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Cross-posting from our blog, the Ripple Effect Group team are pleased to announce this new offering:


Mind the gap! Forrester has identified that the desire to improve online customer communities is not aligned to actionable strategies.


Wave-x offers the opportunity to work with a newly integrated services company with expertise in: online strategy and marketing, community management, brand creative and advertising, using the Jive-x cloud platform.


At Wave-x we help you create powerful online communities to engage your customers and enhance your brand. Wave-x provides all the wrap-around support and services to make Jive-x deliver jaw dropping results including full strategy, technology and design solutions.


Why Wave-x?

  • Fully integrated services – we are a leading Jive Preferred Partner, with experience dating back to 2003.
  • Out of the box, cloud solution – affordable upfront investment and fast startup.
  • Return on Investment – a proven platform, which delivers results.


Wave-x combines the collective expertise from the teams at Ripple Effect Group and Workshop to create a powerful relationship focused on customer engagement.


If global brands such as T-Mobile, McAfee, Adobe, Cisco and GE Healthcare have all adopted branded Jive-x communities to dramatically drive better business results, why shouldn’t Australian companies benefit from the same experiences.


Are you ready to build momentum and transfer energy between your brand and your customers to create incredible online communities? Wave-x is ready to assist with quickly creating a best in class online experiences, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty.


Contact us to learn more about how you can create an effective online customer or business-to-business community.

A few photos from today's user group meeting in Sydney, hosted by REA Group (in no particular order):



Please register here:

Jive User Group Meeting - March 2014 - Melbourne,... Tickets, Melbourne - Eventbrite

Save the date!


Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in attending an ANZ Jive User Group meeting.


To take advantage of Jive's Gia Lyons visiting Australia at the beginning of March, Jive have suggested we move the User Group meeting forward from the proposed April/May date. I thought that was an excellent idea so we are locking in the following:


  • Date: Monday 3rd March, 2014
  • Time: 1pm-5pm
  • Location: Theatrette Room, RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


The agenda will be similar to our last User Group meeting, with lightning talks and short 20 minutes presentations - please let me know if you would like to propose a short presentation.


More details coming soon.


PS Thank you in-advance to Byron Holder & Valentina Grandi, who will be helping with some of the event logistics.

REA Group are a Jive customer in Australia, so interesting to hear about the views of their CIO on sharing knowledge.


"CIOs must invest in technologies and behaviours that capture, share and encourage conversation if they’re to address the modern knowledge management issues experienced in their organisations, the CIO of REA Group claims."


Read the full article here:

Russian online retailer and Jive customer, Enter, were featured in Step Two Design's Intranet Innovation Awards this year:




(I know this is a Russian customer, but Step Two is based in Australia!)