Tim Davis, Director of Customer Marketing Introduction

  • Focused on Communications
  • Been with Aurea about a year and a half


Joey Levi

  • Been with Jive for 8 years
  • Sales Engineer/ Solutions Architect
  • Based in NYC
  • Expanding focus into new apps such as Alerts and CX


Gary Lungarini

  • Computer Sciences - 13 years running their internal and external communities
  • Joined social edge as a strategist
  • Provides strategy and dev service


Emily Gullickson

  • Knowledge Manager Product Manager
  • Managing multiple products


Helen Chen

  • Internal community manager for Carbon Black
  • Have managed both internal and external communities



Product Road Map

  • Slides from Business Review slides.
  • Software design priorities to fix performance and reduce bugs
    • AWS operating system of the future
    • PeopleGraph layer enables connecting content via other meta data
    • Amazon video services
    • Semantic search to improve finding content, so that users are less frustrated


Jive is putting people at the center

  • PeopleGraph
    • Connect
    • Discover
      • Community control over density of content they are notified about
    • Collaborate


Mobile First

  • Jive Daily current app
  • Now, browser becomes part of the design standard
  • Will have multiple apps for different audiences
    • Approvals, notifications, moderation, creating groups, search
    • Joey will check into admin functionality


Innovation Roadmap

  • New search H2 2019 includes semantic search so AWS will also find Amazon Web Services
  • Premium Video H1 2020 - don't know if this is an additional fee


Professional Solutions: Unlimited Solutions

Example: Enhanced Employee On boarding as a customized new employee process tying together tasks and activity on different platforms.


Smart Corporate Notifications:

  • Selective audience
  • Can require actions call-back, click through to confirm receipt


Campaign Manager:

  • Enables easy creation of newsletters targeting specific audiences with a targeted


Helen notes that Jive should be actively and openly pulling in customers and partners to give input into the future vision

  • Community manager customers are in using the platform and have input to pain points
  • Partners like Social Edge have been adding functionality like the template collection that should be the standard of design


Upcoming Jive blog posts

Scott Brighton on roadmap and vision

Xhevair "Jev" Maskuli continuing the search blog series



Discussion on managing different community platforms within organizations

  • Different users have different styles and prefer to consume information in different ways
    • Emily shares article from HBR The Power of Hidden Teams as an example of the organizational challenge that we are using Jive to fix.
  • need to be able to control easily and to be able to prioritize content in groups
    • One current work-around it to push content above the activity feed on the new page
    • Emily personalizes this content welcoming by username to better engage the user


Suggestions to give users more control on what types of content they are show

  • Were you shown this content (agree, remove)
  • Aability for user to tailor tile (superuser move, but could be really useful)
  • Box integration from Emily
  • Flexibility on how users consume content, Slack as an example of a different content flow/engagement pattern


Admin need to

  • Bbe able to log in as user to troubleshoot (common function in other enterprise apps)
  • Option to automatically change content ownership from users who have left to someone else such as manager (common function in other enterprise apps)
  • Ddelegate access for ghost publishing


Thanks again to everyone for attending, to Timothy Davis for sponsoring and Joey Levi for presentation and leading the discussion about the Jive Roadmap!