• Have You Registered? Best Practices Webinar with Tableau: From Support to Brand Affinity

    Event Details Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016 Time: 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET   Speakers Tracy Rodgers Community Manager & Strategist TABLEAU Gili Guri-Mill Director, Product Marketing JIVE SOFTWARE Can'...
    Jaslyn Law
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  • Instructure Ideation (2016 State of the Union)

    In March, Scott Dennis shared the foundation of our ideation revamp (using Jive) in Ideas for Instructure.  He continued the series with Ideation Process at Instructure, where he shared some of our primary challe...
    Renee Carney
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  • What happens if I change allowed content types in a space?

    Didn't see the answer to this, although I saw an idea to allow it with a brief discussion...   What happens to existing discussions if I change allowed content types in a space so that discussions are no longer ...
    Frank Field
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  • CSV with all members and their email addresses?

    Hi. This may be a question that's been asked before, but I am unable to find anything on it.   I'd like to get a CSV of all members and their email addresses.   I would have thought I could do that throu...
    Eileen Foran
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  • Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?

    Do you enable the Create menu in your external community?  I'm trying to get an understanding of why or why not other customer communities have implemented the Create menu on their global navbar in their communit...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • Joining Profiles - Is It Possible?

    Good day everyone, I have members with multiple accounts tied to different company email addresses; is it possible to join them into one? Members would like to access all their past conversations and content, but fr...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • Can Jive expand the "Views of Answered Questions" report to include all discussions and questions with responses?

    We want to track Return on Investment on our community based on how often users view already created and shared content, not only questions with answers marked correct. Is it possible to expand the "Views of Answered ...
    Aly Taillon
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  • Does a deactivated user's profile have a default view?

    Hi, Everyone... Weird question... A co-worker logs onto our community (we're external), and sees content posted by a username "Nintex," which is just our company name.  No need to go into why. But in my view, ...
    Frank Field
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  • Having trouble with Embed Video feature in Jive-x Cloud

    Hi guys, I'm trying to embed a video in our Jive-x community and am having trouble.  This is the embed URL that I was provided for the video.  What am I doing wrong?  Can anyone spot anything with the...
    Krista Mahler
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  • Switch to using display name over username in message templates - Jive-X Cloud

    Hi,   We have a custom technology allowing any of our customers to use their own domain passwords via Single Sign-On technology. In order to achieve uniqueness, we've had to create randomised usernames such as U...
    Marc Amphlett
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  • Is it really that hard to figure out what "Job Title" means?

    Hi all,   On our registration page, we require registrants (customer, employee, partner, etc.) to fill in the field "Job Title". We've changed to "Title" field the appear as "Job Title" on the registration form,...
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  • One single Jive instance for both internal and external communities

    In our organization, we work a lot with external suppliers and external people. I think that the best solution would be to implement one single Jive instance open to everybody, so that, for example, I can deal with in...
    Alessandro Di Sipio
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  • Register Panel change

    I need to add a link to our privacy policy on the Register panel. Has anyone changed the content of the Register panel? How can I make that change? This is a screenshot of the panel I need to change.  
    Bob Bush
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  • Browser Settings for Salesforce Support Form?

    Hi everyone,   We're going live with our Support Community very shortly, and we're in the process of testing out our Support Functionality with a couple of external customers. We work with some major financial i...
    Saranya Yogarajah
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  • Wordpress/Jive Integration?

    Hello! Our marketing team currently runs the corporate blog from Wordpress. There was a lot of customer chatter following a recent blog post, but in order to comment you must create a Wordpress account. It would be id...
    Marissa Dimino
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  • How to handle community discussion in dual-use/somewhat-regulated environment?

    Hi all,   My analytical chemistry instrumentation community is preparing to expand into regulated markets: pharma & biopharma, forensics, and clinical testing. We're definitely steering clear of anything clo...
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  • Reminder: SEO webcast for customers with Jive product lead 4/27

    For all you Jive-x customers, just wanted to remind you we have a webcast tomorrow featuring Sr. SEO Strategist Anne Bluntschli.  (It will also be recorded and I'll do a blog post with some of the highlights.) &#...
    Jennifer Kelley
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  • Shutting Down Groups - Cleanup

    Good day everyone, Doing some house cleaning and I have many Groups with either: 1.  VERY low membership (the founder only for example) 2.  No recent activity - greater than a year without a visit or new ...
    Toby Metcalf
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  • SEO Blog Comparisons

    Hi everyone!   I'm still recovering from Jive World It was an amazing time.   I've got a question around SEO comparisons, specifically regarding blogs. Currently we're hosting our blogs on Wordpress (re...
    Brett Carpenter
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  • Banner Sizing for Fluid Width

    I am on Jive-n Cloud and have our community set to fluid width.  Our creative folks are losing their minds trying to create banners that fit and are successfully fluid.  HELP US!   Are there specific p...
    Kirsten Laaspere
    created by Kirsten Laaspere