"I can go to the office here in Chicago but nobody here really knows what I do or really works with me so what is the point?"

- Anonymous Jive Client code named Hed Topton


As a long time telecommuter this is often my office



It's a good spot. Great coffee, they play 80s punk music, and the wifi is fast. I can't complain about the venue. Likewise the people are interesting, friendly, and they all seem very passionate about the various projects they are immersed in. That said they can't help me put together power point presentations on cloud security or construct an HTML tile.The people are very nice but there is no COHORT experience


"I would just love to look over your shoulder to see how you work"

- Said from one Jiveworld participant to another


The chance to exchange ideas on how to use Jive is why the the post user group happy hour is so useful. It is where many while we swap tips and tricks.and find that pragmatic advice that we often associate with the proverbial water cooler. After going to the User group meet up at Jiveworld I think it is clear that here in Chicago we have a good thing going. Our user group has a great mix of experienced users, new enthusiasts, and some useful jivers.


"My go live leaves me feeling buried but working in my basement doesn't help"

- not actually said but I am sure it was THOUGHT


As an experiment why don't we try this coworking idea and see how it works. In order to figure it out I created a project (The specified item was not found.  ) to work out a couple things


  1. Chicago Co-Working Days Venue Planning
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