• Do you train and require that company support roles within your community mark answers as Correct?

    This topic has come up quite a bit recently and it's been communicated that we should do this, so I wanted to get an idea of how many people train and make support roles (i.e. customer support, product management, etc...
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  • Question about Usernames

    Good day everyone, Is there a way to make a visible username anything other than first name, last name? Is the username generated only by what is entered in First Name and Last Name in profile creation? Is the only...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Can all users view previous versions of a document in Jive Cloud?

    We are upgrading our external community, which most customers user in an unauthenticated state and are there to find documents with support information, from Jive v5 hosted to Jive 8 cloud. Can someone please confirm ...
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  • Google Indexing?

    I am an SEO newbie and admittedly know very little about it. I was reading a few documents regarding SEO and the recent improvements made to Jive-X, but it's still a foreign language. As our external site recently lau...
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  • Has anyone integrated with DoubleDutch Mobile App?

    I am looking for any external communities that has integrated with DoubleDutch Mobile App   Thank you, Judi
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  • Best way to post online articles

    I assume that creating a "Blog" entry is the best way to post an online article, but I wanted to get feedback from the community. What is the best way to share an article found online with a Jive community.
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  • How to disable notification on Jive Cloud?

    Hi, One of my content contributor complained that every time she publishes her own content (post, blog, etc) she receives a notification that she needs to approve her own content.  Can this notification be termi...
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  • If I update a doc and save draft, can I share with internal users?

    If you create a new doc in Jive and 'Save Draft' instead of publishing, then you can share that draft link with other internal users for review before publishing. What about saving draft changes for an existing doc? W...
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  • External Communities Group Mission Statement

    Welcome to the social learning place for external communities! Connect with other customer community managers or partner engagement teams. Share best practices, challenges, successes, and help each other out with a...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Notifications for Posts, Not For Likes/Found Helpful

    Hi-Many of our customers have reached out expressing frustration over the number of alerts they receive in our community. They want to follow a space and receive an alert when someone posts or responds, but they do no...
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  • Jive-x app notifications for new content that doesn't actually exist?

    In the last couple weeks I've received a couple jive-x mobile app notifications that "user X posted N content". When I log into the community nothing is there. Should I assume the user created the content then deleted...
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  • Best Practices Webinar: Migrating to Jive Rewards

    Please join us on Wednesday, December 07 at 8AM PDST / 11AM EST, to learn about getting the most value out of Jive Rewards. Bring your questions to this live presentation on planning a successful migration to Jive Rew...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Jive Predictions for 2017 Part 2: Enterprise Collaborations

    It's time for our annual Year in Review and a Look Ahead, where we announce our predictions for the upcoming year... and we need YOUR help! We have two polls: Part 1 is about artificial intelligence, Part 2 (this poll...
    created by sarah.chaney
  • Jive Predictions for 2017 Part 1: Artificial Intelligence

    It's time for our annual Year in Review and a Look Ahead, where we announce our predictions for the upcoming year... and we need YOUR help! We have two polls: Part 1 (this poll!) is about artificial intelligence and P...
    created by sarah.chaney
  • Has anyone used a pop-up to encourage registration?

    We are looking to encourage folks on our external community to register for an email newsletter. Has anyone experimented with any pop-up software on Jive?
    Michelle Lockett
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  • Jive plugin for Oultook mailbox

    Hi Jive Community,   I add the Jive plugin in my Outlook mailbox, But I can't find a direct button / leverage to go directly to my community from my mailbox. Is that possible ? This button could be really useful...
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  • Blog post image header size

    Is there a 'right' size for the header image?   And, is it responsive to different screen sizes?   Having trouble figuring out the right size.  And, unable to find documentation on the recomme...
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  • Anyone know how to enable unsubscribe function in Jive newsletter digests?

    In looking more closely at our Jive-x newsletter digests that are sent to users, there is no unsubscribe option within the email body.   However, In other email notifications from Jive, such as updates on items ...
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  • Does anyone have a cloud vs hosted comparison matrix?

    We are trying to determine the features and functionality of both as we evaluate what will be our pilot plan. Does anyone have something they can share or can point me in the direction of? Thanks so much!
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  • Bot/Crawler vs User Views on Community Manager Reports

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    Jill Ross
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