• How to Embed a Flash Video

    If you want to embed a video from a common video hosting provider such as Vimeo, Google, or YouTube, you can simply use the Insert Video tool in the Rich Text Editor.  However, you will need to take a few extra s...
    Cory Gagliardi
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  • Sending a link to a group in email with "join" scripting embedded?

    Keep in mind, I'm not a techie or a sys-admin or anything like that. I use our Jive platform quite a bit in a functional capacity and I'm curious whether this is possible.   While I tend to avoid pushing email i...
    Linda Doty
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  • Question about Search!

    Hi all,   Recieved an interesting question from one of our users. Please see document I attached and let me know your thoughts! Any feedback is appreciated.   -Bana
    Bana Massoumi
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  • Successful Jive Case Studies

    Hello,   Hope anyone could share their thoughts/experiences on the following.   We are currently developing a training plan which will help our staff get to grips with Jive software until the day of the la...
    Andrea Batatota
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  • Unlocking your Admin Account (<4.0 only)

    This applies to: 3.0.x and below (steps may vary slightly for 3.5.x and greater). Due to significant changes in the permissions system in the 4.0 release, the step to fix the administrator role listed here will not wo...
    Seth Pellegrino
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  • Content types, Object ids, permissions and you

    Have you ever wondered what a content type is? or how the number 1, 102, or 38 is important to you?   Throughout the application there are different types of content and Jive objects which are defined within our...
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  • Showing custom profile field values in discussion replies

    This document is somewhat related to adding a custom signature below all of your posts: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/docs/DOC-5156 but it will allow you to easily specify custom profile field values to displa...
    Todd West
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  • PosgreSQL Code Generation/Training

    I have been creating Microsoft Query/Excel reports based on Postgres DBs derived from my Cloud Admin Analytics Dumps for about six weeks and I am still a relative novice when it comes to creating codes.   I use...
    Paul Bradley
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  • How can I utilise Connection Streams?

    Hello Jive Community!   I was wondering if you could enlighten me on how best to use Connection Streams.   I am working for a company that relies on the collaboration from different departments/services, a...
    Andrea Batatota
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  • Creating Social Groups

    I just wanted to ask what everyone's stand is on creating a social group.   The company I work for has newly introduced the platform across multiple departments. Naturally we want to cover many aspects of a work...
    Andrea Batatota
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  • How To Replicate Your Jive 4.5 Production Environment to UAT

    Purpose The purpose of this document is to be a list of considerations for people trying to replicate their production environment into a UAT environment.  While hopefully comprehensive, I am hoping that others w...
    Ryan Rutan
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  • Determining how many are using Your View

    I'm trying to determine how many of our users have set Your View as their default tab. Is that preference stored in the database? Has anyone found a way to measure this that we're overlooking?
    Brice Jewell
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  • Implementing Signatures in Discussion Messages

    This applies to: 2.5.x (steps may slightly differ for 3.0.x and later)   High-Level Summary: There are remnants of code in Clearspace that will allow you to expose signatures through the theme layer. To get it t...
    Vinh Jones
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  • Will you be able to rearrange photos in a Jive 6 photo album?

    We have received questions on this and I was wondering if this was going to be possible in 6 since it is not available in 5?
    Alicia Grothe
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  • Embedded Video / IE 7

    We have a group that we have embedded an video to the Group Overview page via a Formatted Text widgit. This plays perfectly in Chrome. However, we are having issues getting it to play in IE 7. Has anyone encountered t...
    Alicia Grothe
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  • Auto-numbered replies

    Back when we were on 4.5.6 our photograph group held one of its many contests where you post a reply to a discussion with an image to compete.  The replies were automatically get numbered.  Such that first w...
    Jem Janik
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  • Trying to understand Jive's metrics

    As a new Jive user, I'm trying to figure out what metrics are available.  I'm on 4.5, so I'll try to limit my number of questions until I am able to explore Jive 6, but one question that I think will apply to eit...
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  • Trending content versus Top 10 items

    Has anyone figured out a way to display a Top 10 list of most-viewed items in their Jive instance? We currently have Trending Content displayed. The logic Jive uses to identify items in this list is explained in the d...
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  • Missing the Personal Home Page

    We're been getting a fair amount of push back from our user community since we upgraded to Jive 5.0. For many of them, as jazzy as the activity streams and Inbox are, the users feel that the loss of their personal hom...
    Roy Wilsker
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  • Jive Document Code Stripping Override

    If I utilize the html container and publish some Jive Doc stripping engine takes out code that prevent to build good layouts for content. In order to maintain the layout, some wrapper code need to be added. I started ...
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