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Hi Bay Area Jivers,


First I want to offer my apologies for the technical difficulties.  I had promised Lauren Klein, Manni Praditt, and Laura Douglas that I would set up a web conference, but due to technical difficulties, it did not work.  I did however record the session, and you will find the link below.


I want to give special thanks to Curtis Gross for telling the group about the future of Gamification at Jive and Laure Cetin for presenting how SAP uses Gamifcation on the SAP Community Network.  The discussion was so engaging that the meeting went 30 minutes late.  I encourage anyone interested in Gamification to listen to the recording.


I also want to thank Amanda Shenon, Robert Dell'Immagine, Steven Schmidt, Jason McClellan, Donna Garber, Christine Merten, and Audrey Stevenson for participating and contributing to the discussions.  A lot of material was covered, and I think we all learned a lot about Gamfication.


Session Recording


Hope to see you all at Jive World!




Hi Jivers,


I want to thank Albert della Gatta and Genentech for hosting the meeting and Rick Vidrio for presenting Jive Resonata - Advanced Community Analytics.  I also want to thank all of those who attended the meeting.



Albert della Gatta



Kevin Chavaree - Genentech

Scott Lawley - SAP

Brian Bernard - SAP

Shane Rogers - McKesson

Chris Ewald - McKesson

Steven Schmidt - Logitech

Pamela Yoon - Genentech

@Douglas_Provencio - Genentech

Praful Desai - Genentech

Jason McClellan - Wells Fargo



  • Introductions
  • Housekeeping Topics
  • Community Showcase: PDLive by Genentech
  • Special Presentation: Jive Resonata – Advanced Community Analytics
  • Open Discussion
  • Closing / Networking


As I mentioned at the beginning of the meeting, the reason we have the user group meeting is to discover answers, explore new ideas, solve problems, and develop professional relationships.  I think we all learned something yesterday, and we all made some new connections.  I am very excited about the new analytics service offering by Resonata.


During this meeting we decided that we should maintain the user group meeting cadence of every other month.  So, the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 11.  If you would like to be a host, please update the User Group Meeting Schedule 2013 and add your company name, address, and a link to your Jive Community user profile.


I encourage all of you to submit discussion topic ideas.  These discussion topics do not need to be polished presentations.  Rather, I think we will all benefit more by sharing a challenge and how you and your company are working through the issues.  By sharing our best practices we can all learn a lot.




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