• Upcoming Webinar! The Power & Payoff of a Global Customer Community

    Event Details Date: Thursday, August 13, 2015 Time: 9:30 a.m. PT | 12:30 p.m. ET   Speakers Christina Zurcher Community Development Director PREMIER FARNELL Wim Stoop Sr. Product Marketing Manager JIVE ...
    Jaslyn Law
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  • Anyone with Jive/Salesforce CRM Connector Exp?

    We've had some internal questions on a few items; specifically what to do about the existing 10 years of case history within Salesforce that will not be available within Jive, Phone support, Email support and other em...
    David DeWald
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  • Keyword Interceptors

    I am having a bit of memory issue. I can't find where to edit our keyword interceptors on JiveX. Can anyone help me out : ) Christy Schoon
    Scott K Wilder
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  • Using a Jive-x community for lead generation

    I'm looking for examples of to leverage a Jive-x community in order to facilitate lead generation.   In the Sneak Peek: JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release the following new features are mentioned for prospecting. A...
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  • Onboarding a new Community Manager

    Does anyone already have an onboarding plan for a new hire Community Manager?   I'm thrilled to have a new hire starting as the Community Manager for our external private customer community. He has strong commun...
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  • Adoption plan for beta members?

    Hi Community Managers!   I work for a software company and we are in the process of building our external community (v1) for our customers who have signed up for user groups. Each user group (we have over 70 cur...
    Melissa McMullin
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  • User Group Best Practice Webinar?

    Hey! I run user groups for Jive but was hoping many of you would be interested in having a webcast and we can share best practices?
    Kelly Carlsted
    created by Kelly Carlsted
  • Should we combine the Internal and External Community groups?

    We originally created separate places for Internal and External Communities because we thought that the conversations would be really different. What we seeing is that about 75% of the conversations could be used for ...
    Libby Taylor
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  • Prevent users from posting to their personal folder

    I'm not sure what to call it, and I am not sure exactly how it is done, but we have some users who post questions to themselves. So a post will have the title, say when it was posted and where it was posted.   H...
    Bob Bush
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  • Update Profile on Mobile

    Hi everyone,   I'm poking around and cannot figure out how to update a profile from a mobile device! Members are asking me questions about it and I'm just not seeing the link to update profile. Seems like a simp...
    Diane Le
    created by Diane Le
  • Suppressing hyperlinks in native Jive documents

    Hello Community Managers Internal Communities External Communities - I am looking for some information about editing in native Jive documents. We are adding some of our technical documentation to a new Developer space...
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  • How do you hide/show the left navigation for the Home menu in JiveX?

    I hid the Home left navigation (activity, inbox, etc.) in my theme, but have no idea what I selected to do that.   Does anyone know how to hide/show the left navigation for the Home menu in JiveX?
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  • Any former BrightIdeas users?

    Not sure if this is the most appropriate place for this post (have also posted in the Jive Customers space), but I am looking to connect with any former BrightIdeas users that are now using the Jive Ideation module. t...
    Gordon Sorensen
    created by Gordon Sorensen
  • Examples of customer and partner communities on JiveX

    I'm starting this list as a result of all the great customer and partner community examples Jive customers shared during our Community Manager Appreciation Day offer ( Community Managers - have a Starbucks on Jive!).&...
    Pele Ahloo
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  • How to retrieve override users from Jive Environment using REST APIs

    Hi, Can someone help me in how to retrieve override users details from Jive Environment using REST APIs, please...   Thanks, Armugam
    Armugam Indrani
    created by Armugam Indrani
  • How to retrieve moved objects from Jive Environment using REST APIs

    Hi,   By using the below link, i tried to get the moved objects details,by passing the condition in my code like if (activity.verb == "jive:moved") https://my-jive-environment/api/core/v3/places/{placeid}/activ...
    Armugam Indrani
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  • Can I "clear" Recent Activity?

    Hello External Communities and Internal Communities    We are in the process of adding new business units to our external community, and part of our effort involves working in the actual Production spaces/...
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  • Identifying broken links in external community

    Hi there, I'd like to be able to identify any broken links in our community. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know of a way to generate a report on these? I could be missing something!    Than...
    Emily Billing
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  • How to leverage JiveX for Annual User Conferences

    Hello all!  Our annual user conference is coming up in June and I was wondering what others have done to foster community engagement in Jive, in addition to the live experience inherent at conferences.   Pl...
    Jordan Dayton
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  • Using JiveX for internal collab?

    Anyone here ever used Jive external for some light internal collab as well? Say, for the department that's running the community? I've danced around the idea for a while. We have an 'Admin' group in our external commu...
    Anne Shaneen
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