• File Upload issues post 2016.3.10 Upgrade with external storage

    We are seeing an issue uploading files post the 2016.3.10 upgrade. We have external storage setup with Box. Anyone else seeing issues like this?   (I have a case open, just checking to see if others are seeing t...
    Donna Skoog
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  • Export all data from Jive Cloud

    How do I export all of our content in Jive out for a back.
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  • How many files can you upload at one time?

    I am looking for a precise answer on exactly how many uploaded files you can upload within one given time?   Thanks!   Libby Taylor
    last modified by akoplen
  • Is there a way to edit the Community navigation bar?

    I was hoping to be able to edit a Community navigation bar. Is this something that can be done?
    Donna Skoog
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  • With IOT What Will The World Be Like in 50 Years

    Like personal computers revolutionised the world in last five decades, Internet of things (IOT) or connected devices will play a major role in next fifty years. Looking at current trends we see a lot of innovation in ...
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  • Jive Daily Tiles

    We were talking about upcoming tile support in Jive Daily. This is a big step forward, but also a bit of a problem to deal with, especially for people with custom tiles. Imagine a page that we've set up with custom ti...
    created by smoghe
  • Jive Daily - All Activity stream?

    Is there a way to add or see the "All Activity" steam in Jive Daily? I would like the option to view the All Activity stream like I can in the cloud version?
    last modified by alice.p.kim
  • How do I link a twitter feed to my Jive homepage?

    I want to link the twitter feed of our CEO to our Jive news page - how should I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated!
    last modified by sarahmegarity
  • Limitations on Jive-Clouds

    Hi Everyone,   I am a  newbie in Jive clouds. We are migrating our application hosted on SharePoint to Jive clouds. Currently in designing phase, initially we made the design where we modified left most sec...
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  • Is anyone having issues with Internet Explorer in Jive-x Cloud?

    I am receiving a lot of complaints from users who are unable to complete simple tasks in our community when using Internet Explorer. Users are able to complete the exact same task without issue in Google Chrome. While...
    Jamie Roberts
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  • Does anyone else see poorer performance using IE?

    My users and I are noticing that our community and the Jive community seem to have poorer performance with IE. Some users even experience their IE freezing or not closing. Anyone else have issues specific to IE usage?
    Donna Skoog
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  • Can we invite users to groups using email aliases?

    Hi Jivers,   We'd like to make a private group for our people managers, of which there are about 150. We already have an email alias for this set of employees, so I'm hoping that there is a way to 'invite' the a...
    created by mikhaillenko
  • Is there a way to keep track of who completed active missions/quests?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? We would like to know who has completed our active missions and quests within our community. Where can I find this information?
    last modified by alice.p.kim
  • Giving access to users after they watch a video

    Is there a way to prompt new users of our community to watch a video before they can have access into our platform? Our company uses Jive for internal use and we are using cloud 2016.1.
    last modified by alice.p.kim
  • Hide Content from Administrators

    As we have broadened our use of the platform, we have been asked about whether or not content/discussions can be hidden from administrators. Is that a possibility?
  • Is there a way to retrieve deleted videos?

    I know we can retrieve/restore deleted documents and discussions from the Space management link on admin console. Is there a way to retrieve content uploaded to the video module?   Gayathri
    created by gsekar
  • Office 365 Integration

    Hey Cloud users! Has anyone integrated their community with Office 365? If so, do you have any what to do"/what not to do advice?   Thanks!
    last modified by couryj
  • Support Centre

    Hi - I was today configuring the jive support centre for my community when all the subspaces I had linked to the support centre disappeared from the Support Centre. This trend continued, even after doing everything ag...
    created by sarahmegarity
  • configuring the news page as home page

    Hello,   I am starting to build out our cloud instance of Jive and migrate from our hosted instance. I love the new look of the news feed home page that is in the jive preview with the titles above the stream li...
    last modified by jsummers
  • News Feature vs. Homepage

    Hey everyone!   Has anyone turned on the news feature in jive cloud?   Does anyone know if there is a way to configure the news page "behind the scenes" ? Enabling it automatically takes away the left-ha...
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