• What's the best way to highlight posts that contain new comments since last logged on

    What's the best way to highlight posts that contain new comments since last logged on.  This would make it clear that there is no need to click on a post and see if there is any new content.  And if there is...
    Scott K Wilder
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  • How to Create an Award-Winning Support Community - Webinar Recording

    A huge thanks to everyone who was able to join us for Wedneday's hybrid Jive Live / Talking with Product webinar led by our VP of Global Support, Kevin Williams, on the topic of "How to Create an Award-Winning Support...
    Alex Larralde
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  • Email Digest vs Streams

    Hi All,   We are on Jive 7.0.2 hosted and we are analyzing a move to cloud.  We have a few things to consider, one of the biggest obstacles for us is our "Daily Email Digest"   We currently have appr...
    Jamie Battin
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  • What Kind of Thinker Are You?

    We all aspire to work better together. Technology is making some of that effort easier. But digital tools are only part of the answer. It’s people who ultimately make the difference!   The problem is that ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Rewards and Engagement

    I'm looking into this new "Rewards". I am very much exciting about the onboarding feature and easy admin process.   Has anyone begun using this?   It seems that I'd need to turn off bunchball before turnin...
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Multilingual Communities challenges

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    Sandra Brueckner
    created by Sandra Brueckner
  • Do you correlate community activity with lead gen?

    If you have a branded community that isn't specific to a single business activity, such as a support or developer-only community, how do you go about correlating community activities such as registrations, logins, and...
    Gia Lyons
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  • How to Stop Spam in Your External Community - Webinar Recording

    In case you missed our awesome webinar yesterday— Victor Soares and Deepti Patibandla led a presentation on our best practices for combatting the most recent round of Korean spam attacks and the new product feat...
    Alex Larralde
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
    Gia Lyons
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  • Social collaboration creates a connected workforce & connected customers

    Elisa Steele Jive's CEO, spoke today on CXOTalk about how social collaboration can create a connected workforce as well as connected customers. "At Jive, we believe in the power of human centricity and we make technol...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Setting Up Client Users with limited views

    Currently undergoing an upgrade to cloud and have found many of the discussions very helpful, so thank you!   Recently, one of our product management teams approached me to see if we could set up a process where...
    Michelle Dinsdale
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  • Views and Viewers

    Good day everyone, My questions is regarding impact metrics - Views and Viewers. Is there a way to see unique blog viewers?  I can understand views are each time the blog gets a hit, but can I remove duplicates...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • how do I create an open form field in a poll

    Hi, I'm trying to create a poll, and I'd like for one of the fields to be an open form field for people to leave a comment, but can't figure out how to do it.  It even suggests in when building a poll, but typi...
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  • How can I configure my admin settings to email me when a new user signs up?

    Some new users have been signing up to the community, but I don't even receive any notifications that they've signed up. I would like to know how to configure my settings so that when a new person creates an account, ...
    Ariana Crisafulli
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  • Bridging External Communities

    HI fellow Jivers!   I am curious if anyone has had experience bridging communities?  Can you bridge communities that may be running two different versions of Jive?   Thanks!
    Tamera Rousseau-Vesta
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  • Anyone know how to email the members in your community?

    I know we can message people in the Jive platform, but is there any way we can message directly to people's email address so our messages show up in their email inbox? I think there's a way you can do that if the memb...
    Ariana Crisafulli
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  • "View" permissions are allowing "replies" to discussions

    Hello Community Managers - We are running an external community on Jive 7.0.1 and are seeing an unexpected behavior for discussions that live in a user's own space. Our permissions are set to allowing Viewing by every...
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  • Wanted: Advice on strategy/management of separate support vs. collaboration forums

    I'm in the design phase of migrating our existing user community to Jive-x (and very excited to be doing so!). I'm contemplating various site architecture and borrowing heavily from this here Jive Community. One thing...
    Adam Arrowsmith
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  • Disaster/Backup Recovery Plan: Our Approach

    Why a Disaster/Backup Recovery Plan? As the Instructure Community Management Team, we are hyper aware of the time and energy it takes to design, construct, maintain and grow a robust external community.  There i...
    Renee Carney
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  • Can you allow users to vote on existing but not create Ideas?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to configure permissions within a particular space such that general users can only vote on existing ideas but not be able to create new ideas.   Use case: As a software company, I...
    Adam Arrowsmith
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