• Is there a way to have a private group and invite members but not show who is part of the group?

    We have hundreds of private restricted account team groups in our external community.   The question I get asked often is from account managers that manage multiple accounts. 80% of the content they want to sha...
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  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Why Some Online Communities Make More Money

    In our latest research study, “The Business Impact of Online Communities,” we found that almost half (49%) of communities report revenue gains from their online community. This is an exciting proof-point, ...
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  • JiveWorld 17 meetup group?

    Does anyone know if there are External Community meetup groups already set up for Jive World next month? This was by far our most valuable experience last year and I'm hoping we get to do it again this year. I see mee...
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  • Emails vs Streams

    Hi All,   I am marking this as a discussion rather than a question, even though I am asking for your feedback there isn't one right answer.  Also, sorry in advance for the lengthy post.   We have appr...
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  • What is your theme & your level names?

    We are going to be asking our internal community for suggestions for the overall theme & level names for our external customer community as we look to refresh our community and gamification strategy in 2017.  ...
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  • Active - Participating - Contributing Users: What is the true breakdown

    Good day everyone, I understand the breakdown of these three types of members, but when trying to accurately report my membership, can 1 member exist in all three buckets? Each month, I measure the activity of my co...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • How do I customize the search box inJive-X?

    Hi Everybody,   I am just getting started with setting up our Jive-X community and I am a bit in the weeds. I've taken a look at a number of example Jive communities and I am impressed with many of them. One thi...
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  • Site Down: What does messaging look like?

    Hey All,   What does Jive's out-of-the-box messaging look like when a community is "down" due to Jive issues? Is there a message that displays, or is it just a 404 error? Do we have the ability to control what t...
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  • Follow vs. Join a Group?

    Hi- I've searched in the community, but I wasn't able to locate a recent answer to the question.....what's an easy way to describe the difference between following and joining a group? We use Jive-x. I have to agree w...
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  • System blogs landing page conundrum

    Hello,   Our 5 official company (system) blogs have a landing page that is a space in our community. We use this to link to the 5 system blogs, and pull in recent blog posts from the system blogs... or at least ...
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  • Updating Points - Your Assistance Please

    Good day everyone, I am using Jive 7 Hosted. I have been searching my Admin Console, but cannot find how to change points - is this even possible? If I can changes point values, will the change impact existing poin...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Twitter is awesome

    Good day everyone, Sarah Chaney started this excellent discussion about Work / Live Balance How do you balance your work-life? and a discussion about Twitter began. Rather than derailing her fine discussion, I figur...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Seeking Mentee

    Hey hey hey hey! Sorry, sticky keys and my "hey" button is stuck. I'm Ben Garves, Senior Product Manager for the SolarWinds THWACK Community. SolarWinds produces industry-leading IT Software and has about 2000 employe...
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  • Transformative Results Through Internal & External Engagement with ADP - Webinar Recording

    Thank you again to ADP's Laura Lerner and Janice Mak, and Sherry Rosenkrantz of Jive, for presenting a great webinar this past Wednesday. For those of you who were unable to attend “Transformative Results Throug...
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  • Best practices for announcements?

    Does anyone know where I can find some best practices for posting announcements in external communities, both community-wide and specific to a place or group? (e.g. Frequency, who should have permission to do so, etc.)
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • How to find a good summer intern, starting with the right title

    Does anyone have a successful strategy for a job title and general description of an extranet intern?  I don't think the title "Extranet Intern" will make sense to many college students, so am looking for somethi...
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  • Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations – Webinar Recording

      Thank you again to our presenters Sterling Bailey and Billy Volpone for a great webinar on Tuesday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations" ...
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  • Where does a "System Blog" appear?

    Total rookie question, I suppose, but here goes:  If I enable a "System blog," where will it appear? I've read this: Managing Blogs  It says, "Global; not contained in any space. A system blog is not connec...
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  • Where can I see how many people follow a blog?

    Is there a way to see how many people follow a certain blog? We have a few system blogs and I'd love to know if they have subscribers.
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  • Group notifications for published content

    Silly question alert regarding notifications in a social group....Our Product Managers want to start placing release notes in our community because customers stated that they wanted notifications when something was ch...
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