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I feel a bit foolish as I know this is past the due date, but good intentions are just that - intentions unless acted on.


Regardless, I still want to take a minute to share our community. Our community is a brand advocacy and training motion where retail store associates in wireless carriers can come and learn about HTC products and interact with the company. We have a shop where users can spend points they've earned for doing things like trainings and other productive actions we incentivize them for. We also run sales incentives on a fairly regular basis for them to participate on.



I've received a lot of great feedback over the past year on how HTC Champions is a great place to interact with others in the industry and learn about HTC products, but this is some of the only feedback I've got on file. The comment is on a riddle I did for Champions around Christmas time to give them a boost in points for their 'Christmas' spend in the shop. The riddle had actions hidden within it that they had to do to complete the mission. Here's a handful of some of the couple hundred comments we received:


Positive Feedback.PNG