• Does "Table of Contents" work for anyone? Or anchored tags?

    Hi, all... I was asked if we can do anchored tags on a document.  A search led to using Table of contents to achieve this. But the little "table of contents" option in the RTE doesn't seem to do anything. And ...
    Frank Field
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  • Attracting retired experts as superusers

    Has anyone attempted to attract superusers for their communities from a retired audience?  I've been chewing on this in the back of my head for a while and wanted to ask if anyone else has done this and what the ...
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  • Announced to your community about the Lithium purchase?

    Curious if anyone in the External Community has made any sort of announcement either internally or within their community about the Jive-x sale to Lithium?   If you have and you don't mind sharing details, would...
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  • Has anyone heard from Lithium?

    Has anyone heard from a Lithium rep regarding the acquisition and future of the product? We're going on almost two months and I haven't heard from Lithium, nor do I know who my Jive account rep is. This does not lend ...
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  • Tips and Techniques for Getting Questions Answered

    Anyone have any tips or cool techniques for helping to getting questions answered in an external community? We are live since January and have a decent response rate etc, but what do you do with those questions that ...
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  • Uploading content to CMS type location

    Is there a way to upload HTML files, documents and graphics, and store them in a location that is not published, but can be linked to?  I want the customer to be able to click a link that calls up an HTML version...
  • Users in a group

    i am looking to compare active users against members of a specific user group.  Is there a way to do this by exporting a list of users
    created by awootton
  • External Community Examples

    The following are examples of external communities. Please feel free to add your own external community.   Akamai Technologies - https://community.akamai.com Tableau Support Community - https://community.table...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • How do you pull a report that contains all of the members that have visited your community space (within a set time period, for e.g. in 2017)?

    I'm trying to pull a user adoption report that would list out all of the members that have visited my community in 2017. Has anyone done this before?
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  • Rules for one-off places

    I'm sure this is common for most Community Managers so I would like to hear how others have handled this.  Once different pockets of an organization see the value of community they often want a special one-off pl...
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  • Unable to create new spaces in the Admin Console, and other full admin-type errors

    HI All,   Just posted a case in our Supportal, but wanted to bring it to everyone's attention in case you are seeing weirdness and think it is just you. I'll save you a few gray hairs I hope.   Issues I'm ...
    created by tmaurer
  • IPs that make hundreds of thousands of pageviews?

    Does anyone else see particular IPs make a ridiculous amount of pageviews each month? I have a private case on this and have been working on for several months with support.  They identified one IP that made hund...
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  • How open is your external community?

    Hi all,   We're looking to open more areas of our community to the public. Right now, we have a ton of areas "behind a wall", so you have to be logged in AND a customer to see most. I'd like to open as much as I...
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  • Any way to pull a report on how many people have partially completed a challenge?

    Hello,   I was wondering if there's a way to see how many users are in the process of completing a challenge through Bunchball's Nitro Studio Analytics (Data Export).  The goal is to see both how many peopl...
    created by barbaral
  • Any special tips with the Doc viewer?

    I am having irregular results with the Doc viewer and would appreciate any tips or suggestions based on your experience. The HTML5 Doc Viewer feature is enabled.   Some of what I am running into: Converting a W...
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  • Issues with spam accounts joining, posting content, and not finding it in the admin console.

    This is really a 2-3 part issue. I get 3-5 spam accounts created in my community daily. Sometimes their posts get caught in moderation, so I know they are spam. Generally they have the first same and last name. Somet...
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  • Rich Text Editor fails in Blog Posts

    Hi Jivers,   The president of our company is trying to write a Blog Post, but no rich text editor appears. To make matters worse his text color is white, which means 1) he can't read what he's writing, and 2) he...
    Sarah O'Meara
    created by Sarah O'Meara
  • How many JiveWorks community members work from home? Any tips?

    Hey JiveWorks! As you may (or may not know) Aurea is a largely remote company, which means that I will eventually become remote as well! While I'm 90% excited, I'm also a little worried. I'm a self-proclaimed workaho...
    Sarah O'Meara
    created by Sarah O'Meara
  • just for fun area in external communities?

    What is the sediment out there for you external Community Managers on having a place for non-support, just for fun, etc discussions?  Obviously there would need to be some guidelines on what can be posted (relate...
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  • Partner Contribution to your community

    Hi all,   Does anyone have an external community where your partners play a role and may even have their own spaces? We are an IT company and looking for ways to get our partners involved.   TIA, Dennis
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