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CMSF.pngIt’s a great time to be a community manager! Organizations big and small are beginning to recognize that managed communities can help transform organizations, making them more resilient in a digitally connected world.


Yet, while the discipline of community management is becoming better understood, the specific roles within the discipline are still often poorly defined, measured and rewarded. We know from our work with community practitioners that there is a huge range in experience, responsibilities and compensation among community managers – it is not a one size fits all discipline. We also know that many people still believe community management is mostly about updating Facebook and Twitter. 


Quite to the contrary, we see community professionals playing a unique, strategic and under-valued role in evolving their organizations - helping them become more responsive, adaptive and innovative. Community professionals can be front line engagement specialists, and they can also play a critical strategic role in organizational transformation. At the same time, many community managers are frustrated by a lack of recognition, compensation and advancement opportunities - often epitomized by completely unrealistic job descriptions.


Our mission at The Community Roundtable is to advance the business of community and research has always played an integral part of that – helping people understand the dynamics and management approaches that build successful communities. We’ve made great strides at the macro level with our State of Community Management research and our Community Maturity Model framework, but we needed to apply the same research approach to the role of the individual community professional. With that in mind, we undertook our inaugural Community Manager Salary Survey, made possible with support from Jive.


This research documents the roles, skills, responsibilities, compensation, evaluation and professional development opportunities of over 350 individuals in the community space today.


What we found was enlightening:


  • Community professionals on average have 13 years of work experience, suggesting that while entry level jobs exist, they by no means represent the average community professional
  • Community job descriptions are poorly rationalized between experience required, responsibilities and compensation - making it challenging for organizations to hire and hard for community professionals to find challenging and exciting roles that won’t burn them out.
  • Less than one-third of community professionals find jobs through traditional job postings, making the career path opaque and hard to navigate.
  • Community executive roles are increasing, suggesting that community programs are growing in strategic importance as organizations understand the value they generate


Most notably, along with the research findings, we developed the Community Management Skills Framework, included here. This framework helps individuals, managers and organizations understand the scope of community management roles and the specific priorities of each through the four skill families found within community management:


  • People and engagement skills
  • Content development skills
  • Strategic and business skills
  • Technical skills


The full report helps answer the following questions:

  • What is the role of a community manager, community strategist or director of community?
  • How to define or refine the role to be more realistic for one person?
  • How to bring compensation in line with responsibilities?
  • What is a good starting point for building a job description?
  • How to help the HR team define standard job categories and descriptions?


We hope you’ll download this research and use it as a springboard for discussing these issues in your organization, and in the broader field of community.


Additionally, if you are looking to enhance your own skills in community management, Jive and The Community Roundtable have partnered to offer both internally- and externally-focused professionals training on community management fundamentals. This is a fantastic resource that provides short video tutorials combined with actionable worksheets  - you can access both courses here Jive User & Community Manager Training. 2015-01-26 13-19-22.png



I feel a bit foolish as I know this is past the due date, but good intentions are just that - intentions unless acted on.


Regardless, I still want to take a minute to share our community. Our community is a brand advocacy and training motion where retail store associates in wireless carriers can come and learn about HTC products and interact with the company. We have a shop where users can spend points they've earned for doing things like trainings and other productive actions we incentivize them for. We also run sales incentives on a fairly regular basis for them to participate on.



I've received a lot of great feedback over the past year on how HTC Champions is a great place to interact with others in the industry and learn about HTC products, but this is some of the only feedback I've got on file. The comment is on a riddle I did for Champions around Christmas time to give them a boost in points for their 'Christmas' spend in the shop. The riddle had actions hidden within it that they had to do to complete the mission. Here's a handful of some of the couple hundred comments we received:


Positive Feedback.PNG

Hi guys, this is my baby! 2015-01-21 14-31-26.png


Suporte Online is a support community for BETA's, TIM's clients of an specif pre-paid plan called TIM BETA. They are mostly young people, heavy users of social media and always connected (just a little note here: in Brazil, not everyone has a smartphone because of our network structure).


The community is 100% moderated, but we've created seed content so they only create discussions when is really needed. The pilot has 3k users, but everyone can see the content, and we've had a lot of daily activity from these non-registered users. Even though the project is recent, we've seen some decrease on clients calls, because they've found what they needed on our community.


It's been a great work, I'm really loving it!



Jive Community managers, you've poured your heart and soul into helping transform the way your company connects, collaborates, and communicates.  Sometimes this transformation is focused on customers, sometimes its focused on partners, sometimes on employees, and for the truly heroic social and digital strategist it's all three.


Starbucks coffee.jpgAs a small token of appreciation for all this hard work, we want you to go to Starbucks, on Jive!  But of course, this community stuff is about SOCIAL and SHARING right!!

So all you need to do to get a $10 Starbucks gift card is make a post in this group on or before January 26, Community Manager Appreciation Day, that contains two things:

  1. A screenshot (or more than one if you like) that highlights your community and gives your peers an idea and look into what you've been spending your time on.  Feel free to add any context as well about the screenshot (e.g., "we're focused on support community" or "this is how we use Jive to augment our in-person events" or "we enable our partners like this with Jive").
  2. Some quote, thoughtful note, or nice thing that somebody has said to you or on your community about how your community has made life better for them.  Maybe it's finding an answer faster than before, maybe it's connecting more easily with peers or giving product feedback.

We want to hear that appreciation you so deserve for all that hard work, so share away!  And hopefully this facilitates more connections with your peers at the same time.

A couple notes:

  • Whatever screen grab tool you use (Nimbus Screenshot, Jing, etc.) for the screenshot, just make sure it's set to capture at the highest resolution.
  • Try to grab screenshots that are of the whole screen to help give people as much context as possible.
  • Also, remember that of course this is a public community, so best case scenario is to not share a screenshot that highlights some top secret plans.
  • Moving forward, we want to better highlight all the hawtness of our customer's communities, so you never know maybe you'll see your screenshot in some future iteration of our customer section on our website or we may share a link to your post via one of our social channels.


And if you want yet another $10 Starbucks card:

As I'm posting this in the external communities area, I should also note that for those of you who have internal/employee communities and want to get another $10 Starbucks gift card emailed your way, just post in Jive Internal Communities a screenshot of your customer or partner community on Jive, following the format above.


Anyway, here's to all the great Community Managers driving their companies forward on Jive!

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