Version 3


    Stephan Müller-Ziebur is Managing Partner of SMZ and Pokeshot. After studying computer science and systems engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin, he served as a consultant and software developer in the banking sector. Later, he shifted his focus to developing community software and in 2010 started working as a freelance consultant.



    Guido Hofmann is Partner and CTO of SMZ. He holds a degree in computer and media science from TFH Berlin, now known as Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He worked as a freelance developer and project director before joining SMZ, where he also heads up the Software Development unit.



    Nils Heuer is Managing Partner of Pokeshot. He studied Business Informatics and started his career as system and software developer for several companies. Before founding Pokeshot Technologies in 2012 he also worked as Technical Consultant für Mercury Interactive, Jive and Hewlett-Packard. Since 2013 Nils Heuer is the Managing Partner of SMZ Pokeshot Technologies GmbH & Co. KG and responsible for the product sales and development.