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Boston Jive User Group - June 15, 2016

Event has ended



Where? Akamai Technologies, 150 Broadway, Cambridge, MA (meet Kirsten Laaspere in the lobby)

When? 2pm-5pm, Wednesday, June 15, 2016


We will walk from 150 Broadway to our user group location at 1 Hampshire Street at 2:15pm - if you arrive after 2:15, please go directly to 1 Hampshire Street and email Kirsten with any issues.


Agenda = Unconference!

SO MANY PEOPLE SIGNED UP!  Which is awesome.  But our meeting room 'technically' holds 30 people, so we may have some spill-over into a secondary conference room.  Just be aware that space might be tight.  Wear comfortable shoes. 


TOPIC #1: Notifications/Email Overload/News

  • Jive functions - the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Training/Best practices - change management and user guides
  • Admin settings - back end management


TOPIC #2: Metrics/Measurement/Community Health

May want to separate Internal and External conversations

  • What do you wish you could see?
  • What do you share with your community?
  • What do you share with your stakeholders?
  • Who runs/owns your analysis?
  • What tools do you use (CMR, Google Analytics, Data Export, etc.)


TOPIC #3: Content Management

  • Auditing, Labeling, Planning, Controlling




I would love to have volunteers offer to lead discussions around certain topics (someone passionate about communications/editorial plans?  someone passionate about metrics/measurement?  someone simply frustrated with employee engagement? all are welcome to lead!)


Please comment with any topics you'd like to discuss.  Brainstorming, storytelling, and spitballing will then hopefully lead to actionable takeaways!




All attendees are encouraged to read the State of Community Management 2016 from the Community Roundtable.  TONS of great topics and insights in there.  LOTS to talk about.

When and Where

  • Start Time:

    Jun 15, 2016 11:00 AM PDT (America/Los_Angeles)
  • End Time:

    Jun 15, 2016 2:00 PM PDT (America/Los_Angeles)
  • Location:

    Akamai Technologies, 1 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA

Event Info

  • Event Type:

    User Group
  • Event Visibility & Attendance Policy:


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