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I feel a bit foolish as I know this is past the due date, but good intentions are just that - intentions unless acted on.


Regardless, I still want to take a minute to share our community. Our community is a brand advocacy and training motion where retail store associates in wireless carriers can come and learn about HTC products and interact with the company. We have a shop where users can spend points they've earned for doing things like trainings and other productive actions we incentivize them for. We also run sales incentives on a fairly regular basis for them to participate on.



I've received a lot of great feedback over the past year on how HTC Champions is a great place to interact with others in the industry and learn about HTC products, but this is some of the only feedback I've got on file. The comment is on a riddle I did for Champions around Christmas time to give them a boost in points for their 'Christmas' spend in the shop. The riddle had actions hidden within it that they had to do to complete the mission. Here's a handful of some of the couple hundred comments we received:


Positive Feedback.PNG


Promotion = Sales?

Posted by annetown Apr 15, 2014

After a semi psychotic week running a trade-in promotion for HTC's One (M8), we saw a lot of good and bad things and it revealed a lot of holes in the way we choreograph incentive and support our community. Needless to say, I've been slowly emerging from maintenance mode the past week.


In my moderation efforts today, I found this little nugget and did a jig at my computer. I'll let you use your deductive reasoning to find out the jig-worthiness of the post:








And in case you were wondering what I was dancing to in my head, you're welcome:

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