Wow, what a great day in Atlanta. I want to thank everyone in the user group for making me feel so welcome. The content was fantastic.  Even better was the engagement , and I really enjoyed the follow-on conversation with those of you who were able to stay for drinks afterwards.


I also want to highlight how excited I am to see such fantastic brands in Atlanta using Jive to make work better in their organizations. Hearing Lauren share what Verizon was doing to create a better customer experience (and save money!) following by David's story of how Porsche is connecting their dealerships got me really excited.  Hearing how the technicians were able to share their expertise with each other, and how the mothership in Germany was finding a new way to get closer to the experience of their customers--well, that to me is what it is all about.  I hope all of you will continue sharing your stories. We all learn so much from each other and it is what makes this community so special. Along those lines if I can be helpful to any of you please let me know, whether it is a visit to your company, putting you in touch with a customer facing similar challenges, or sharing some of the stories I've collected in my travels.


I'm hoping to get invited back to Atlanta soon! If you ever make the trip to Palo Alto, please reach out. I'd love to show you around JIve's HQ.  Have a great weekend.