• Does anyone have ROI metrics for a user community? Specifically for maintenance/renewal type business. We are looking to make the business case to establish one and having stats would be really powerful.

    Would love if any B2B Jive customers out there have established ROI metrics. We are making a business case that we really should have one for a two-way dialog with our customers and looking for any facts/stats to help...
    created by alisonsnet
  • Is there a time limit for the "Keep Me Logged In" function and is it cookie based?

    I'm being pulled into a project last minute and am hoping the community can help answer my questions as I have to meet about the topic in an hour. I'm perusing through documentation but have been unsuccessful in my se...
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  • just for fun area in external communities?

    What is the sediment out there for you external Community Managers on having a place for non-support, just for fun, etc discussions?  Obviously there would need to be some guidelines on what can be posted (relate...
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  • How have you written your login/registration page for mixed mode authentication?

    We're currently using mixed mode authentication and it has become a little tricky to draft content that is quickly, easily understand for users on where to login/register. Do you currently use mixed mode authenticatio...
    created by heatherausmus
  • Has anyone documented the process for training place administrators on how to convert widgets to tiles?

    I would like to create a step by step tutorial both in document and video form to help our place owners convert from widgets to tiles? The more comprehensive this is - the less 1 on 1 for me.   Has anyone put s...
    created by judicardinal
  • Combination open / closed community and blogs and newsletters

    I have a few questions all wrapped into one. We have a combination of open and closed community and have the following questions.   1. For people with this scenario -- can you create one newsletter for both aud...
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  • Issues with spam accounts joining, posting content, and not finding it in the admin console.

    This is really a 2-3 part issue. I get 3-5 spam accounts created in my community daily. Sometimes their posts get caught in moderation, so I know they are spam. Generally they have the first same and last name. Somet...
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  • We're Going to Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Sept. 25 - 29 - will we see you there?

    Hello Community!   We are so excited! For the first time, Jive will be an exhibitor at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, FL, September 25-29, 2017 and we're hoping that we'll see some of you there.     ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Hotspots lost when uploading image with multiple URLs to HTML widget

    I've followed Libby Taylor's advice in How to create a clickable image map & added my hotspots using Dreamweaver. When I open my Dreamweaver .html file it works great, but when I upload the code to an HTML widget ...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • How discovered knowledge in JIVE is activated and up-cycled with SmarterPath

    Sandra Brueckner about up-cycling content, why companies need to think about it and how Pokeshot  and SmarterPath - Social Learning Add-On can help.   We do live in a wonderful world. Most of the companies ...
    Julia Köster
    created by Julia Köster
  • Does anyone have any best practices for using Jive for Office?

    We get a number of questions from our user base for our internal community around prime use cases, optimal doc size, # of contributors, etc. for using Jive for Office.   Would love to see any best practices or g...
    Morgan Johnson
    created by Morgan Johnson
  • Supressing headers and footers in Jive-x instance for duration of a session

    Hello Jivers,   This might be a corner-case unique to us, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone has any suggestions.   Like most Jive-x sites, we want to use all the features of Jive and expose our co...
    Sarah O'Meara
    created by Sarah O'Meara
  • [OpenSource-Custom Tiles] Segmented Images Grid

    Hello JiveMinds,   We ,at ThoughtWorks, have created bunch of custom tiles and would like to share the learnings/implementations of the same.   We have used 'Tiles' feature of Jive to make sure the informati...
    created by siddhartha107
  • Lithium to Acquire External Online Community Business from Jive?

    Hi, Anyone has insider news on Lithium to Acquire External Online Community Business from Jive?   I wish Jive will inform its external communities beforehand and let us know what it means.   Please share...
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  • Anyone else missing Daily Gains in their leaderboard?

    My daily gains have been going on and off (mostly off) for over a week now. Nothing in the Your Ranking tab and nothing in Top 100. I don't know if we aren't earning points or if Jive just isn't showing it. Also, my #...
    last modified by kristengastaldo
  • Follow vs. Join a Group?

    Hi- I've searched in the community, but I wasn't able to locate a recent answer to the question.....what's an easy way to describe the difference between following and joining a group? We use Jive-x. I have to agree w...
    last modified by mdimino
  • Anybody know a way to copy categories from one sub-space to another?

    I have built about a dozen categories in one of my sub-communities. The same set of categories will apply to 3 other sub-comms I will be building. is there ANY way to copy these categories from one sub-comm to the oth...
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  • How well do you know your social platform?

    Good day Jivers, As Community Managers, we wear many hats and are always looking for that next interaction. How many of you are responsible for utilizing social media for listening, promotion, customer service (or a...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Export List of Members Who Voted On Idea

    I'd like to export a list of the community members who voted on a particular idea, but I don't see that as an option. Voting has been turned off since we moved our idea to another stage. Is it possible to export this ...
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  • Connecting an external community to content on a separate website

    What are some strategies that others are using to connect their external community to their main website or other system where official documentation resides? Does everyone just make Jive documents or pages with stati...
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