• Does your External Community include Public User Documentation or Knowledge Base Articles?

    If your external community is open to the public - does it include User Documentation and /or Knowledge Base Articles that is viewable to the public? If yes, can you describe the decision to make them public?   ...
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  • How do you handle your community's code of conduct?

    I am interested in drafting a code of conduct for my community but I'm almost overwhelmed with questions.   Where do you post your code of conduct? Do you have one? Did you write one from scratch or adopt it? Do...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
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  • Squelching negative threads

    Hi there. We had a question that was posted in our closed, client community three weeks ago that had a very negative tone and pointed to some perceived flaws in one particular feature of our product. It was responded ...
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  • Gated communities for support

    I am researching a few things related to gated (private or paid) communities that support products/services. To the extent that anyone can or is willing to answer these questions:   How much "skin in the game" d...
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  • Do you have an external community that does NOT use any SSO?

    We are looking for external communities that do not use any type of integrated Single Sign-on. If you do not - how do you handle the authentication?   Thank you, Judi
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  • New Dates for JiveWorld17!

    It's hard to believe that JiveWorld ended just four months ago! We are grateful for everyone who contributed to the success we saw with JiveWorld16. The event wouldn't be what it is without you and your active partici...
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  • SEO Blog Comparisons

    Hi everyone!   I'm still recovering from Jive World It was an amazing time.   I've got a question around SEO comparisons, specifically regarding blogs. Currently we're hosting our blogs on Wordpress (re...
  • JIVE mobile app not allowing pic rotation

    A customer brought this to my attention, any suggestions?   Just thought I'd let you know that it appears (at least on iOS) that we are unable to click "into" images and then rotate.   We are however able t...
  • Active - Participating - Contributing Users: How do you use this info?

    Good day everyone, I look at these each month to determine health in my community.  Using Community Manager Reports > User Adoption I am able to see this valuable information; is it possible 1 user can be c...
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  • How to turn off notifications for "Likes" and "Reply marked as helpful"

    We just migrated to the cloud, and are getting some pushback from users who are being buried in all the email.   I have instructed them about how to set their Preferences>Inbox settings to just limit the item...
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  • Expanded Profile Fields into Posts/Replies?

    Giving confidence in responses by having select profile values showing with the reply can help increase engagement. I'm wondering if others are aware of it and are using the functionality?   To see how to do it,...
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  • Changing Ownership of a Group

    Good day everyone, I am the full site Admin for my community and need to change the ownership of a Group. I do not see a way to make myself the Group owner from the Manage button. How do I do so? Thank you, Toby
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  • Download Jive RPM

    I have been tasked to install the Jive RPM, where can I download the RPM from.   Thanks   Ashis
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  • Jive Adoption Training for our Physicians

    I just wanted to share a few photos of our team, Rebecca Burgess and Lily Bevis at our company's Spring Symposium where we had a booth set up to train our physicians on how to use Jive and make sure they're aware of t...
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  • How can I control the content creation options in a group?

    For example, I'd like to do away with the option of allowing users to create a status update in a group, as has been done here in this External Communities group. How can I do that in a group in my own instance? ...
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  • How to best handle a large list of content in an article?

    We have a particular article that contains a large amount of data in a list. Right now the list is just one giant nasty list... it hurts to look at it. I'm trying to come up with better options to present this data. ...
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  • How to Create an Award-Winning Support Community - Webinar Recording

    A huge thanks to everyone who was able to join us for Wedneday's hybrid Jive Live / Talking with Product webinar led by our VP of Global Support, Kevin Williams, on the topic of "How to Create an Award-Winning Support...
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  • Reply Marked as Helpful

    I'm going to sound whiny for a second, but I'm really hating the "Reply Marked as Helpful" because its lighting up my inbox.  30 emails since noon today.  I don't think marking something as helpful really wa...
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  • External Community Examples

    The following are examples of external communities. Please feel free to add your own external community.   T-Mobile Support - Welcome | T-Mobile Support PennFoster Student Community - http://community.pennfoste...
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