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Bay Area User Group

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The next Bay Area User Group will be hosted by my new company Palo Alto Networks on Friday February 16th 2018. Palo Alto Networks will showcase their recently upgraded intranet called the LOOP, how they are transitioning to Tiles and making Mobile an important part of their strategy moving forward. We will have a few interactive activities planned, and some exciting guest speakers, so look for us to make updates to this announcement and the agenda in the coming weeks. Ben Taub, CEO of 411 labs will be here in person to present an amazing new tool that he has designed and discuss some use cases and best practices on using his tool to take your engagement analytics to whole new level!


Jive Partners such as Social Edge and Grazitti interactive will be on hand to demo their latest Tile offerings and Add-Ons during the morning Co-Working sessions. We are hoping to also have some Jivers on hand as well like Sarah O'Meara.


It's been several months since our last Bay Area User Group meeting. Due to the fires in Napa, we had to cancel our last meeting, and there is a lot of things to discuss. JiveWorks has transitioned to AureaWorks. There has been a ton of restructuring at the company, and many of us customers have been directly impacted. I have spoken to the new VP of Customer Support, Chris Moore and he is planning to attend, to address some of the issues that many of us have been facing with Jive Support.


Does this look familiar to anyone? Let's discuss some of our questions and concerns about Jive Support going forward.

What is Co-Working About?

Join us to do your regular work alongside other Jive customers, and Jivers, who

  • actually understand what you do every day,
  • who can answer your questions when you get stuck on something,
  • are interested in hearing about what you're working on and
  • will share what they are doing and learning with you, too.


And if you're slammed and mostly need to get work done, you can do that and then catch up with us over lunch or over drinks at the end of the work day (those who can stay will adjourn to a nearby watering hole).


If you can't stay the whole day, just come when you can. There's no agenda. Co-working is all about collegiality, spontaneity and serendipity. And getting the heck out of the house, for us telecommuters.




Co-Working Day

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.      Networking/Co-Working

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.      Lunch (Bring Your Own)


Bay Area User Group Meeting

1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.        Welcome & Introductions (Speed Dating)

1:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.        Announcements

2:00 p.m – 2:45 p.m.         Palo Alto Networks Showcase – Parag Hardas

2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.        411 Labs Demo - Ben Taub

3:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.        Break

3:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.        Tiles Presentation by Social Edge -  Brooks Jordan

4:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.        Open Discussion

4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.        Q&A


6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.      Happy Hour - @ OPA! (2722 Augustine Dr #130, Santa Clara, CA)

Santa Rosa FiresDue to the fires that are still ongoing in Santa Rosa and neighboring areas, we are going to cancel or move the location for next week's . Our thoughts are with our local community, with those who have lost their homes and/or loved ones in these devastating California fires.


If anyone is willing to host the next meeting on Wednesday, October 18, please let me know by the end of day on Wednesday, October 11. Otherwise, we will reschedule for a future date.


As a community of community leaders, we would like to encourage everyone in the Bay Area User Group and beyond to help provide support for the victims who lost everything. Our previously scheduled host from American AGCredit, Krista Sherer, just shared with me that many of their employees have lost their home and have been displaced. Anything this community can do to help will be appreciated. Again Krista said, "People will need Uber rides to work, clothing vouchers and when we get a list of wineries or other farms that were affected, buy their wine and their wares to continue the support."


This article below from the Sacramento Bee provides many different ways to help those in need in our community.


How to help evacuees of Northern California fires


  • The Red Cross is seeking volunteers to assist fire evacuees. Log in here to get connected and see where help is needed: They can also use donations; you can give online,, call 800-RED-CROSS or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • Visit to register as a disaster service worker.
  • Airbnb hosts are opening their homes for free to evacuees through Oct. 30.
  • Stay clear of evacuation routes as much as possible if you are not under evacuation orders.
  • Visit the Tubbs Fire (Lake/Sonoma/Mendo)Facebook group to get involved in community discussion and offer services, along with the Tubbs Fire Safety Check-in Facebook page, which has a support link. You can post services you have to offer. Search for other community groups on Facebook to open the conversation and get up-to-date needs.
  • Many shelters are in need of bedding. See a list of shelters here.



  • Volunteers are needed to serve food and set up, along with helping with evacuated animals. The city of Sonoma says to go to the Sonoma Community Center to register, 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma.
  • Drop off blankets and pillows at Sonoma Valley High School, 20000 Broadway, Sonoma.
  • Drop off adult diapers and wipes at Adele Harrison Middle School, 1150 Broadway in Sonoma, which is an evacuation center for residents of the Developmental Center.


Yuba County

  • The Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds Evacuation Center, 442 Franklin Ave., Yuba City, needs items, which can be taken to the main gate. For people: Toiletries, diapers (kids and adults), and cases of water. For animals: Bedding, disposable baking pans for litter, small dishes, sheets to cover cages, folding cages.


Other help

Animal shelters and rescues need help with fostering animals displaced by the fires and are seeking donations. They are also offering resources to pet owners:

We are excited to announce that the Bay Area User Group and American AGCredit will be hosting the next Bay Area User Group meeting on October 18, 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA. This user group meeting will be a special treat in the heart of beautiful Sonoma County wine country. We will meet as a group, have a social wine reception on the picturesque balcony of American AGCredit, then shuttle to the gourmet icon, John Ash & Co. for dinner hosted by Jive.


We encourage attendees to stay the night to participate in the meeting, reception and dinner safely (we will have amazing wine to enjoy with even better company). There is a hotel across the street from the office. Please book your rooms asap.

Hilton Garden Inn

417 Aviation Blvd

Santa Rosa, California, 95403



Please note, there will be a maximum of 30 attendees for this event. If you are interested, please RSVP asap for the meeting and the dinner (separate events - please register for each one separately).



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.          Bay Area User Group Meeting - RSVP 

4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.         Wine reception at American AGCredit balcony

5:30 p.m.                            Shuttle to dinner

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.          Dinner at John Ash & Co. - RSVP

9:00 p.m.                            Shuttle back to American AGCredit / Hotel across street



Bay Area User Group Meeting

American AGCredit

400 Aviation Blvd.

Suite 100

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Host: Krista Sherer



John Ash & Co.

4350 Barnes Road

Santa Rosa, CA 95403




  • Community showcase: AmericanAgCredit
  • InSight demo - Benjamin Taub(see additional information below)
  • Non-profits / Jive
  • Special discussion: "Future of Bay Area User Group"
  • Winery hangout / networking



Please RSVP to the events here in the group or to the invite Jive will send out so we can reserve your seat. All food and drink is complimentary of Jive


Background information on 411 Labs

Benjamin Taub is the CEO and a founder of 411 Labs. He has been involved with Jive for over eight years - first as a project manager and CM and later managing a team of CMs implementing and managing Jive sites - mostly in the federal space. That experience led him to form 411 Labs with his co-founder, Andrey Mikhalchuk to develop InSite for Jive in order to bring a specialized analytics toolset to CMs.


At this Bay Area User Group meeting, Ben will demonstrate InSite for Jive, 411Labs' SaaS service designed to bring a broad toolset to CMs and CM teams - to assist them with growing users, activity, and engagement on their Jive sites.


InSite for Jive provides 5 broad functional areas:

  1. Pulling all Jive API and Jive Data Export Service (DES) data into InSite servers nightly.
  2. Allowing CMs and their teammates to work with that data in a non-technical, easy-to-use query-by-example (QBE) interface that lets them explore and understand what is happening on their Jive site in a new intuitive way; allowing CMs to implement best practices in a tangible, concrete way.
  3. Allowing CM teams to create, save, and reuse much more complex queries - called Custom Views or CVs - that span multiple tables and multiple data sources. CVs give you the power to produce almost any report needed to run a Jive site - from strategic value and ROI calculations to the tactical, day-to-day reports needed to keep a Jive site humming and growing - even combining API and DES data for the first time.
  4. Letting CMs take action from the insights gleaned from viewing your Jive data in a new and consistent way. InSite creates campaigns to Jive Users via Direct Messages and/or your corporate email system. InSite campaigns allow CMs to understand and communicate with users horizontally, across your entire Jive site in a way that has not been possible before.
  5. Connecting and integrating with enterprise data stores and tools such as Tableau seamlessly, allowing further insights and visualizations - with other enterprise data sources in a straightforward and consistent, repeatable way.


More information is available prior to Ben's demonstration at the 411 Labs website at and on Jive's website in their integrations section here:




BAUG Planning Team

FileMaker Pro LogoWe are excited to announce that the Bay Area User Group and FileMaker will be hosting the next user group meeting on August 15, 2017. In conjunction with this meeting, we will also be debuting our first Co-Working Day! At JiveWorld this year, we heard about the awesome idea of co-working from the The specified item was not found. and loved the concept. At our last user group meeting, Ted Hopton joined our session and talked about their experience co-working and the group wanted to give it a try!


For those who have not tried co-working before, here's what we're talking about...


What is Co-Working About?

Join us to do your regular work alongside other Jive customers, and Jivers, who

  • actually understand what you do every day,
  • who can answer your questions when you get stuck on something,
  • are interested in hearing about what you're working on and
  • will share what they are doing and learning with you, too.


And if you're slammed and mostly need to get work done, you can do that and then catch up with us over lunch or over drinks at the end of the work day (those who can stay will adjourn to a nearby watering hole).


If you can't stay the whole day, just come when you can. There's no agenda. Co-working is all about collegiality, spontaneity and serendipity. And getting the heck out of the house, for us telecommuters.




Tuesday, August 15

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.      Co-Working Day

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.      Bay Area User Group Meeting

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.      Happy Hour



Co-working / User group meeting


5201 Patrick Henry Dr.

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Rosemary Tietge


Parking is generally not a problem. Best to park on the Patrick Henry end of the building since that is where the visitor entrance is. Google Maps and Apple Maps are reliable for directions.


Happy Hour

Bourbon Steak House

Levi’s Stadium

4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way

Santa Clara, CA 95054



  • Introductions
  • Hosted to cloud migration and discovery process to figure out strategy and roadmap for the community - FileMaker
  • TBD


Please RSVP here or to the invite Jive will send out so we can get a count for food and seats.




BAUG Planning Team

IMG_9718.JPGYesterday was my first Bay Area User Group meeting. If you haven't been to a user group meeting yet, find one near you and GO! There is no reason not to, unless you don't want to meet great people, see smiling faces, learn about Jive and how others are utilizing it, and meet great people - did I already say that? It's a unique opportunity to connect with other customers and share ideas, and also hear about the product in person from the people who helped create the product!


As one of the largest user groups, we had about 40 attendees, including Jivers from the Bay Area, Portland and even Israel. In the Jive ranks, we had employees from Product Management, Product Marketing, Customer Marketing, Engineering and me - your friendly neighborhood spiderman community manager. Companies represented at this user group meeting included Plex Systems, Oracle, Cisco Systems, and partners Social Edge and Bunchball.


For this meeting, MapR generously hosted us at their San Jose branch, thanks Karen Whipple and team! Driving us along with the agenda and also a planner of the event was the BAUG leadership team: Kim Nelson, Mahal Torres, Madalina Papacica, and John Summers.


The learning portion

We started with introductions around the room, a fabulous showcase of the MapR Community by Ali Alvarez and a Jive Product Roadmap overview by Jive's one-and-only Darshita Maniar. This was followed by short presentations from our six breakout groups led by Jive's subject matter experts. The topics included:


  1. Hosted/ On Prem Innovation - Maureen Byrne, Sr. Product Manager
  2. Microsoft + Jive - Harini Sridharan, Principle Product Marketing Manager
  3. Storage Integrations - Yuval Twig, Sr. Product Manager
  4. External Communities/ Community Engagement + SEO & Accessibility - Gili Guri-Mill, Director, Product Marketing and Anne Bluntschli, Senior SEO Strategist
  5. Jive Cloud Trends and Use Cases - Jeremy Grant, Director, Product Management and Vinh Jones, Director, Product Management
  6. Analytics - Udit Shah, Director, Product Management




The last hour was dedicated to breakout groups with 30 minutes for each session.  For my first session, I attended External Communities / Community Engagement + SEO & Accessibility. Of the many things we touched on, I discovered that 3 out of 4 Jive customers in our round table haven't incorporated gamification but intend to do so in the near future. We talked about the benefits of gamification in addition to the hesitation and struggle behind implementing the system. We also got a great discussion going about onboarding customers and the tactics used by companies to bring people in and encourage them to interact. It was a very fascinating discussion!


For my second breakout session, I listened in on a few tables but settled on Jive Cloud Trends. The great feature of the breakout sessions was that conversation was allowed to run freely run depending on what attendees wanted to discuss. We ended up talking about Jive Daily. Our own Gadi Michaeli who flew in from Israel and is heavily involved with the Jive Daily production process was shocked that very few people at the table were utilizing the Jive Daily mobile app. Several minutes were spent on demonstrating the features of Jive Daily on Katherine Evans personal phone and we discussed the benefits and reasons for attendees hesitation to adopt this Jive-n user app. It was a great discussion and I think the customers came away with a better understanding of the product after hearing about it from the person who helped design it.


The bonding (and drinking) portion

To round out the evening, we finished up with Happy Hour at Rok Steakhouse and Grill nearby. This was by far my favorite part of the Bay Area User Group meeting. I had the opportunity to meet and interact with several customers and got to know them personally. I found out that Bruce Wolfson used to work down the street from where I live, and Rachel Medanic and I chatted and bonded over our jobs as community managers. I even connected with some Jivers I had never met in person! It was an incredible experience and I'm already looking forward to the next one!


We'd love to hear what you learned at this user group and any feedback you have on the event!

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's Bay Area User Group meeting. We had a great session with many Jive Product Managers to listen to what's coming and ask them questions.


A few follow up items:

  1. Continue the conversations here:
  2. We are looking for a host for the next meeting (January/February). If you have space for 30 - 50 people, please let us know. We would like to do the next meeting near SF.
  3. We are looking for additional people to join the BAUG leadership team, let us know if you are interested.
  4. Don't forget to register for JiveWorld  JiveWorld17 Registration and Call for Speakers is Now Open!
  5. Did you attend this meeting? If so, take the survey and share your feedback!


BAUG leadership team: Mahal Torres  Kim Nelson  Madalina Papacica  John Summers

Bay Area User Group


We'll be hosting our next user group meeting on Thursday, June 16, 2016 at the Yahoo Campus. Please see below for full details and RSVP for the upcoming meeting!




Date: Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm


Yahoo Campus

701 1st Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Building C, Room 2


RSVP HERE! Bay Area User Group Meeting - June 16, 2016



Ashley Wolf at Yahoo



What do you want to learn from Jive?

Let Jive know what you are interested in learning at this or future user group meetings. See below for the user group agenda and if you want to make sure they answer/cover specific areas, make a comment on this blog post with your ideas and @ mention Mahal Torres





3:00 to 3:15 - Welcome and Overview

3:15 to 3:30 - Introductions

3:30 to 4:00 - Showcase (Yahoo Community)

4:00 to 4:30 - Jive Presentation - Jive Tiles

4:30 to 4:45 - Break

4:45 to 5:15 - Panel Discussion* - Creating custom tiles in your community

5:15 to 5:30 - Open Discussion

5:30 to 8:00 - Happy Hour (TBD)


*We are looking for Jive customers who have created custom tiles in their community to join the panel, please let us know if you are interested.


Questions? Please contact Mahal Torres Kim Nelson Madalina Papacica John Summers



We hope to see you there!



Forgot to register for this year’s UnJiveWorld conference scheduled on October 15th in Santa Clara? Don’t worry, we have a few spots left and there is still time to sign-up. Don’t miss out on this great event, we have an updated agenda with two amazing keynote speakers, over 15 breakout sessions hosted by industry leaders, 4 sponsors, 2 photo booths, 1 developer hackathon and 1 amazing afterparty hosted by Bunchball at Hotel Valencia in Santa Row.


Keynote Speakers


Ofer Ben-David - Executive Vice President of Engineering for Jive Software


Rajat Paharia - Chief Product Office and Founder of Bunchball and Author of NY Times best-seller "Loyalty 3.0"





UnJiveWorld 2015 -

Hitachi Data Systems

2825 Lafayette Street

Executive Briefing Center Lobby
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Customer host: Michelle Groff Burling

Afterparty - 6pm to 8pm

Hotel Valencia at Santana Row

355 Santana Row

San Jose, CA 95128


Here is our updated agenda:





8:00 - 8:50

Reception & breakfast

Hitachi sponsored

8:50 - 9:00



9:00 - 9:45

Keynote - Jive Roadmap

Ofer Ben-David Chief, EVP of Engineering

9:45 - 10:30

Keynote - Gamification

Rajat Paharia, Founder of Bunchball

10:30 - 11:00

Q & A


11:00 - 11:50

Break-out sessions

See full breakout schedule below

12:00 - 12:50


JCS Consulting sponsored

1:00 - 1:50

Break-out sessions

See full breakout schedule below

2:00 - 2:50

Break-out sessions

See full breakout schedule below

3:00 - 3:50

Break-out sessions

See full breakout schedule below

4:00 - 4:50

Break-out sessions

See full breakout schedule below

5:00 - 5:30

Wrap-up - Thank you, directions to party

BAUG Steering, Jive

6:00 - 8:00

Networking Reception/Afterparty

Bunchball Sponsored



Here are the Break-out Sessions:


Time Slots

Joshua Tree (85)

Yosemite (25)

Golden Gate (16)

Channel Islands (12)

Lassen Volcanic (14)

Sequoia (10)

11am - 12am

Gamification Session with Bunchball

Jive Workstyle Apps Integrated with Jive-n

Employee Engagement / Gender diversity: Creating a successful women's employee group using Jive


Ryan Rutan - Developer Hackathon


1pm - 2pm

Customer examples of the News feature in action

Hitachi Blog Campaign Use Case Review

The deep use case: building workflows in Jive

Ryan Rutan - Developer Hackathon


Customer Research Sessions

2pm - 3pm

Our customers' biggest pain points with the Jive product

The Darwin Awards: Mistakes in Enterprise Social Networks and What to do Instead

Implementing a social intranet

Ryan Rutan - Developer Hackathon


Customer Research Sessions

3pm - 4pm

Demystifying the Cloud Upgrade

Creating customer value through Idea Exchange

Challenges Facing Regulated Industries

Ryan Rutan - Developer Hackathon


Customer Research Sessions

4pm - 5pm

Analytics Session

Integrations and Recognition at Blue Shield of California


Ryan Rutan - Developer Hackathon


Customer Research Sessions



Here is the list of Speakers:


Rajat Paharia

Chief Product Officer

Bunchball / Author of NY Times best-seller "Loyalty 3.0"

Michelle Groff Burling

Director, Community Management

Hitachi Data Systems

Ofer Ben-David

EVP Engineering

Jive Software



John Cloyd

JCS Consulting

Christopher Gilland

Senior Instructional Designer

Blue Shield of California

Tom Resing

Solutions Consultant

Jive Software

plex.jpgNuanceLogo_200x200_k (3).pngjive.png

Mahal Torres

Senior IT Business Analyst

Plex Systems Inc., / Bay Area User Group Chair

Kim Nelson

The Voice Community Manager

Nuance Communications / Bay Area User Group Steering Committee

Ryan Rutan

Director, Developer Evangelism & Partner Innovation

Jive Software


Rian van der Merwe

Product Design Director

Jive Software

Kathleen McMahon

Product Manager, Digital, Online Customer Community

Wells Fargo / Bay Area User Group Steering Committee

Sarah Brody Webb

Professional Services Manager

Jive Software

Hitachi.pngJCS_Color-300x240.pngDealertrack Technologies.jpg

Lauren Klein

Social Business, Leadership and Communities Strategist

Hitachi Data Systems

Carlo Saggese
CTO and Co Founder

JCS Consulting

Candida Rodriguez

Enterprise Community Manager

Dealertrack Technologies


Joe Fisher

Vice President of Products


Rob Shapiro

Senior Director & Social Architect


John Summers

Community & Social Strategist

FireEye / Bay Area User Group Co-Chair






San-Francisco-Oakland-Bay-Bridge-at-night.jpgThank you to everyone who participated in the Jive Bay Area User Group (BAUG) meeting this June!  The presentation materials have been posted and we would like to request that those who attended, take 5 minutes and fill out a quick survey to provide your feedback and help us plan future meetings.

As a summary, the meeting started off with introductions from all attendees followed by a community showcase from Holger Tamm from Oracle.  Jive guest speaker, Jarrett OBrien, gave a Jive product presentation on Jive Anywhere, Purposeful places and APIs.  After that, we broke out into two groups: one focused on internal communities and the other focused on external, customer and partner communities.  We ended the evening with a group happy hour at the Faultline Brewing Company in Sunnyvale.



As part of the breakout sessions, we captured some questions from the attendees and posted them to this group to continue the discussions.  Below are a few questions that started at the meeting.  Please provide your comments and feedback.



What are some helpful Jive Community groups and spaces for internal communities?

How do you train your internal community users

Jive Anywhere customer customization examples

SharePoint 2013 vs. Jive



Bridging Internal and External Sites?

Bulk Management?

Who else has issues with Metrics?

Bunchball Gamification best practices, issues and concerns

User Authentication and SSO issues

Is there an eCommerce solution that can easily be integrated with Jive

Integrating Jive and SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics


As a reminder, we are still looking to fill the role of External Community Manager of the BAUG Steering Committee.  Check out the roles and responsibilities and let Scott Lawley know if you are interested.


Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


BAUG Steering Committee

Hi Bay Area Jivers,


First I want to offer my apologies for the technical difficulties.  I had promised Lauren Klein, Manni Praditt, and Laura Douglas that I would set up a web conference, but due to technical difficulties, it did not work.  I did however record the session, and you will find the link below.


I want to give special thanks to Curtis Gross for telling the group about the future of Gamification at Jive and Laure Cetin for presenting how SAP uses Gamifcation on the SAP Community Network.  The discussion was so engaging that the meeting went 30 minutes late.  I encourage anyone interested in Gamification to listen to the recording.


I also want to thank Amanda Shenon, Robert Dell'Immagine, Steven Schmidt, Jason McClellan, Donna Garber, Christine Merten, and Audrey Stevenson for participating and contributing to the discussions.  A lot of material was covered, and I think we all learned a lot about Gamfication.


Session Recording


Hope to see you all at Jive World!




Hi Jivers,


I want to thank Albert della Gatta and Genentech for hosting the meeting and Rick Vidrio for presenting Jive Resonata - Advanced Community Analytics.  I also want to thank all of those who attended the meeting.



Albert della Gatta



Kevin Chavaree - Genentech

Scott Lawley - SAP

Brian Bernard - SAP

Shane Rogers - McKesson

Chris Ewald - McKesson

Steven Schmidt - Logitech

Pamela Yoon - Genentech

@Douglas_Provencio - Genentech

Praful Desai - Genentech

Jason McClellan - Wells Fargo



  • Introductions
  • Housekeeping Topics
  • Community Showcase: PDLive by Genentech
  • Special Presentation: Jive Resonata – Advanced Community Analytics
  • Open Discussion
  • Closing / Networking


As I mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, the reason we have the user group meeting is to discover answers, explore new ideas, solve problems, and develop professional relationships.  I think we all learned something yesterday, and we all made some new connections.  I am very excited about the new analytics service offering by Resonata.


During this meeting we decided that we should maintain the user group meeting cadence of every other month.  So, the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 11.  If you would like to be a host, please update the User Group Meeting Schedule 2013 and add your company name, address, and a link to your Jive Community user profile.


I encourage all of you to submit discussion topic ideas.  These discussion topics do not need to be polished presentations.  Rather, I think we will all benefit more by sharing a challenge and how you and your company are working through the issues.  By sharing our best practices we can all learn a lot.




Hello Bay Area Community Managers!


NetApp is hiring a Sr. Community Manager for it's external community.  The job description and application process can be found here:^embR/54ojZUFwnAM38TTYoK8pLVdv2q1PLo1H_slp_rhc_tNQ1LdvGnEOB…



Thursday, November 29th

3:30 or 4:00 pm to 5:30 ish?


Changed due to conference room scheduling and adjusting for travel schedules. 


Hitachi Data Systems is located near the San Jose airport at the intersection of Central Expressway and Lafayette Street.

The address is:

2485 Lafayette Street, Bldg. 34

Santa Clara, Ca 95050



  1. Post-Jive World discussion
  2. Accomplishments for 2012
  3. Plans for 2013



Please let me know if you can make it.

Hi Everyone -


Just a reminder that, like last year, we will have a casual meetup of Bay Area folks on the first night of JiveWorld.  This is great way to re-connect or meet new people as the conference kicks off.  Please see the Casual Meetup at JW12 for Bay Area User Group Members event for the details and mark your attendance.


I look forward to see you all at JW12 next week!





Be sure to RSVP on the event for our next meeting.

September 2012 Bay Area Jive User Group Meeting - Sept. 13


Some highlights. Thanks to LivePerson and David Gleason for hosting this month. LivePerson is located in the South Beach area of San Francisco, near AT&T Park.  But, since September 13 is not a game day there should not be gigantic crowds in the rea.


Tentative Agenda items include:

  • How LivePerson is using Jive
  • Gamification
  • Jive 6
  • Influencer Council update
  • Networking with your fellow Jive customers


I hope you'll join us.

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