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One of the feature our team were looking forward to was being able to enter custom metadata for pages across our site. We've already customised our on-prem code to improve the out-of-the-box implementation and output better default metadata to the content types (including more consistent canonical URLs), but we didn't have a way to edit + optimise the metadata on key pages.


We were exited to see this announced back in July 2016;


Webinar Transcript - Talking with Product: Search Engine Optimization



But it never appeared in the platform, and we're now on Jive 9.0.2.


We've now implemented it ourselves and thought it'd be good to share what we've done so that it might help guide the Jive & Lithium engineers as they implement features into the next gen platforms.


Custom Metadata Feature Overview


Go to the page you want to enter custom data for & simply click on your user menu at the top of the screen, then look for 'Custom Metadata (SEO)' in the list, e.g.



Clicking that will overlay a form like this;


How the form works


If you're the first person to override any metadata, all the fields will be disabled, and they'll be showing the page defaults. All you then need to do is tick the 'Override' checkbox for the fields you want to override.. that'll enable the text box for editing. Some OpenGraph fields will mirror whatever is in the 'parent' field.



For images there's a neat image picker which lets you click through images on the page, or you can just enter the URL of any image. Hit the Preview button to check it works.




Some pages are special, like the Homepage, or the root content browse pages. You'll get a warning if you start to override one of those pages to warn you that it has wider implications & won't just affect the page you're looking at.



Other pages can't currently be overridden & you'll get a different warning.


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