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Thank you again to our presenters Sterling Bailey and Billy Volpone for a great webinar on Tuesday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations" live, we've provided a recording of the presentation and demo. Feel free to post any and all comments and questions for Sterling or Billy below.


You can also download the deck here: Webinar Slides: Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations





Webinar: Unfiied Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations

Are these connectors available for the on-premise instance of JIve-x, what version does this connector work on?Currently, the Salesforce Case Management Connector is built and supported for Jive-x cloud deployments only.
Is it possible to restrict users of a Jive community from creating a case? i.e., not all of our Jive customers can create a caseYes – it depends on a few factors. The first is if they exist as a contact in Salesforce to begin with. The tile is going to compare their community email against the CRM system to confirm they are in both, if so, it will allow them to create a case. So if they are not a contact, they cannot create a case. Another option, since this connector exists in the form of a custom Jive tile, would be to only place the tile inside of a group in which a specific set of users could access it. If you control who sees the group, you can control who sees the case tile and therefor who can create a case.
As a manager, can i see all cases from my account/company that are created by my staff as cases, and not just the cases i have logged?Not currently. The tile will only show the cases of the user you're logged into the community as. In the future, we're thinking about iterating on this tile to allow for users with the same company email domain to be able to share case views.
Your story around T-Mobile's support strategy sounds amazing. Do you have another customer example you could share?Absolutely. We have dozens of stories of customers leveraging Jive-x for best-in-class support. Companies such as Tableau, EMC, McAfee and National Instruments are a few examples. Visit our Resource Library to learn more.
Does Jive-X have similar integrations like this one with other ticketing systems like Service Now?Yes. Although more lightweight than what we have today for Salesforce, we have connectors for ServiceNow and Zendesk. With that said, we're also eager to hear from organizations that would like to see this same level of Salesforce integration with other CRMs. If so, our services team can scope out a build for that.
Is the integration free as part of the cloud deployment, or is it a chargeable component?I'm not sure I entirely understand the question specific to the fee, but I will try to address based on what I believe is being asked. The Salesforce Case Management tile is an add-on module for any cloud deployment and you should always reach out to your current account manager to get an official price quote. Along with the annual module cost for licensing and support, we do have a one-time services cost for our team to connect these two systems and do initial education.
For the Salesforce Case Management connector, When you posted the "this is now resolved" message, is it a private discussion on Jive?Yes, any messages that the support rep sends to the custom case tile will only be visible by the user that created them via the community. On the CRM side though, any support reps with access to the case will be able to view those case comments.
Is there any app for Salesforce that will allow a two way sync? i.e., in case a comment is added in Salesforce, will a reply be added to?Not sure I entirely understand the question, but happy to clarify with a bit more context. Specific to the comments and how they work today, when creating a comment via the Case Comments section in Salesforce, you can choose for that comment to be "public" (which will post out to the case creator in Jive) or leave that box unchecked and only have it show to other internal reps. When the end user does reply to a rep though, via the Jive tile, it will show in Salesforce. So in that sense, it is two-way.
For the Salesforce connector, is trending content limited to a single space or group, or configurable between multiple spaces?It'ss not currently configurable but we're thinking of that for the roadmap. It's set up today similar to many of our top/trending content tiles or streams. It will pull for any public information that'ss in document or forum question format which has a large amount of influence or social traffic.
Do you have similar integration for Knowledge base and entitlements from Salesforce?In most cases for our clients, Jive is the knowledge base, which helps with organization and search. In some cases, clients will continue to host their KB in another system (such as Salesforce) and there are two options for syncing this data. Either we can create a federated search into the CRM or we can, via services, create a "sync to Jive" button that would push/copy any KB article from Salesforce into Jive as if it were in fact published there. We would recommend the latter since it allows the user to stay centralized while your team can continue producing content inside of Salesforce.
How do we calculate case deflection?There is not currently an out of the box metric that shows how many users click away from the case creation menu, but this is very high on our list related to roadmap and if we hear that most are desiring this very view, we can highly prioritize it for an upcoming release.
Does each user require a Salesforce license?None of the Jive side users need a Salesforce license at all. This is simply tapping into their contact information and showing cases on the Jive side without them every having to directly access or login into Salesforce directly.
Is there any way to automatically convert a stale question to case in Salesforce?Yes! This is what we call our Salesforce Question-to-Case Connector. It's a separate add-on from our case creation tile but it's going to be included out of the box for Jive-x Advanced tier clients. Functionally it will allow admins to set timers as a threshold for questions in chosen groups/spaces. Once a question sits for too long without a comment being marked as "correct answer", it will auto-escalate to a Salesforce case.
What happens when a customer has more than one contact record in Salesforce?From the customer's perspective, nothing is different. The connector will pull any cases from Salesforce that match their email address, even if they have more than one contact. On the Salesforce side, the default attachment is normally based on the CRM ordering set or create date. We can confirm on this to make sure.
What kind of setup and access is required on Salesforce?Jive will take care of the initial setup and integration for this connector to work as part of the services package attached when initially purchased.
Is the connector available on AppExchange?No, this is a custom connector provided by Jive directly.
Can you create knowledge base content based off of cases?Not currently. We feel the knowledge base use case is a separate (even though adjacent) and unique one. Also, as mentioned, most clients use the Jive-x community as their knowledge base and not a separate one. With that said, we can very easily scope out ways for your team to take a knowledge base article in Salesforce and immediately sync it to the Jive community for easy end user access.
The customer journey concept is very interesting. How would a company that's brand-new to Jive get started with this?From a Jive technology and change management perspective, typically we recommend that customers start with one or two use cases that speak to particular points in the customer journey and build from there. Meanwhile, executive leadership should always have the entire journey in mind when developing a customer community strategy.

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