• Does anyone have a handy badge for Partners?

    Hi all,   Many of you probably use badges to identify employees in your external community. Do you have a badge for partners? These would be people affiliated with companies that support your company's aims, and...
    created by jkurutz
  • Internal participation for an external community

    Hi all,   I'm having some difficulty getting our Professional Services team to participate in our community. We just recently launched to a few beta (external) customers and, while we have some superstars from P...
  • Are the tabs in answered questions (community manager reports) dynamic?

    Dear JC,   I am one of the newest members (advocates) and trying to wrap my head around this cool technology.   When selecting a custom time-frame in community manager reports>answered questions, can th...
    Shadab Ashraf
    created by Shadab Ashraf
  • Declare your community maturity! Take the 2016 State of Community Management survey

    When The Community Roundtable launched in 2009, the idea of measuring the markers of community success was unheard of; community management was considered an art that couldn't be taught - or measured.   Seven yea...
    Rachel Happe
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  • Can an admin unsubscribe a user so they don't have to do it themselves?

    I cannot figure out how to unsubscribe someone so they do not receive any community notifications! This is a problem in our external customer community because when a user wants to unsubscribe they simply email us...t...
    Liz (Courter) Oseguera
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  • Looking for information on how to send out Newsletters leveraging Jive content

    I am struggling with the following use case - we would like to push out to user groups links to content in our community once a month.  I thought this would be easy but I am not seeing that it is...  Does an...
  • What would you like more of in External Communities?

    Along with other areas of the Jive Community, you're probably noticing some changes to the External Communities group.  Without disrupting the great peer-to-peer interaction here, we at Jive plan to engage more b...
    Jennifer Kelley
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  • How do you convince to your employees the value of your new external community?

    Hi,   Wondering if anyone has any best practices or tools to share on this topic. Currently developing a strategy to convince service teams the value of our online user group/community to actively recruit new me...
    Adina Schoeneman
    created by Adina Schoeneman
  • Weekly Newsletter to Drive Engagement

    We are using Hubspot ( a inbound marketing software that we LOVE) however there is no integration between them and Jive. So far that has been sans problems, however we've turned off our digest feature recently ( becau...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • What are your success measures for community team members?

    I am putting together scorecards for internal employees that are responsible for engaging and responding to customers in our external community. In an effort to ensure that these items are measurable and meaningful, i...
    Meaghan Wilkinson
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  • CMAD - Love to Jive - Jive to Love?

    Hey Adam & Becky!   I'm just fulfilling this post's request: 2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers    Here you go!   1) Jive is THE self-support option for Relias Learning's customers....
    Brett Carpenter
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  • How to turn off notifications for "Likes" and "Reply marked as helpful"

    We just migrated to the cloud, and are getting some pushback from users who are being buried in all the email.   I have instructed them about how to set their Preferences>Inbox settings to just limit the item...
    Gordon Sorensen
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  • Searching Jive Content from SFDC

    Has anyone successfully set up search in their Salesforce environment so that content from Jive (discussions, questions, documents, etc.) are surfaced directly in SFDC? If so, can anyone provide some guidance on how t...
    Jeff Moore
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  • 2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers - Response from Instructure

    Response to2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers At Adam Mertz and Becky Leung   At Instructure, Jive is the medium for the relationship with our customers and them with each other.  Individual custome...
    last modified by scottwdennis
  • Community Mgr in LATAM?

    We recently hired a Community Mgr for BMC Communities, and are very happy about the breadth and depth of knowledge that's it's giving us. It makes us in a stronger position WW, and enables us to have a great roadmap ...
    Matt Laurenceau
    created by Matt Laurenceau
  • Has anyone pushed a Periscope live broadcast into your community?

    The company I work for is holding a conference and some folks would like me to run around doing Periscope broadcasts from parts of it. Can this be pushed into a page on Jive? I don't see where Periscope broadcasts g...
    Frank Field
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  • Your Ideas Count: Implementation Planning

    Brandy Robert, Senior Manager, Proactive Service Delivery, Oracle Corporation and Rob Shapiro, Senior Director, Customer Service Experience, Oracle Corporation, have teamed up to implement ideas in My Oracle Support C...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Changing Email Templates

    Hey friends.  I'm looking for a way to change the templates that send out our communication.  Right now the digests go out without all of our branding.  I think this may have swap over during the cloud ...
    Katie Mehnert
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  • Good Jive onboarding examples

    One of the features that Jive lacks out-of-the-box is an onboarding tool or process. For example, a pop-up that guides the new user linearly through adding their photo/bio or gives suggestions for next steps. Would be...
    Shara Karasic
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  • Happy CMAD!

    Hi Adam Mertz and Becky Leung   Here is my response to  2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers   1. Our Jive Community is used as a platform for an online worldwide user group of our software. The ...
    Adina Schoeneman
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