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Thank you for joining us on Thursday at the Sydney User Group. For those of you who couldn't make it, here is a recap:


Executive Update


Robert Yue kicked off the meeting with an Executive Update. He shared a story about a recent trip to Japan where he noticed a huge shift in cultural Workstyle. A Japanese company renovated their offices to better reflect the way their employees work, with an open floor plan designed to feel like a neighbourhood. (Sound familiar Carol Barton and Damian Fasciani?) Employees don't sit at assigned desks; rather, they have lockers and choose an area to collaborate in for the day. This type of transparency is great to see!

We were introduced to new Jive customers in the region like Standard Chartered Bank and IRESS. Welcome to the APJ community!


Jive-n and Jive-x 2015.2 Release



Big thanks to Ben Sunderland for showcasing all the new features in the next release of Jive-n 2015.2. We're happy to see Jive has adopted a more "global-friendly" naming convention for each release. "What do you mean by 'Winter' release? It's summer over here in Australia!"


Some of the new features that got us talking: Bulk Upload, new Support UI, new Document UI, and Google integrations


You can find Ben's complete presentation here: Dropbox - 2015.2 update syd user group.pptx


Open Discussion


While we munched on our finger food and sipped some wine (it is a networking event after all), the group had some good questions:


Jive Chime

I hope you're all enjoying your Jive Chime swag. Coffee tastes a little better when you're drinking it out of a Jive mug? Am I right Jakkii Musgrave Alister Webb Robyn Linkhorn?




Until next time.




Congratulations to IRESS on the launch of their new community! Read the press release here.


"Jive's solutions will help IRESS increase employee engagement by driving better cross-departmental collaboration, problem solving and strategic alignment, while minimizing inefficient broad distribution emails."

IRESS COO, Steve Barnes, will be hosting the next Australia User Group meeting in Melbourne on March 19th. We hope to see you there!


Robert Yue Byron Holder

Social Edge Consulting