• How can I determine who has opted in for email notifications and who has not?

    I have looked at the DES documentation, but nothing appears to answer this question; can I pull data to show which community members have opted into email notifications and which opted out?
    created by tmaurer
  • How do we change the layout of an Activity page

    Is it possible to change the banner size, image, and layout of the tiles on an Activity page? I can't seem to find an answer to this. If anyone has been able to customize the layout of an Activity page, can you please...
    last modified by lmariani
  • Tile for Tagged Content

    I would like to include a Lists Dynamic/Tagged Content tile on a new page, to sit in the middle column section.  However, it appears that this is only available for tiles placed in the smaller side columns. ...
    created by chrisbean
  • Removing icons from internal hyperlinks in formatted text widgets

    Is it possible to prevent or override the space and group icons from appearing next to hyperlinks to spaces and groups in formatted text widgets? See attached image. It appears that when publishing a page/widget, Jive...
    last modified by bjewell
  • Count of particular Widget used in the places.

    Hi everyone,   We where planning to de-commision one of the cusotmized widget and I wanted to know how many spaces are using this widget before decommisioning is there any way to get the details via Query or Res...
    created by shobha
  • how to remove user from Analytics

    Hello everyone,   There is a global user used for testing purpose in our application , but this user shouldnt be counted in any of the community reports. How do I achieve this. Any suggestions on this is well a...
    created by shobha
  • Shortcut Keys on Jive

    So, I just discovered that Ctrl+S brings up the spotlight search on Jive, which is a nifty shortcut to educate users about. Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts that people know of, that I could tell our keyboard sho...
    last modified by smoghe
  • Sending a link to a group in email with "join" scripting embedded?

    Keep in mind, I'm not a techie or a sys-admin or anything like that. I use our Jive platform quite a bit in a functional capacity and I'm curious whether this is possible.   While I tend to avoid pushing email i...
    last modified by lindoty
  • Assign group on registration

    Is it possible to assign a group on registration based on white-listed domains? I ask because I have a unique use case. I need the ability (without having 2 instances) to direct traffic to one of two groups, depending...
    created by lmariani
  • Jive8 search engine

    Does anyone know what search engine Jive8 uses?   We would like to get more technical details about the search engine, so knowing what search engine Jive8 is using would be a good start. Any help from anyone on ...
    created by communitygecko
  • Videos in WEBM format

         Hello - does anyone have best practice to add WEBM (join.me recordings) video format to the Jive Cloud community?  When I convert it I lose the quality and as it stands - it looks GREAT.&...
  • Hapyak iframe embed

    Has anyone worked with embedding video from hapyak in the HTML source of a blog post?  We are Jive hosted version 8.  Everytime I input the html code, publish and view.....all the html code gets stripped out...
    Stacy Plante
    last modified by Stacy Plante
  • How do I change the font color of the main navigation bar?

    So I may be missing something really simple here, but how do I change the colors of the main navigation bar font?   I've attached an image to show you what I'm referring to. Currently the font color on the Jive ...
    last modified by lmariani
  • Twitter Widget Embed

    There was an issue with previous Jive versions where the Twitter native widget display was being cut off when put into an HTML widget on the Overview Page. I was hoping this was fixed with Jive 8, however I am now una...
    last modified by zooba
  • Space Icon Size When using "Space Grid"- How to change them

    Hello community, Likely there are a bunch of threads about this topic but I cannot find any. Please point me in the right direction, if there are threads addressing this. I have many spaces and subspaces. I've used ...
    last modified by robert.lopez@hgst.com
  • How can I show a space's subspaces when I hover over its icon?

    Hello and happy new year to you all. Is there a way to show a space's subspaces by hovering on its icon when in a landing page? I.e. I am in my main landing area, I'm displaying all my main subspaces in a space grid...
  • How can you duplicate a space and its subspaces

    Hi there, we have set up a space for a release of software, and created subspaces in it for documentation. We are looking to find a way to duplicate this space and its subspaces to help us with different software rele...
    created by lmariani
  • Can I use the content of a Jive Document in an iframe in an HTML tile?

    I'm trying to create a navigation menu for documentation inside of Jive, via a custom HTML tile. So far it's working, and the links to documents open nicely in a "_blank"   However, I would like to use the <i...
    last modified by lmariani
  • Jive iOS App

    Thoughts on the Jive iOS app vs. the mobile HTML5 experience.
  • Trending content versus Top 10 items

    Has anyone figured out a way to display a Top 10 list of most-viewed items in their Jive instance? We currently have Trending Content displayed. The logic Jive uses to identify items in this list is explained in the d...
    last modified by tshort