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This morning I read the New York Times story on Jive CEO Elisa Steele and it moved me to share it on my social channels. 


Three years ago I was clueless about how I could take my crazy idea of Pink Petro and make it a reality.  I knew I needed technology to enable my idea, and I knew I wanted something robust and enterprise grade, but there was so much I didn't know.  (SO MUCH).  But with a will of iron and guts to try, and very few bucks in my pocket, I reached out to make it happen.


Elisa and the Jive community came into my life when as a young startup CEO and entrepreneur, I was unsure of so many things.  I just knew I had the passion to do something.  She didn't know me from anyone else, but listened to my crazy idea and gave me a chance.  She (and all of you) believed in me when I was unsure I wasn't able to pull it off.


And in 2015, I became the smallest customer of Jive (we run JiveX Cloud, shameless plug).  She's never (nor have any of you) ever treated me any less than your biggest customer.  It's one of the things I love about Jive Software.  The culture is open and encourages "we" discussions and not "I". You value people first.  In the relationship economy, that goes further and the dividends pay out longer term.  People and community truly matter. 


Helen Keller said it best.  Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. 


And Elisa (and the management team at Jive) have done a lot to bring Jive to the next step in its journey.  I know this is a period of uncertainty.  Any time we come upon change, we internalize and have to wonder how that's going to impact us.  I personally am excited about the way forward for Jive and trust Elisa and the team's instincts on doing what's best for customers, employees, and shareholders.  I have to believe that people generally approach things with the intent to make them better. 


And to Elisa and the entire team at Jive (present) and former Jivers ... thank you so much for all you've done for me and Pink Petro.  Thanks for helping me realize my dream to make my industry better. 


Thanks for treasuring my business and embracing me. You and your amazing team at Jive are rock stars. 

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