• Video Upload to Blogs - Content Not Found - Best Practice(s) Please

    Good day everyone, I am having trouble adding an uploaded video to a blog. As you can see from the first screenshot, I have a few to choose from. The second screenshot shows that I am within a blog and trying to se...
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • Spam Recommendations - Deactivate or Delete Accounts

    What's the best practice for spammers? I'm catching posts in the moderation and then rejecting the content. Should I then go and delete these users? Or deactivate them?   Deactivating may skew our metrics, but ...
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  • Bulk Manage Content for Tagging... Weirdness

    Last week I thought I'd take advantage of the new Bulk Manage tool to add some Tags to existing content; 120 pieces of content to be exact. I have to say for the most part it was pretty easy, though knowing that your ...
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  • Can you make a document private to view?

    I see that we're able to restrict who can edit a document, but is there a way to restrict who can see it (without putting it in a private space)?   I don't think I need an entire space for private things, but I...
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  • What Permissions Settings for "Correct Answer"

    Hi- Our Support team will be moderating our discussion forums and I'd like for them to have the ability to "Mark as Correct" so they can close open questions and move on. Which permission setting does this fall under ...
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  • Become a Unicorn and Boost Your Jive Advocate Points

    You may have heard me talk about the Unicorn badge here in the Jive Community. It's a badge that I personally give to people who help me out with special tasks. You know you want it, maybe you even covet it when you s...
    Libby Taylor
    created by Libby Taylor
  • Jive Mobile App- branding and theming

    We are interested in offering the app to our external community and I came across this outdated documentation on how to customize theming for the app: How To Configure Jive Mobile Themes   Does anyone know how w...
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  • How to Create Interactive Map in Jive-X

    Hello! We are building our regional user groups into our community which is launching soon and these span internationally. Jive recommended that we use a CTA to direct to a filtered view of places, however, I don't fi...
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  • Reference HTML widget/tile code in several places, at once

    We have an Image Rotator that we leverage on the landing page of a few spaces in our Jive-x Cloud community.  Currently we are leveraging HTML widgets to display this rotating banner, in three places. We may be a...
    Jordan Dayton
    created by Jordan Dayton
  • Search functionality - limited

    External community managers,   Were you aware that your search results included, by design, responses that appear grey or as if the entire thread is unanswered when in fact the thread could have a correctly mar...
  • SEO tips for Jive search engine

    Hello,   Following on from the SEO Webinar on 14 September, which was incredibly useful, and very well presented, are there any best practices or top tips to improve the results that are returned when using the ...
  • Did you vote for that idea?

    Good day everyone, This is a suggestion from my community that I believe is a helpful Jive-wide feature, so I would like to share it with you.   When you go to someone else's profile and click on their product ...
    Toby Metcalf
    created by Toby Metcalf
  • Reporting on IP Source Data for Logged in and Anonymous Users (Jive-x Cloud)

    You do not have access to this content's place
    created by lauramac
  • Is the Sept 14 - Webinar: Maximize SEO in your External Community event going to be recorded?

    5AM EDT is a little early for me... becky.leung
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  • External Communities Mission Statement

    Interact with other customer community managers or partner engagement teams. Share best practices, challenges, successes, and help each other out with answers specific to your internal community.
    Libby Taylor
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  • Major Spam Attack this Morning

    Warning: We had a major attack this morning with over 50 fake users posting 500+ spam postings within a few hours (docs, blogs, status updates, threads, comments, messages).  The spam promoted links to sites show...
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  • Do you have an external community that does NOT use any SSO?

    We are looking for external communities that do not use any type of integrated Single Sign-on. If you do not - how do you handle the authentication?   Thank you, Judi
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  • Kicking the Pants off the Gender Gap using JiveX

    In January 2016, when oil prices hit a crazy low of $26, leaders converged on the World Economic Forum at the prestigious Davos, Switzerland.  They discussed and debated the important topics of our industry and i...
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  • Anyone know how to enable unsubscribe function in Jive newsletter digests?

    In looking more closely at our Jive-x newsletter digests that are sent to users, there is no unsubscribe option within the email body.   However, In other email notifications from Jive, such as updates on items ...
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  • What about a Spanish Version?

    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to start a discussion on this subject, so please excuse a newbie if it is not.   I've noticed we have English, German and French translations and I can't stop thinkin...
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