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As a Jiver and strategist, I'm always pleased when we have a chance to bring some of the insights and knowledge that are shared openly at JiveWorld to our customers and partners virtually and throughout the year.  Please join us for an insightful webinar with longtime Jive-x customer Tableau on May 19, 2016 at 10 a.m. PDT. 


Whether you manage a primarily peer-to-peer support community or a marketing-driven engagement and thought leadership community - or a blend of both - all external communities have a vested interest in deepening and increasing customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy. 


Tracy Rodgers, Tableau's community manager and strategist, and Gili Guri-Mill, Jive's director of product marketing for Jive-x, will take you through Tableau's journey from a primarily peer-to-peer support community to a thriving ecosystem that helps nurture and convert prospects, improve Tableau's products and solidify customer retention and loyalty.  You can take a look at their community here: Welcome |Tableau Support Community.  Tracy will review some of their key success metrics and business outcomes across both support and marketing KPIs, as well as the best practices she has applied to achieve strong and sustained results.


Register here: Tableau: From Support to Brand Affinity. (No worries if you can't make it live, the recording will be available on-demand afterward.)

For all you Jive-x customers, just wanted to remind you we have a webcast tomorrow featuring Sr. SEO Strategist Anne Bluntschli.  (It will also be recorded and I'll do a blog post with some of the highlights.)


Customers can sign up here: Webinar: Talking with Product: SEO

If you haven't already found this treasure trove, the Jive events team has posted the track session videos, presentations and blog links here: JiveWorld16 Video, Presentation, and Blog index.  (And if it helps to cross-reference those sessions that are generally more targeted to Jive-x and external communities, for reference see my earlier blog post External Community and Jive-x sessions at JiveWorld16 (we'll keep you busy!))


Thanks to all of you who attended, spoke, reached out to peers, provided input and feedback and helped make this a vibrant and valuable event.  I so enjoyed meeting and/or getting to know more of you better and only wish there had been more time!  Thanks again to Mark Hanna for coordinating external community lead meet ups and networking ahead of time (Do you support an external support forum and are coming to JiveWorld16?) - I hope those connections continue virtually and locally throughout the year.


As always, please share any highlights, follow ups or ideas for next time too!


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With JiveWorld less than a month away, I'm excited to preview the many awesome track sessions and networking opportunities we are offering related to External Communities and Jive-x deployments.  I'll be there and looking forward to meeting and catching up with many of you.  Please don't hesitate to reach out ahead of time if you have any questions, want assistance figuring out which sessions to attend, or want to coordinate some time to meet up.  (And as always, for attendees, you'll have access to the content and recordings after for anything you miss live.)


External Community Engagement Track (both days Tues & Weds, 15-16 March)

Hear from a wide range of Jive external customers regarding their Jive-x deployments, best practices, and industry trends. For individual session details, schedule and speaker info see: External Community Engagement | JiveWorld Track


Pre-conference workshops (Monday, 14 March)

Monday morning, Emilie Kopp and I will be conducting the half-day Advanced Engagement for External Communities workshop.  More information here Avoid FOMO. Register for Advanced Workshops on Monday's JW16 Pre-Conference Day and on our website Re-energize engagement in established communities (Advanced) | JiveWorld Session.   (There is also a counterpart workshop for Internal Communities running at the same time.)  Topics we'll cover will include developing content and promotion strategies, accelerating Q&A, bolstering internal stakeholder engagement.


There are also other workshops that encompass both Internal and External Communities that may interest you - see r on our website here Pre-Conference Sessions & Workshops | JiveWorld for more detail.  These include:

  • All-day Bootcamp / "community 101" for net-new communities and new community managers
  • Integrations workshop - developers (half day, morning)
  • Gamification workshop (half day, afternoon)
  • Tips and Tricks for Designing in the Cloud (half day, afternoon)
  • Advanced measurement for mature communities (half day, afternoon) - with Claire Flanagan


Other relevant tracks & sessions (Tues & Weds)


In addition to formal track sessions and workshops there will be a Demo Theater, our solutions hall featuring partners and Jive experts, and don't forget the Support meet up Mark Hanna s organizing - Do you support an external support forum and are coming to JiveWorld16?


Did I miss anything?  Please call it out here as well as any questions.  See you there!



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As we settle properly into 2016 and focus on the year ahead, I'm excited to call attention to a modest but important refresh of our Jive External Communities practice group, along with its close cousin, Jive Internal Communities.  In my nearly 6 years at Jive, along with JiveWorld these vibrant peer-to-peer communities have helped catalyze and nurture numerous fruitful connections, shared ideas and insights, thoughtful discourse, and resolved questions. 


If you're a veteran of the External Communities group, you'll likely notice some recent, subtle changes.  (And if you're new here, welcome, please stick around and join in the conversation!)  We want to tell you a bit more about these changes and also ask for your input and assistance as we continue to evolve and improve this area dedicated to our Jive-x community managers, strategists and admins. 




First off, a little more about what's changing and why...


A "face lift" for the External Communities home page with two goals in mind:

  • Make these pages responsive and easy to browse on a mobile device
  • Elevate the Q&A and peer-to-peer conversations that are the lifeblood of this community of practice


Behind the scenes, expanded commitment by Jive to facilitating vibrant and valuable interactions among our customers and end users:

  • We want to help provide community management and expert input on a more regular and sustained basis, to help assure timely answers to your questions and high-quality engagement.  (Don't worry we're not here to take over or get in the way, just to help keep things moving and help connect people and info where we can!)
  • Gather feedback and insights around what's top of mind for our key practitioners - please start by casting your vote in our current poll, What would you like more of in External Communities?
  • Help build knowledge and reusable resources that will help you achieve greater success with your Jive-x community


So what happens next?  It's simple...

  1. Provide your feedback on the types of content and interactions that are most valued What would you like more of in External Communities? (If you prefer, feel free to message me privately - Jennifer Kelley)
  2. Participate!  (or continue participating!)  Ask a question that is top of mind.. Share some community management tips or approaches that may help your peers... Or just find a question to answer here:  And don't forget the Follow the group to get updates!


Thanks and Happy 2016!

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