MVP program,  Ambassador program, and market-driven monthly missions, along with community enhancement/behavior modification missions.



    Michael Torok

    Game On in the Real World