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Hey Jive community, and especially those of you focused on External Communities, please give our friends at Pink Petro a warm welcome!

Pink Petro is a new community for women in the energy industry to help female leaders seize career opportunities and work together to solve today’s energy challenges.  Katie Mehnert congrats to you and your team in leveraging Jive-x to drive such positive change!

I always love seeing all of the different use cases that get implemented, but I must admit I really love seeing the Jive-x implementations that focus on specific target audiences like this community.  And I know Jive-x will help Pink Petro achieve its goals to unite, connect, develop and grow the number of women working across the energy industry.


I thought I'd also share this video about Pink Petro as well to give anyone interested just a bit more context on its mission and maybe some of our own Jive customers from Cameron, Schneider Electric, BG Group, Sun Edison and other companies want to get involved!


Also, here's a link to the actual press release New Social Collaboration Channel Aims To Advance Women In The Energy Industry (NASDAQ:JIVE).


Heads up to everyone in the Texas User Group as well!