• URGENT Akamai License Help

    Hello Kosheno Moore I am a former Jive-X customer and I need assistance with my Akamai license currently held by Aurea. Lithium has been contacting you and has not received a response. Please tell me whom I may speak ...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
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  • Discrepancy in Space Followers Count

    Hi there,   When attempting to see the total number of followers for a space, I notice two different outcomes from two different experiences.   If I browse places > spaces > (https://community.jiveso...
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  • Why can't users change their own username?

    Does anyone know why the Jive platform doesn't allow users to change their own username. Admins can change it, so I'm just wondering why it's not something we'd want the users to self service.. esp if you're not using...
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    created by mcollinge
  • way to unmark as Assumed Answered?

    I'm working in Jive Cloud and also posted this in the Lithium JX space. But also thought would post here in case someone knows. we marked a Discussion Question as Assumed Answered, and now want to change it back to be...
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  • If users have permission to create discussion, can they also delete?

    I thought I knew the answer to this, but now I am second guessing this permission. Within a space, if a user has the ability to create a discussion, do they also have the ability to delete that discussion (authored by...
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  • Event Timezone workarounds?

    Does anyone have any clever approaches to working around the fact that Events display in the timezone of either the logged-in user's profile or default locale (for guests), and not the timezone specified during creati...
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  • GDPR cookie banner

    Anyone have an example of that the GDPR cookie banner looks like on cloud v2016.3 ?
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  • Is Jive Rewards down?

    Any Jive-x communities experience a breakdown for Jive Rewards since last night?  My power user reported that his point has not been recognized and accumulated since last night.
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  • Rules for draft blog URL vs. Published blog URL

    Hi.   We are trying to secure a blog URL for a post that is already written and is in draft form, and is scheduled to be released next week. We need the actual URL that will be used when the post is published. T...
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  • Toshiba is Looking for an All Star Community Manager

    Hello folks!   We have an excellent opportunity for an Enterprise Community Manager to join the Toshiba team to further drive and expand the use and engagement of our award winning Social Business Network (Toshi...
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    created by dasbeef
  • Anyone else missing Daily Gains in their leaderboard?

    My daily gains have been going on and off (mostly off) for over a week now. Nothing in the Your Ranking tab and nothing in Top 100. I don't know if we aren't earning points or if Jive just isn't showing it. Also, my #...
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  • Customizable metadata for SEO & social sharing

    Background   One of the feature our team were looking forward to was being able to enter custom metadata for pages across our site. We've already customised our on-prem code to improve the out-of-the-box impleme...
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  • Is it possible to hide usernames of registered users for not logged in visitors (guest users) and show another profile property instead of that?

    We want activate guest access in our community, but we don't want that the guests (not logged in users) can see the username of our registered users. Is there a way to "hide" all user information for guests or just s...
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  • Display featured content in a Super List tile

    Hey all,   Is it possible to craft a URL for the Super List tile that displays featured content in a space?  I ask because I want to have a tile that displays featured content from another space, but the Fe...
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    created by Jeff Shurtliff
  • Licensing for external customer communities

    We are planning to launch our first external customer community when we get Jive 7 on Prem soon. Does anyone know how the licensing works? Any examples? I am also contacting our AM for a pricing model, but wanted some...
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  • Follow vs. Join a Group?

    Hi- I've searched in the community, but I wasn't able to locate a recent answer to the question.....what's an easy way to describe the difference between following and joining a group? We use Jive-x. I have to agree w...
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  • How to turn off weekly updates?

    Hi.   We are on the latest cloud version (2016.3.9.0) and are wondering how to shut off the weekly update emails?  I have seen info on how to do this in previous versions, but not for the most recent cloud ...
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  • Key Content and Places Tile in the center

    How can I add a Key Content and Places tile in the center - not in one of the narrow side panels in Jive(x) hosted?
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  • Has anyone changed the wording of the marking "Correct Answers"?

    Hi there,   I am curious if anyone has changed the wording of the "Correct Answers" button to something else? For example, substituting that verbiage for something like "This solved my problem"? Is it even poss...
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