• Considerations on Catering to Multi-Lingual / Multi-Language Community

    As use of our product grows internationally we are beginning to see participation our our community by users whose first language is not always English and who may not even speak English proficiently.  Catering t...
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  • Live Chat

    Does anyone utilize a 3rd party application that enables live chat functionality, maybe via an HTML tile or something? If so, please share.  Thanks!
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  • An(other) Open Letter to Jive Leadership, Employees, and Customers: Trust Your Instincts

    Jive Community   This morning I read the New York Times story on Jive CEO Elisa Steele and it moved me to share it on my social channels.    Three years ago I was clueless about how I could take my c...
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  • How do tags play with search?

    I had the pleasure of seeing Ted Hopton present a few days ago at JiveWorld17, and he said something almost in passing that my team and I have been wondering about ever since. Specifically, Ted said that a large numbe...
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  • Is there a way to add a requirement to a question?

    In order to answer most questions in our community, we really need to know the version number of the product people are using. We've thought about making the versions categories, but that will (over time) get really l...
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  • How to explain the difference between Questions and Discussions to users

    We have a fairly new community & our users are having a difficult time understanding when they should post a question or a discussion. Wondering if someone has found a successful way to explain this to their users...
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  • Replacing Jive Search with Coveo

    Good day everyone,   We recently installed Coveo Enterprise Search to power the search functionality across Adobe.com.  Included in this was the connector to our Jive 8 instance to surface correct answers f...
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  • Ration Search

    Anyone using Ration search to search between Jive and ServiceNow? Or any other connector? Would you be willing to share your experience?
    created by dennismsmith
  • Does anyone have their Jive-X community integrated with a Live Chat tool?

    Does anyone have their Jive-X community integrated with a Live Chat tool? If so, which one? How's it working?   We would like to integrate our community - which is an open community to be used by our clients - w...
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  • Jive Live Chat Inquiry

    Hello! I recently submitted an idea that may benefit external communication with our customers who use Jive. We have had difficulty in getting our secret group members to configure their notifications and want to enha...
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  • Can hashtags be used to connect with Rewards?

    We use Jive Rewards for our gated external community located in the Cloud.   Has anyone written an API or script to allow for users to complete custom events via a hashtag in a social media app?   Thank y...
    created by karencolvin
  • Re-use configured tiles?

    Hello Everybody,   As a newbie, I am still working to wrap my head around Jive-X. As we are setting up our Jive-X community we have decided to give each of our customers their own private group. These private g...
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  • Does anybody have experience with adding an webapp icon?

    Because some people prefer to access our community through their webbrowser on their mobile or iPad, I would like to add a webapp icon to our community. This way when they save it on their homescreen it will look good...
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  • Group Image Limit

    Is there a way to change the maximum number of images you can add to a group? I changed the only setting in the admin console I could find from 50 to 300, but still get an error when trying to upload more than 50?
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  • Is there a way to automate a direct message when someone joins the community?

    I've been sending out "Welcome to the Community" emails to new member's inboxes and I'm wondering if there's a way to automate this. It's a little different than the email they get when joining. We have a lot of peopl...
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  • Looking for Candidates to Discuss Universal Search

    Hello JiveWorks Community!    We’re in the process of researching options for Universal Search. We’d love to learn about how your organization uses its search tool, what you're using for search...
    created by emmy.quinn
  • Modern looking cloud implementations of Jive X communities

    Hi All,   I had a chance to participate in Jive World 2017! It was a great event. While there I had a chance to speak to Billy Volpone about "modern looking" implementations of JiveX communities (cloud version)...
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  • Does anyone else need to know when an idea's stage was changed?

    I manage a product feedback/ideas program in my external community. Sometimes I'm asked by internal and external people alike when was a given idea's stage changed and by whom. I've resurrected an idea for this ( Nee...
    Adam Arrowsmith
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  • Where does a "System Blog" appear?

    Total rookie question, I suppose, but here goes:  If I enable a "System blog," where will it appear? I've read this: Managing Blogs  It says, "Global; not contained in any space. A system blog is not connec...
    Frank Field
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  • How to find a good summer intern, starting with the right title

    Does anyone have a successful strategy for a job title and general description of an extranet intern?  I don't think the title "Extranet Intern" will make sense to many college students, so am looking for somethi...
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