• How do you manage Top & Trending?

    Sorry for x-posting, but this affects internal and external communities likewise. So I have asked the exact same question here, but maybe there's different approaches by managers for internal and external communities....
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  • Hack for Users to Add Tags to Content

    One of the ways to improve the findability of content in Jive is to add tags, especially if the author has not included specific keywords as tags that people are likely to use when searching for that content. But user...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Making the case for open content

    Does anyone have any good case studies or white papers they can point to that will help show the advantages of having an open community vs a closed one with restricted content?      I know there ...
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  • Glass Door To Gated Communities

    Many thanks go to moniquecvandenberg who helped me put this together when I was at Oracle!
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  • Is there any integration with Jive and Gitter?

    We have some discussions going on there, so I was wondering if there is anyone integrating the two? And is that possible?
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  • Wordpress/Jive Integration?

    Hello! Our marketing team currently runs the corporate blog from Wordpress. There was a lot of customer chatter following a recent blog post, but in order to comment you must create a Wordpress account. It would be id...
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  • Redirect rules in cloud: Add support for regular expressions (re-post)

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  • Uploading an ICO to static resources

    I was attempting to upload a .ICO file to my static resources for a space.   Is there a reason why this is restricted?
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  • Restrict Uploads/Downloads on Discussions

    I've set up a moderation queue for one of our spaces around documents and uploads.  The intention being to limit any malicious executables or files being attached to these and downloaded by others.   I don'...
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  • Rock your B2B Social Media Marketing

    Good day everyone, Along with communities, I believe tweetchats are fantastic ways to network with and learn from fellow professionals and #TwitterSmarter is one of my favorites.  Here is taste of today's disc...
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • Edit Error Message

    Hi- I only see this submitted as an idea in Jive, but I was hoping that I may have missed a document on how to edit error messages in Jive-x. We have a space that is visible to all visitors, but in order to create con...
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  • Does Search find links not written into text?

    Hi all.. I don't see a clear answer to this and I don't see how to test this myself consistently. Question is:  Let's say I create a hyperlink in a document for "click here," to go to the site, "abcxyz123.com."...
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  • Seeking Mentor

    Hello! My name is Jessica Howard & I'm the Community Manager at AdvancedMD, a medical billing software company, where we have approx 700 associates. We have both an X & N instance-cloud, but we're still work...
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  • Seeking Mentor

    My name is Elisabeth and I am the Community Manager for Capital Associated Industries, a non-profit employers association specializing in HR with about 1,300 member companies and 50 employees across 2 offices. We have...
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  • Test Search

    Check out my personal web site!
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  • Li'l help with Admin Console - Who should see it?

    Hi, gang... Happy 2017!   So, before I start a case, I thought I'd ask here...  I am getting some members of my community telling me they see "admin console" as an option from the dropdown when they click t...
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  • Seeking Mentor (or Mentee) for Jive Knowledge Base discussion

    Hi. My name is Colum McAndrew, and I manage the Mimecast Knowledge Base. This is just one part of our Jive-x instance, but currently contains the majority of the community's content. The Knowledge Base is used by both...
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  • Join us online for CMAD next Monday

    New: Updated and more detailed agenda below   Hey everyone,   Next Monday (Jan 23) is Community Manager Appreciation Day (I know -- whut? We're appreciated? ).  There is a line-up of great free onli...
    Dennis Pearce
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  • Mentorship Planning Framework.docx

    The Mentorship Planning Framework is designed to provide additional guidance to mentors and mentees participating in the Jive Mentors Program who wish to add more structure to their conversations. The implementation o...
    Miguel Rodriguez
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  • Mentors: Do's and Don'ts

    The Jive Mentors Program provides a unique opportunity for community managers, execs, and admins to have real, authentic conversations around their social business objectives and challenges.   In order to have a ...
    Miguel Rodriguez
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