• Blogs on blogs on blogs.

    I'd love some advice about handling blogs within Jive. We currently have our own corporate blogs, employee blogs that we host, partner blogs that we link to, and community member blogs that we promote. We're looking t...
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  • Inserting GIF animations into posts

    Hi All,   I'm hoping to liven up some of the posts in my Community site with GIFs - but when I do the normal copy/paste function, only the image (not the animation) transfers.  Does anyone know how to impor...
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  • (Question) Tips on launching a blog series?

    Hi everyone -   I'm preparing to launch a blog series for my community site.  Anyone with experience have any tips on how to structure posts, ensure varied content, recruit willing customers to blog, etc.?...
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  • following a catagory

    Is there any possible way to follow a tag or category?   If not, how do i put in that feature request?
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  • Optimal Image Sizes

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  • Considerations on Catering to Multi-Lingual / Multi-Language Community

    As use of our product grows internationally we are beginning to see participation our our community by users whose first language is not always English and who may not even speak English proficiently.  Catering t...
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  • Showing unanswered questions for all sub-spaces within a space

    Hi   I wondered if I am missing a trick.  We have recently upgraded to  The way we have our community organised is that we have the top level space as a product and then below this we have sub...
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  • Jive Developer Days 2016: Bay Area — Register Today!

      After having a great turn out at our first stop in NYC at Social Edge Consulting , we're ready to take some votes on our next stop — The Bay Area at Plex Systems' Northern California Office! We are limite...
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  • Content type totals for all places in a single report

    I am looking to get a report of the number of each content type within each place. I know that I can use the Community Manager Reports for individual places, but I want a list of all places with the content type total...
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  • Mass Private Message

    HI all,   We are thinking about building out some Jive functionality for our external community in order to allow for mass private messaging.  I was wondering if anyone else has attempted to do this and if ...
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  • Eloqua Integration

    Hi there! I realize I asked this a year ago, but I was curious if there were any news in regards to Eloqua/Jive integration? Does anyone know if it's possible to integrate Eloqua with Jive? Our Marketing teams are lin...
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  • MindTouch / Jive Integration?

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  • How I Work: An Interview with Ben Zweig from Social Edge

    It's time we kick the How I Work series on Jive Talks back into high gear. And what better way to put the pedal to the metal than with the digitally-savvy-and-creatively-stunning Ben Zweig from Social Edge Consulting....
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  • Unwanted email - disabling the email digest

    Good day everyone, I have been contacted to cancel the weekly email digest and know how to do that from the Admin Console. The problem I have is: The email address is not recognized The last name is not recognized...
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  • Internal participation for an external community

    Hi all,   I'm having some difficulty getting our Professional Services team to participate in our community. We just recently launched to a few beta (external) customers and, while we have some superstars from P...
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  • How to make sure Social \= Spam?

    I can see the advantage of groups working together, a certain amount of marketing or advertising is required to build the community, but how do you keep the balance the right side of being dismissed as spam?
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  • Switch to using display name over username in message templates - Jive-X Cloud

    Hi,   We have a custom technology allowing any of our customers to use their own domain passwords via Single Sign-On technology. In order to achieve uniqueness, we've had to create randomised usernames such as U...
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  • NEW! Social monitoring with Jive-x: Sysomos Heartbeat for Jive

    Turn your Jive-x Community into a Hub of Social Media Listening and Engagement What do people say about our brand? How can we better address questions or concerns about our brans that are being asked on social media? ...
    created by gili.guri-mill
  • Changing Ownership of a Group

    Good day everyone, I am the full site Admin for my community and need to change the ownership of a Group. I do not see a way to make myself the Group owner from the Manage button. How do I do so? Thank you, Toby
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  • Communication Plan for News as Homepage Rollout

    I'm in the process of creating a communications plan to relay to our users(who are paying subscription members) that we've decided to change things up quite a bit in our community. Our launch will consist of a move fr...
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