• How to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive environment,using "jive API"

    Hi,   This is Indrani, first of all , thank you for setting up the group.   Currently I'm working on Jive Extractor.And I'm not able to retrieve deleted objects details from my own jive environment (https:...
    Armugam Indrani
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  • How to show blog posts using tiles in pages?

    I am working with the new "Pages" functionality in Jive Cloud. Unfortunately they do not have the same widgets as the overview page. Through the combination of the available tiles and documents I have been able to get...
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  • Welcome to the External Community Managers group: Please introduce yourself!

    Hello and welcome! I'm Gia Lyons, Program Manager of the Jive Community, and I started this group in hopes of sharing tips and techniques with other managers of externally facing branded communities. Please introduce ...
    Gia Lyons
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  • starting a new discussion

    starting a new discussion
    Suresh Akula
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  • Can I "clear" Recent Activity?

    Hello External Communities and Internal Communities    We are in the process of adding new business units to our external community, and part of our effort involves working in the actual Production spaces/...
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  • What do colors mean for content authors?

    Looking at the content in a space in our community I see that some content authors are listed in red and some in blue:   Does anyone know what the colors denote?   Thanks in advance, SD
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  • Want to go to JiveWorld16...on Jive?

    You've experienced how Jive helps you support and engage your customers. Don't your employees and peers deserve the same? If you're a Jive-x customer and you refer us to your internal communications team, HR leadershi...
    Alex Larralde
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  • Combined URL for category & tag?

    Hi, folks!   Is there a syntax for the URL that I can use to show content in a particular category filtered to a specific tag?   Background:  In our staging area for our external Support Community &am...
    Carlota Sage
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  • External Community Examples

    The following are examples of external communities. Please feel free to add your own external community.   T-Mobile Support - Welcome | T-Mobile Support PennFoster Student Community - http://community.pennfoste...
    Emily Billing
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  • Capturing "click through" on our Hero Banners

    Hello smart Jive people External Communities  Internal Communities Jive Power Users - we use our own type of hero banners (created as an html widget) throughout our external community. These banners are used to p...
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  • Should we combine the Internal and External Community groups?

    We originally created separate places for Internal and External Communities because we thought that the conversations would be really different. What we seeing is that about 75% of the conversations could be used for ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Best Practices: Use of Structured Outcomes in External Communities

    Hi everyone,   I'd like your help thinking about how to use structured outcomes in external communities.   First, maybe you can help me find a comprehensive introduction to the subject. The documentation ...
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  • Tag Management

    Does anyone have a thoughts managing Tags?  We filter out offensive language but beyond that there are no real rules for tags.  I'm finding that as our tag clouds grow there are bunch of words are similar bu...
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  • How can I track who is following a blog?

    I don't see where the metrics are located to see how many users are following a blog thread. Is there a way to do this?
    Adrianna DiNapoli
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  • Chief Community Officer?

    Does Jive have any sort of community executive? I love Jive, but I'm sitting here watching their main competitor's Chief Community Officer speak at a huge community manager industry event as an expert and all I can th...
    Anne Shaneen
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  • Community Advocates: Your Secret Weapon in Going Global and Viral

    Just thought I'd put a cross post reference here to a blog post I added to the Jive "Business" community   Community Advocates: Your Secret Weapon in Going Global and Viral, By Claire Flanagan, CSC  Han...
    Claire Flanagan
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  • Engineering CMGR Introductions

    Hi, Christina Zurcher.   I hope you're doing well.  It's been a long time since we connected, but I'm now working at Silicon Labs.  Back in the engineering community world!   I've always been ...
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  • Suppressing hyperlinks in native Jive documents

    Hello Community Managers Internal Communities External Communities - I am looking for some information about editing in native Jive documents. We are adding some of our technical documentation to a new Developer space...
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  • Change error message on "Ask a question" widget

    Hello Community,   We have an external community which has a mix of spaces open for public viewing, and others which are only for registered members. Regardless, you need to be registerd to ask a question. We ha...
    Emily Billing
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  • External Community knowledgebase/document store house advice

    Does anyone use an external community implementation of Jive as a knowledgebase/document store house? We are going to launch an external community early next year.  In the process we are going to import all of ou...
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