• Looking for Canadian JIVE Professional Services Partners

    Wondering if any exist???
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  • Recent talks about getting a Canada User Group together for Q1-2013.  Who's interested?

    Gina Bowen and Doug MacKay have both expressed interest in possibly pulling together a Canada User Group.  Anyone else interested?  I understand that Canada is pretty spread out, so if you are interested...s...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Canadian "get together" at JW14?

    We have a Canadian tradition of getting together at Jiveworld, having a drink, getting to know each other, and wearing our toques (to be provided ).   I'm happy to host this year.  I'm thinking of Tuesday ...
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  • Location of the bootleg Jive Canada JW13 get together

    Hey everyone - last year we threw together a quick get together at Planet Hollywood - it was close by the Cosmo and most people found it (not going to name names Shaw Communications - but you made it eventually). Just...
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  • Welcome to the Canada Regional Group! Please introduce yourself.

    Hello and welcome to the Canada Regional Group! The purpose of this group is to give our customers, prospects, and general social business enthusiasts a place to look for people in their area to  discuss social b...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • YYC Meet-up

    A few of us over in the Western Canada User Group are trying to generate some interest in a meet up in Calgary early in Q1. Thought I'd post here as well to see if anyone is interested in the Calgary/Alberta area. &#...
    Erin Haines
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  • AODA Complianc - Access for Ontarians with Disabilities

    Hi there, does anyone know if Jive communities need to comply with the AODA act? The WCAG 2.0 Level A compliance is due by Dec 31st of this year.  From what I understand, there is a grey area in the legislation ...
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  • (Bootleg) Jive Canada Jive World get Together - 2013 Edition

    10/22/13 8:30 PM
    Hey all - well the votes are more-or-less in Location of the bootleg Jive Canada JW13 get together - and it looks like we will be walking, and we found a nice nearby place The Todd English Pub (About Us - Todd English...
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    (Bootleg) Jive Canada Jive World get Together - 2013 Edition
  • JiveWorld13 - who is going?

    Hi Folks   By way of introduction, I'm a Business Relationship Manager in corporate IT, at CSA Group,  responsible for our Jive (hosted) implementation.  Together with my business side counterpart, Ray...
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  • Toronto informal offline meetup - Summer 2013

    A number of people over the past while have indicated interest in a meetup in Toronto, listed in the table below. I'd propose either a lunch or 5pm-ish drinks somewhere near Union Station. Please edit the document t...
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  • Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.
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  • (Bootleg) Jive Canada Jive World get Together

    10/9/12 9:00 PM
    Just thought I would put out an RSVP and I'll include some private messages to see if y'all have time on Tuesday the 9th to get together and compare notes.   Alright - what about The Playing Field Lounge - Plane...
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    (Bootleg) Jive Canada Jive World get Together
  • JW12's around the corner. Let's meet up!

    This might sound crazy but if you're attending JW12 this year let's get together for a drink and introduce ourselves.  There are plenty of places in the hotel and it would be a prime time to discuss all things Ji...
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  • Looking for Bunchball testimonials

    Hi - are any of you fine folks using Bunchball's Jive gamification module?   If so, I'd appreciate hearing your impressions of it.   thanks kindly   Kelly
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  • Inaugural Canada User Group Meeting in July, any takers?

    Ok everyone, not sure if you saw this recent post: Take Two User Groups and See Us at JiveWorld12 but there is an incentive for us to get together with 20+ people and have a user group sometime in the next 30 days. ...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • We're going to v5...in 10 days

    So we're taking the leap.  We're upgrading to v5.0.3 from  I thought I'd start this discussion to share the knowledge a bit, share the terror of upgrading, the joy of success, etc.   I upgrade...
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  • Any Canadian Users interested in a Meetup?

    In talking with some colleagues in the Northeast Regional Group and Midwest Regional Group, it seems that their most recent endeavors to formulate an offline meetup have been quite successful.  Wondered if anyone...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Free Plugin - Community Manager Reports

    Community Manager Reports Available   Wanted to surface this to the group.
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  • Jive Training Webinars

    The Education team at Jive is excited to announce an additional training offering starting in January 2012. Jive will be hosting bi-monthly live webinars lead by one of our knowledgeable instructors. Following a struc...
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  • Jive Seminar Toronto June 23rd 2011

    Thanks for joining us at the Toronto Seminar on June 23rd. We have attached the presentations from the event.   Please find the presentation from Peter Hartl, Telus. David Gutelius - we will add his preso here...
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