• Tweetchats

    Good day everyone, I am a big fan of them: they are a great way to meet industry thought leaders, build relationships, and learn. Some of my favorites are: #custserv - Customer Service - 9pm EST Tuesday #buffercha...
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • How to Create Interactive Map in Jive-X

    Hello! We are building our regional user groups into our community which is launching soon and these span internationally. Jive recommended that we use a CTA to direct to a filtered view of places, however, I don't fi...
    Marissa Dimino
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  • Wordpress/Jive Integration?

    Hello! Our marketing team currently runs the corporate blog from Wordpress. There was a lot of customer chatter following a recent blog post, but in order to comment you must create a Wordpress account. It would be id...
    Marissa Dimino
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  • External Community - Metrics for Scaling

    Does anyone have an equation, or direction, for measuring future growth of your community? We are looking at how many page views will be consumed if we were to add, say, approximately 1k, 5k, and 10k users. What we ha...
  • How to manage Product Documentation

    Hi all,   We are currently in the process of implementing our external Jive community. We planned on using Jive as out File repository for Product Documentation but are running into roadblocks with categorizati...
    Bobby Khaleghian
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  • Unwanted email - disabling the email digest

    Good day everyone, I have been contacted to cancel the weekly email digest and know how to do that from the Admin Console. The problem I have is: The email address is not recognized The last name is not recognized...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Community Managers - What are you doing in terms of email integration?

    I am wondering what tools and processes you use to create push custom community email newsletters and the like, for the general community and specific places in the community. Also, I'd be interested in stats on how e...
    Shara Karasic
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  • Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?

    Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?  I'm trying to get an understanding of why or why not other customer communities have implemented the Create menu on their global navbar in their communit...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • How to handle community discussion in dual-use/somewhat-regulated environment?

    Hi all,   My analytical chemistry instrumentation community is preparing to expand into regulated markets: pharma & biopharma, forensics, and clinical testing. We're definitely steering clear of anything clo...
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  • Welcome Pink Petro to the Jive family!

    Hey Jive community, and especially those of you focused on External Communities, please give our friends at Pink Petro a warm welcome! Pink Petro is a new community for women in the energy industry to help female ...
    Adam Mertz
    created by Adam Mertz
  • Jive's mobile capabilities now and future

    Hi all, I need a refresher on what Jive's mobile capabilities are. Does anyone have case studies about use of the Jive app? Is there a write-up somewhere talking about Jive's current and future mobile features?
    Shara Karasic
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  • Best Practices Webinar with Tableau: From Support to Brand Affinity

    Event Details Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016 Time: 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET Now available on demand!   Speakers Tracy Rodgers Community Manager & Strategist TABLEAU Gili Guri-Mill Director, Product Marke...
    Jaslyn Law
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  • Please explain the Recommendations settings in the Admin portal (or point me to documentation)

    I have been unable to find any information about how or why to use the Recommendations setting to add Predefined Recommendations.   I did find another discussion thread asking about it, but it was never answere...
    Lisa Wise
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  • CSV with all members and their email addresses?

    Hi. This may be a question that's been asked before, but I am unable to find anything on it.   I'd like to get a CSV of all members and their email addresses.   I would have thought I could do that throu...
    Eileen Foran
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  • Jive's Power of Connection Tour Kicks off in NYC

    Ever since JiveWorld, I've been looking forward to the Power of Connection event tour, which officially kicked off in New York City this week.  What an apropos way to get things going, I thought, as the topic of ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Tips & Tricks: Coaching Your Execs on Why and How to Blog

    We all know that one of the key factors to success for an internal community is having active and engaged executives on the community. So it's no surprise there have been plenty of community conversations on how to ge...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Can users blog in the main community?

    If we want a blog post to appear in multiple social groups, how does one go about doing this?
    Marissa Dimino
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  • User not found - Account deleted?

    Good morning All, This morning I noticed a new member with an interesting username so I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the account. I can find him as active in the Admin Console, but when I search him by username a...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Jive Developer Days 2016: NYC — Stop 1

    (Awesome photoshop skills)     Well, I'm super excited to announce that we've got our first event for Jive Developer Days and it's going to start at Big Apple and a big thank you to Social Edge Consulting f...
    created by ryanrutan
  • Ideas to capture Exec-buy-in for my Enterprise Social Community proposal

    Happy New Year all Community managers!!   I'm looking to get Execs vet for an investment in a public Community (Jive based) solution for our business. I need to capture Buy-ins from BU heads of Sales&Market...
    Anirban Dutta
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