• Open Mentor/Mentee Opportunities

    Both being a mentor and mentee is a great opportunity to learn, stay current and explore aspects of communities. If there is something on your mind, you are trying to tackle anything in unknown territory or just looki...
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  • What do you do when people post job openings?

    Hi, fellow external community members?   I was just flagged to a post in my community where someone basically posted a job opening.  That's never happened before. We don't have a specific policy against it....
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  • Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations – Webinar Recording

      Thank you again to our presenters Sterling Bailey and Billy Volpone for a great webinar on Tuesday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations" ...
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  • Learn how a knowledge worker can save at least 20% of his time!   Make sure to register ASAP....

    Learn how a knowledge worker can save at least 20% of his time! Make sure to register ASAP. Places are limited! Register now and discover how #SmarterPath can help you to combine the best of all worlds of training, ...
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  • Rules for one-off places

    I'm sure this is common for most Community Managers so I would like to hear how others have handled this.  Once different pockets of an organization see the value of community they often want a special one-off pl...
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  • If I change the status of an idea, why does it go back into moderation?

    We have moderation turned on for ideas, using Jive 8 (hosted). I don't think this was always the case, but when we have a new feature release I like to go back through the submitted ideas and update any to "delivered"...
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  • Webinar Slides: Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations

    We had a great webinar this week that covered some best practices around leveraging a Jive-x community to address customer needs at all stages of the customer journey, with specific emphasis on support. We showed off ...
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  • Who Owns Content: the author or the space?

    Good day everyone, I was just contacted by a community member telling me that he could not find a blog post he had created withing a secret group. As the site admin, I could see the content within his profile under ...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Best practices for maintaining knowledge articles?

    To those of you managing customer support communities, does anyone have best practices they can share for exporting and updating knowledge articles?  We are undergoing an knowledge audit, which requires exporting...
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  • Seeking: Mentor

    Hi Everyone,   I manage the Green Circle Community and I am faced with (I would assume typical) challenges: How do I engage users more? how can I turn the Green Circle into a better user experience? What ar...
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  • Can you share best practises for knowledge base creation?

    Hi Everyone, I manage the Green Circle Community for an IT start-up and one of the deliverables that keeps resurfacing is the need for a "knowledge base". The reason why we have not made progress is that everyone thin...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
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  • It's Official: Now Welcoming Submissions for Jive's Digital Transformation Awards

    Jive's Digital Transformation Awards' call for submissions is now open! The Awards celebrate the top 25 customers who have demonstrated leadership and innovation by harnessing the power of collaboration and communicat...
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  • Group notifications for published content

    Silly question alert regarding notifications in a social group....Our Product Managers want to start placing release notes in our community because customers stated that they wanted notifications when something was ch...
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  • Seeking Mentor (or Mentee) for Jive Knowledge Base discussion

    Hi. My name is Colum McAndrew, and I manage the Mimecast Knowledge Base. This is just one part of our Jive-x instance, but currently contains the majority of the community's content. The Knowledge Base is used by both...
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  • Last Login Never - users that have never logged in

    Is it common to see a lot of users with a Last Login date of Never?  The last community I managed had a SSO process that more or less forced all users to login to create their account.  For the community I a...
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  • How do you use healthcare online?

    I was pleasantly surprised when my health provider recently started moving services online. I could check my history, ask questions and make appointments. I really like the idea of making healthcare easier to access o...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Does your External Community include Public User Documentation or Knowledge Base Articles?

    If your external community is open to the public - does it include User Documentation and /or Knowledge Base Articles that is viewable to the public? If yes, can you describe the decision to make them public?   ...
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  • Easy to use HTML Banner Template

    The more and more I develop the THWACK community, the more successful I've been at building out more in-depth HTML space for a more customized style and feel. I figured I'd share an easy piece of HTML with the communi...
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  • Licensing for external customer communities

    We are planning to launch our first external customer community when we get Jive 7 on Prem soon. Does anyone know how the licensing works? Any examples? I am also contacting our AM for a pricing model, but wanted some...
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