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As I promised in Jive Online Community Management: Stop Reacting. Start Impacting., I wanted to give this group a behind-the-scenes look at how we are managing our own JiveX community.  After writing that blog post, I hit reset internally.  I looked at our data, performed some internal interviews, and quickly realized that we had a more complex program than I had anticipated.  I also realized that because Jivers feel empowered to make improvements and engage, we had some groups operating independently with potential overlapping and conflicting needs. Sound familiar?


So, I sat down with our experts in Aurea Professional Services. Together, we developed a different structure for approaching and managing the work (using our own tools and best practices)! For the first time since I joined Jive three years ago, we decided to “practice what we preach.”


First, we revised our program structure:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.34.50 AM.png


Then, I got buy-in on our goals, metrics and targets for the next 12 months.  At a high-level, they are:

  • Ensure Customer Success
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Maintain Positive Brand Reputation and Reach
  • Engage Prospects and Partners


Next, I began focusing on upgrading the Jive Community to the latest and greatest version of our software, which was completed over the weekend (see  Shining a Light on JiveX 7.).

I also made it a requirement that we begin to get “cloud-ready” and eliminate all non-essential customizations.  Like many of you, I knew it would be hard to say goodbye to items like Managed Snippets; however, if you can’t have it, we shouldn’t have it! Instead, I can serve as JiveX advocate internally and try to influence product direction. 

Here is the list of customizations that I kept:

  • Supportal, which is needed for all of the MyJive groups
  • Marketo Integration, which is key for our marketing automation program
  • Custom SSO


I also worked with Amber Orenstein Max Calderon and our crew of awesome interns to roll-out a new layout on some of our key pages. (FYI: this group has been part of the proposed changes for the last month).


Now, I’m in the process of working with our Strategist Christy Schoon to evaluate how each department at Jive uses or wants to use the external community.  To help, Christy is testing out new Reference Solution Framework.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.12.18 AM.png


For each area, we are defining the following:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Desired outcomes
  • Use cases and value-derived priorities
  • Links and dependencies between pillars
  • Management and governance model
  • Technical requirements


After the strategy sessions are complete, we will produce a project plan defining the sequence of implementation, schedule, and resources required. 


Finally, I’m working on a new marketing plan for the Jive Community, which I’ll be happy to share with the crew in this discussion: How are you marketing your community?


Would love to hear from you! What do you think of the approach? Is this level of transparency helpful for you? 

Finally, if you have The specified item was not found. or see issues report them in the The specified item was not found. space.  Thanks!

Share your thoughtson the new.pngAt JiveWorld13, I spoke to many of you about the current experience on the Jive Community and received lots of interesting feedback:

· “The Jive Community should be the showcase”

· “I’m there all the time and still feel lost”

· “The community is your second product”

· “Jive employees need a greater presence”

· “Jive doesn’t ask enough of us”


During these conversations, I realized that we all have a shared passion for not only social business, or Jive, but for THIS community. Therefore, I made a professional New Year’s Resolution to address your feedback.  Armed with the virtual backing of the world’s leading community managers (ie. YOU), I made a bold statement inside of Jive.  I stood in front of executives, colleagues, and my team to highlight one clear point: We are the BEST community platform in the world; however, we don’t run the best online community. 2014 is the year we freakin’ change that!

I asked every Jiver to rally around the mission, “Stop Reacting. Start Impacting.” Like many of you reading this know, it’s easy to get bogged down into doing the day-to-day tasks of a community manager – moderation, content creation, conversations, metrics gathering, etc.  Instead, I wanted Max Calderon and me to focus on the items that would have the biggest impact for the most amount of users. 

In order to accomplish this, I had to go back to basics. In January, I did the following:

  • Maintained focus on strategic direction and platform optimization
  • Formed an executive steering committee and cross-functional working group
  • Defined measurable objectives for the community program
  • Hired great folks like Heather Pamplin and Amber Orenstein in Professional Services to help with the upgrade to Jive 7


I’ve spent the last 30 days cranking hard, initiating internal conversations, generating buy-in, designing a new information architecture with Corey Mathews, etc. Instead of rolling out in true traditional marketing fashion with a big bang, I wanted to first involve you – the external community experts.  I want this to be OUR project.  So, I’m going to be sharing updates, getting ideas from you, and making changes to this group. Based on lessons learned, I’ll be rolling out changes across the community.

Let’s dive in.  As someone who has been managing external communities since 2006, I know the first step is always to define what the heck you want people to do on the page.

Here are my goals for the External Community group overview page:

  1. Balance usefulness with promotion
  2. Balance featured with new members and content
  3. Balance information with ease of use
  4. Appeal to browsers, searchers and people on a mission

To achieve this, I’ve made the first changes in round 1:

1. Renamed the Group.  For the last four years, this group has been called "external community managers."  I've ommited the manager title because I know that there are several people here involved in the group that aren't community managers.  They are decision makers, strategists, end-users, etc. 


2. New Content Highlight Boxes. I’m going to be highlighting three new items on a monthly basis in the top boxes on the overview page.  Each box has a purpose 1) Jive content 2) user-generated content or featured membership activities 3) relevant call-to-action. 


3. New Overview Page Layout. I’m attaching a screenshot of the old version of this group.  I’ve made it much more simple and organized into three columns 1) search and browse 2) highlight content 3) showcase membership.   


4. New Community Lead Program. I’m handing over the keys and letting a community of community managers do what they do best: manage a community! Emilie Kopp will be managing this group in the month of Feb. Obviously, she has a full-time gig, so this will be a part-time effort, which includes welcoming new members, moderating questions and creating content. 


Now, I would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts on the first steps I outlined above. Thanks in advance for your insights and continued participation!

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