If you haven't already found this treasure trove, the Jive events team has posted the track session videos, presentations and blog links here: JiveWorld16 Video, Presentation, and Blog index.  (And if it helps to cross-reference those sessions that are generally more targeted to Jive-x and external communities, for reference see my earlier blog post External Community and Jive-x sessions at JiveWorld16 (we'll keep you busy!))


Thanks to all of you who attended, spoke, reached out to peers, provided input and feedback and helped make this a vibrant and valuable event.  I so enjoyed meeting and/or getting to know more of you better and only wish there had been more time!  Thanks again to Mark Hanna for coordinating external community lead meet ups and networking ahead of time (Do you support an external support forum and are coming to JiveWorld16?) - I hope those connections continue virtually and locally throughout the year.


As always, please share any highlights, follow ups or ideas for next time too!


Emilie Kopp Libby Taylor Wim Stoop Claire Flanagan Matt Laurenceau Deirdre Walsh Gordon Sorensen Frank Field Jarita Sirois Judi Cardinal Christina Zurcher Ben Song Rachel Happe Scott K Wilder Liz (Courter) Oseguera David Kastendick Jessica Sebold Harold Gross Michael Torok Madison Murphy Jeff Maaks Vinita Ananth Denise Brittin Matt Curry Olivia Garvelink Leah Fisher Chris Mandel Iustin Mitrica Melyssa Nelson julia quil Kay Rummel Deb VanGessel Leah Williams Christelle Flahaux Jive External Communities Shaun Slattery Christy Schoon Iain Goodridge Scott Dennis Renee Carney Ann Monroe Sam Creek Deanna Belle Keith Conley Keith Savageau Angella Liu Deepti Patibandla Anne Bluntschli