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Skynet @ groupon (jive-n)


It is my belief that as more and more millennials climb the ranks of organizations, the concept of workingoutloud will become even more prevalent.  I’ve worked for several big tech companies, some were “startups” (the most famous of which were doubleclick and Groupon).  When I was at dclk (late 90s to early 2000s), it was such an open work environment.  There was a high level of trust within the organization, everyone just got along and I made a lot of lifelong friends.  We worked together on everything.  The modern tech and tools did not exist, but we made it work well with what we had.  While at groupon, I worked alongside Kenny Lum, Brian "Skip" Schipper and Andrew Mason to bring Enterprise Social Business technology to the organization.  Andrew embraced it almost immediately (not surprising being a millennial).  Over the next four years, the program flourished and became embedded into the fabric of groupon culture.  The overarching goals of my program there were to create a platform through which employees in 45+ countries could connect, communicate, share and collaborate.  There was no hiding, I broke down silos and helped many parts of the organization that were distanced from HQ actually feel a part of the Groupon family.  Through the tool, we encouraged people across the globe to work transparently.  It wasn’t until last April that I was finally introduced to the phrase “Working Out Loud” by John Stepper from Deutsche_Bank.  I’d embraced this way of working years before I met John but hearing it from someone who has written books on the subject and who is also a huge advocate of ESB software and jive in particular really struck a chord.


EngagementOptimization @ callminer (jive-x)


CallMiner's new Jive-x community is born - 12/07/15.  Building eo for callminer will have a dramatic impact on helping us/our partners/our customers achieve faster results, will give our customers a voice and empower them to become part of our success, will allow us to develop shared ownership, will help us better understand our clients' needs, will enable us to build an army of brand advocates, will simplify the buying cycle through easier product research, will enable us to provide better support, etc.  It is OUR customer engagement strategy.  I am looking forward to creating the poster child for jive-x communities.


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