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In January 2016, when oil prices hit a crazy low of $26, leaders converged on the World Economic Forum at the prestigious Davos, Switzerland.  They discussed and debated the important topics of our industry and in those few days, 22 CEOs decided they'd craft a declaration to end the gender gap in energy.


(Can you say unheard of?)  Jaws dropped globally. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxxEJN5FrecY9ukEnwK6fGU4jBsmcagm69u2Hu_Ua057sVv0Mfxg


And so the 22 CEOs with the help of the World Economic Forum, they published the "Call to Action" document and thus a bigger movement for Pink Petro began.


A few days later my phone rang.  "Have you seen this document?  What are we going to do?"


Well what would you have done?  We decided to respond.  But in typical old-school fashion, we thought we'd have a closed door meeting of 80 leaders to discuss "what if anything" we'd do.


It didn't work. 


Word spread fast and every device I owned went buzzing.  My community didn't want a closed door meeting.  They wanted an online crowdsourced response and they wanted a voice.  I scrambled.  And in 3 days we put together an "event" with the help of GE Oil and Gas and several other companies.  We put on a workshop to shape a response.


That response?  It's in Jive.  Yep.  It's sitting in Pink Petro member site for commenting. 


In 2 weeks the World Economic Forum team is flying to Houston to meet with us to talk about the response and how we will carry the work forward.  Will I get to travel to Davos and talk with world leaders about ending the gender gap?  Maybe. (Fingers and toes that would be a moment for the grandkids whom I hope don't have barriers or gaps in their work and life.)


But...when you think about the power of social and how collaboration is busting silos and creating opportunities to solve problems, it's pretty remarkable.


137062And since our launch, Pink Petro is more than a community. 


  • We're building a streaming channel of content to help educate our members and the public at large about what we do.
  • We've launched the HERWorld Forum where (using Jive) we can host an experience for people to participate in from their desks across the world.  We garnered 2200 eyeballs in March and another 1100 since.  In March 2017 on International Women's Day, we're aiming for 5000+ in over 20 countries worldwide.
  • And since inception, we've got several "curious" people (20k or so).  The opportunity for Pink Petro and Jive to succeed is there.


We're onto something crazy big.  We're kicking the pants off of the gender gap in energy.  And it all started on a little cloud in the sky called JiveX.


My thanks to all the Jivers, Elisa Steele and her leadership and the partners who have helped us get this far.  I cannot wait to create what happens next.

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