• Jive Atlanta User Group

    Is there still an Atlanta Jive User Group.   We are interested in local companies using Jive, to see how they use the platform and exchange ideas.   We are open to visiting your company or you can visit us...
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    created by davidrainey
  • when is the next Atlanta Meet?

  • Interesting Tool for viewing folder-like navigation to Jive places

    Came across this tool to help community managers add folder-like navigation to their sites based on tag categories and tags. It's free to use at http://rnicg.com/cannr/  and here a short video explaining what is ...
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    created by rich.blank
  • Job Opportunity for Jive Pro at Cox Enterprises

    Hello Atlanta Jive Users,   I'm adding a new position to my team at Cox Enterprises, with a heavy focus on social collaboration--specifically Jive.    Please take a look at the job posting link below...
  • Resources for your Jive platform

    Hello everyone - We are trying to get a sense for how other companies in the area are committing resources for Jive and best practices.  Interested in hearing about your current resources devoted to your platform...
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  • Informal coffee meet up with a Boston User

    Hey Atlanta users! I will be in Atlanta next month and would love to connect with anyone who has an internal community with SharePoint as their content management system. I'm currently on Jive 7 (soon to be Jive 8) a...
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  • New Atlanta Group Leaders - Introducing Lynee Willison and Billy Auer from Cox Automotive

    Hello Atlanta   Let me introduce myself.  I have been at Jive for a little over a year.  I am responsible for all things equal to Professional Services for the South at Jive. I work very closely with B...
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  • 2015 User Group meetings?

    Hey All,   Do we have any User Group meetings scheduled for 2015? Also, is there a place to list topic suggestions we would like to hear about?   Thanks!
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  • Does anyone here have the link to register for the user group lunch at Jive World?

    There was an announcement in this group yesterday about a user group lunch at Jive World. However it doesn't seem to have a clickable link for me to register. Kelly Carlsted do you have a working link?
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  • Thanks for listening to our story!

    ATL JUG,   I had such a great time sharing our story last night and look forward to future meetings to learn more on other group members stories!! Its awesome to meet others with the same passion I have for this...
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  • I attended my first Atlanta Area User Group meeting, and the verdict is...

    Well, I attended my first Atlanta Area User Group meeting yesterday, and must say that I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot too. Clara Liang is a rock star, and any meeting that she presents at, you'd be a fool t...
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  • Atlanta User Group Presentations March 13, 2014

    WOW...what an amazing time last night.   We are so fortunate to have amazing talent in Atlanta willing to share their Jive story. I want to thank Lauren Hickey, David Rainey, Christopher Morace, and Dan Katz fo...
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  • Live Jive Partner Webcast: Building Compelling Customer Solutions with Jive

    REGISTER: Jive Partner Webcast     Join us Tuesday, March 25th at 8am PT/11am ET for the next live Jive Partner Webcast, geared to enable you with the latest Jive product information – expanding our j...
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  • Feedback from 3/14 Atlanta User Group Meeting?

    First, thanks again to Brian Steinberg for pulling together a fantastic meeting yesterday!    As I mentioned last night, we want to get some feedback from you around future Atlanta User Group Meetings... ...
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  • Jive Talks: Gamification - Getting Engaged &... | Jive Community

    Gamification - Getting Engaged & Motivated Jive Community What is Gamification and why should you care?  Gamification is not a new idea, it is a proven tool that has been in the workforce for quite some ti...
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