• Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations – Webinar Recording

      Thank you again to our presenters Sterling Bailey and Billy Volpone for a great webinar on Tuesday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Unified Customer Experience with Jive-x Salesforce Integrations" ...
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  • Licensing for external customer communities

    We are planning to launch our first external customer community when we get Jive 7 on Prem soon. Does anyone know how the licensing works? Any examples? I am also contacting our AM for a pricing model, but wanted some...
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  • Your Favorite Tips & Tricks?

    Hello! We launched out Jive-x community this year and I'm presenting for the first time on tips and tricks and recommendations for site engagement. I am curious, what recommendations do you make to your communities fo...
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  • Who displays blogs in a cool way?

    I'm marking this as a discussion, rather than a product question.  I'm wondering if anyone has really cool methods of displaying blogs? My community got moved to our marketing department, and my new boss would l...
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  • Similar discussions recomendation

    Is there any best practice to avoid duplicate discussions being created? One thing we have done is recommend similar discussions while creating a new question, while it has helped to a certain extent, hasn't solved th...
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  • Wordpress/Jive Integration?

    Hello! Our marketing team currently runs the corporate blog from Wordpress. There was a lot of customer chatter following a recent blog post, but in order to comment you must create a Wordpress account. It would be id...
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  • Can you share best practises for knowledge base creation?

    Hi Everyone, I manage the Green Circle Community for an IT start-up and one of the deliverables that keeps resurfacing is the need for a "knowledge base". The reason why we have not made progress is that everyone thin...
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  • Have you set Support Center as the community homepage or considered it?

    Interested in hearing from external community managers that have set Support Center as their community homepage or have considered it. I assume this is doable by editing extended properties. Only thing I noticed while...
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  • Is there any integration with Jive and Gitter?

    We have some discussions going on there, so I was wondering if there is anyone integrating the two? And is that possible?
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  • Annual B2B Tech Conferences - Community Examples

    Aside from JiveWorld17, I'm looking for additional examples of dedicated spaces/groups for annual user conferences. I'm in the early stages of proposing something like this, so having some industry examples will help ...
    Jill Ross
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  • Best practices for announcements?

    Does anyone know where I can find some best practices for posting announcements in external communities, both community-wide and specific to a place or group? (e.g. Frequency, who should have permission to do so, etc.)
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • Communication Plan for News as Homepage Rollout

    I'm in the process of creating a communications plan to relay to our users(who are paying subscription members) that we've decided to change things up quite a bit in our community. Our launch will consist of a move fr...
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  • Timeline HTML.txt

    This is an example of an HTML timeline for displaying content such as social media embeds, blog posts, etc. like below, or the example here: SHARE |THWACK  
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  • Report on Categories

    Jennifer Kelley Billy Volpone   Is there a way to report on categories?   Views by date in categories?  Views by document in categories?   Thank you.
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  • Seeking Mentor

    Happy Thursday all!   I am SUPER new to Jive (almost 3 weeks in) and am looking for a mentor for my external Community. Most users are in IT service roles.   Where we are now: Very few members relative to...
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  • Jive-x User Registration Verbiage

    Jennifer Kelley Billy Volpone   How do you change the verbiage on the registration page?     Thank you, Trevor
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  • Disable use of login

    Hello- I am getting requests to disable login's on the jive community site I manage. The reason is because of time-outs with user authentication and I think because some people want it to be one-way communication out ...
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  • Does anyone have screenshots of their News pages that they would be willing to share with the group?

    We are in the midst of rolling out the News feed and we would love to see what others have done with theirs. Appreciate the help!
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  • Does anyone have a Postgres query for exporting all user profile fields?

    We're looking to create a spreadsheet of all user profile field data - ideally one row per user and each profile field would be its own column. (We are on Jive 7, hosted by Jive - but not cloud - and have access to DB...
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  • How to forecast number of user views?

    Dear experienced External Community Managers, I need to provide a forecast of number of user views (Jive's definition) to my upper management for the next fiscal year.  Could you please share some tips on how yo...
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