• May Boston User Group Meeting Coming Up

    Hi Everybody -   This is just a reminder that our quarterly user group meeting is coming up next week.  Don't forget to register so we know who is coming. If you have any topics that you would like to disc...
    Helen Chen
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  • Enterprise Social Collaboration/Intranet conference recommendations

    Happy 2018!   Since there is not going to be a Jiveworld this year, and hence no conference focused specifically on Enterprise Collaboration/Social Intranet, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for any ...
    created by julsee
  • does anyone know if it is possible to have an Access database within Jive/Aurea?

    My agency is looking to build an access database, and we wanted to use our intranet so we could have the security already implemented, so that we can house and update a database (like Access) in our intranet. is this ...
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  • Should I set up groups or spaces?

    I run an external community for our customers, partners, and community edition (free) version. We now have several employee groups (products, devops) who want private areas for just employees and partners. So - the de...
    created by kristengastaldo
  • Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Community Analytics not in Out-of-Box Reports

    Hi Everyone!    Doing some "Scooby-Doo" investigation here...  We are on the Jive-x cloud platform and are looking to extract analytics data (not in the “out-of-box” platform community rep...
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  • Anyone experiencing a bug with videos playing in a system blog?

    Hi Boston User Group,   I need your help. I reported a bug related to videos not playing in a system blog for guest users (people not logged in) and I am being told I am the only customer with this issue. If any...
    created by lallison
  • First-time Jive-r (is that a thing?)

    Hey All,   Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Just started in August at Mimecast as the new Community Manager for Mimecaster Central. I have over four years of Community Management experience (most re...
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  • NEED YOUR VOTE - Reporting on IP Source Data for Logged in and Anonymous Users (Jive-x Cloud)

    Hi Everyone,   Per my prior posts: Jive-x Cloud: How do I Extract Source IP information (for logged in and anonymous users), is this on DES Roadmap as not possible now?  and Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Commun...
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  • Jive-x Cloud: How do I Extract Source IP information (for logged in and anonymous users), is this on DES Roadmap as not possible now?

    Hello again everyone!  As follow-up to my post Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Community Analytics not in Out-of-Box Reports we are looking to extract IP information from the platform for logged in and anonymous commun...
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  • JiveX Cloud - Advanced Gamification Bug - "Me in 3" no longer is appearing the profile hover or the reputation

    Hello!!!  Just want to see if anyone else is having this same issue.  Me in 3 for advanced gamification   Case was submitted on 7-Jul by our vendor 7Summits, I've contacted our Jive Account Manager th...
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  • Job Opportunity: Community Manager role open at athenahealth

    We are looking for a community manager to join our internal communications team at our headquarters in Watertown. This person will write key communications for the organization, champion Jive and expand on our current...
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  • Whiteboards from 6/15 User Group @ Akamai

    Here are the whiteboards from our discussion of the content management and managing notifications topics.   Thanks all it was a great discussion!
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  • Anyone writing addons want lunch?

    Trying to think of a decent bribe   I want to get started creating custom addons for our Jive-x community, but I'm struggling to even get started.  I'm unable to get the Jive Nitrous environment working (f...
    created by mpetrosky
  • Grass Roots Initiative - Meet your TAM at JW16

    HI ALL,   I just learned the Jive TAMS (Technical Account Managers) are not considered for invitations to JW16. After a year plus of talking on the phone it would be great to meet the person who helps support my...
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  • SSO behind a VPN

    I think Ahmed asking about SSO behind a firewall - after looking at it, we currently have our UAT Jive environment outside our firewall (hosted, rather than the cloud) and the test SSO instance works fine. The key (I ...
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  • When will the next Boston user group be?

    I am new to this Jive group so I was unsure if we might be rescheduling our Q2 user group meeting, or just meet in Q3?  Have there been any discussions on when the next meeting will be so I can mark it on my cale...
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  • Boston and Toronto User Group?

    Ello Boston! Your neighbors in Toronto User Group really want to have a large UG and mix in some other customers. Would anyone be interested in presenting at the UG???!?!?   Kirsten Laaspere -- thoughts?
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  • Is there a way to obtain metrics for tags?

    Hello Boston User Group! I am wondering if there is a way to obtain metrics for tags. For example, I am trying to decipher how much the "must read" tag is being used vs. the "announcement" tag. If not, are there an...
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  • When will the discussion materials be posted?

    Hi, Daniel Marotta mentioned he would share some materials with the group. I was wondering when those might be shared. I am particularly interested in the business case form Penn Foster is using. Thanks Lisa
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  • Removing ideas/discussions etc from user profiles

    Hi Judi Cardinal and Robert Fritz as discussed this is how you prevent ideas, discussions etc from happening in the user profile:   Go to "System>Management>System Properties" then add   jive.userco...
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