Version 5


    [Boss] Hey, I need some slides on how the Community is doing?


    [You] Do you want traffic, users, authoring, question/answer ratio...


    [Boss] ... (glazed look)...whichever one has the chart in it and shows real value?


    [You]  They all have charts.


    [Boss]  (slowly backing away)...ummm...just get it to me by this afternoon.


    In this session, you'll learn from two community analytics pros about the three must-have metrics that matter most for your organization. Also, you'll get a glimpse of what it means to unlock the power of your Jive community's data, and the easiest ways to get that data into your business review presentations.



    Dustin Smith Ryan Sefko


    [BROKEN] Speed Dat[a]ing:  Community Value Reporting Demystified