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    Mylan is a company with a mission to work together around the world to provide 7 billion people with access to high quality medicine. To meet this mission, Mylan knew they had to change the game and revolutionize the way they worked.


    Bruce Cullen, Mylan's Director of Innovative Solutions, long felt that social business had a place at Mylan. When Heather Bresch took the reigns as CEO in 2012, her vision set the stage for true transformation and her battle cry made it clear the company had to change the way its people connect, collaborate and communicate. With Heather's sponsorship and the growing momentum and excitement across the business, Mylan knew that their Jive launch was going to be huge.


    Learn about how Mylan's approach to planning and implementing Jive set them up for a successful launch that broke records on its very first day, and continues to deliver real business value to the organization.



    Bruce Cullen

    We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat: How Mylan Broke Records with the Successful Launch of their Global Intranet