• Moving to the Cloud from Hosted

    We are currently thinking about moving to the cloud from our hosted version of Jive 6.0.  Does anyone have some experience with this?  My main concerns are uptime, losing the copy feature- QuickTemplates v2 ...
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  • Issues with "Welcome New User" email

    Hello Community Managers - Just checking  in to see if any of you have noticed issues with the Welcome New User emails being sent when new folks are admitted to your community.  We are seeing a return to a g...
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  • Mapping Widget functionalities with Tiles

    Hi #cmgr friends, we just upgraded BMC communities to Jive 7, and loving it.   One of the Big changes is the social Group designs. While I love the simple and templated Tile approach, I miss some of the Old sc...
    Anirban Dutta
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  • Partner Community - Salesforce Integration

    We have a requirement to build a Salesforce integration so our partners can view the deals assigned to them in our internal instance of Salesforce.  It would basically just be a data pull from Salesforce based on...
    created by lyndsay_lantz
  • Mass deleting older versions of a document

    Wondering if anyone has dealt with this before....Is there anyway to mass delete the older versions of a document?  We have an older document that has several thousand versions and they are taking forever to load...
    created by lyndsay_lantz
  • Looking for External Customer Support / Care Best Practices

    We have a fairly new external community that is public and we are looking for examples of Customer Support guidelines and best practices.  I do have one "space" that is locked down specific to customers, partners...
    Judi Cardinal
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  • Where can I find a document of all quick tips from homepage widget?

    Does anyone know if/where we can find all of the quick tips? Since we can't show this on the Community Help area, I am having to create an individual document with all of the tips.   Would be good to find a doc...
    Valeria Delgado
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  • Mobile Home Page for JiveX

    We just looked up our community on our mobile phones and it's blank. Turns out you need to configure a whole different home page on mobile??? And not all of the widgets and settings are available. Does anyone else hav...
    Ariana Crisafulli
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  • Managing a Community Team

    Good day everyone, I recently participated in a CM discussion about managing a community team as well as social efforts.  After responding, I thought some within this community would find them helpful; so here t...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Private Group for External Communities

    We're using Jive for external community only and are about to create some private groups for a customer advocate programs.  Would love to hear from folks here who have built something similar?
    Sukhjit Ghag
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  • Clickable link in community banner?

    Hi. We need to have a clickable link in the community banner on connect.limelight.com that takes people to the limelight.com website. Is this possible? There is already a limelight logo in the banner, which is where I...
    Eileen Foran
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  • How can I track who is following a blog?

    I don't see where the metrics are located to see how many users are following a blog thread. Is there a way to do this?
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Display documents or blog post content as a gallery on a space

    Hey community,   I'm wondering if anyone knows of a widget or tile that would allow me to display documents or blog posts in a tile/ thumbnail format similar to this below (taken from the content section of a sp...
    Emily Billing
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  • How do I add a signature?

    One of our internal employees asked:   Is there a way to get a sig file added so every time I reply to a comment on the forums it automatically attaches my sig at the end?
    grace chang
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  • Community Manager Salary Survey: Defining Community Management Roles

    It’s a great time to be a community manager! Organizations big and small are beginning to recognize that managed communities can help transform organizations, making them more resilient in a digitally connected ...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Gamification: your opinions on where to begin?

    First off, thank you in advance for all of your helpful feedback and examples! My newest venture is to figure out gamification for my instance and implement it as strategic and thoughtful as possible. I know there are...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Webinar: How FireEye Delivers Exceptional Support with Jive-x

    Event Details Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015 Time: 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET   Speakers John Summers Community & Social Strategist FIREEYE Cathy Won Director, Product Marketing JIVE SOFTWARE Can't mak...
    Jaslyn Law
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  • % active users v total users in external communities

    Hello, I'm trying to understand what is an expected % of active v total users in external communities. I saw this thread Re: % of active users vs. total for internal community? which mentioned 10-15% active users in e...
    Emily Billing
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  • Has anyone implemented a tracker?

    Has anyone implemented a tracker similar to the Fedex one where a customer can track where in the process their request is in currently? If not a visual like this-- would love to hear what you guys have done!
    April Jianto
    created by April Jianto