• Is it possible to hide usernames of registered users for not logged in visitors (guest users) and show another profile property instead of that?

    We want activate guest access in our community, but we don't want that the guests (not logged in users) can see the username of our registered users. Is there a way to "hide" all user information for guests or just s...
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  • Key Content and Places Tile in the center

    How can I add a Key Content and Places tile in the center - not in one of the narrow side panels in Jive(x) hosted?
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  • Has anyone changed the wording of the marking "Correct Answers"?

    Hi there,   I am curious if anyone has changed the wording of the "Correct Answers" button to something else? For example, substituting that verbiage for something like "This solved my problem"? Is it even poss...
    last modified by akoplen
  • HTML widget on Activity + Pages

    I need to add an HTML tile to an Activity + Pages page.  Any idea how I can do that?  I have that option on an overview page, but not on Activity + Pages.   Christie
    last modified by christiewebb
  • Is Jive Rewards down?

    Any Jive-x communities experience a breakdown for Jive Rewards since last night?  My power user reported that his point has not been recognized and accumulated since last night.
    last modified by cathyjliu
  • How to turn off weekly updates?

    Hi.   We are on the latest cloud version (2016.3.9.0) and are wondering how to shut off the weekly update emails?  I have seen info on how to do this in previous versions, but not for the most recent cloud ...
    last modified by esullivan_carbon
  • Licensing for external customer communities

    We are planning to launch our first external customer community when we get Jive 7 on Prem soon. Does anyone know how the licensing works? Any examples? I am also contacting our AM for a pricing model, but wanted some...
    last modified by clairetaz
  • Jive Automatically approve group membership into private groups without admin intervention?

    We are currently on the JiveX Cloud and the Admin Essentials "Add-on" doesn't support this feature though the plugin did.   Any suggestions?
    last modified by historian
  • Gamification

    Do you guys have live chat support?
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  • Jive Live Chat Inquiry

    Hello! I recently submitted an idea that may benefit external communication with our customers who use Jive. We have had difficulty in getting our secret group members to configure their notifications and want to enha...
    last modified by tconnery
  • Blog post image header size

    Is there a 'right' size for the header image?   And, is it responsive to different screen sizes?   Having trouble figuring out the right size.  And, unable to find documentation on the recomme...
    last modified by allura
  • Zoomin for Jive

    Hi All,   Has anyone used the Zoomin for Jive plugin? Would love to hear your thoughts/see it in action.   Thanks!
    created by dennismsmith
  • Ideas examples

    What are some good examples of external communities using Jive Ideas?
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  • Can I bulk tag or bulk categorize more than 20 items as a time?

    Hi, Everyone! Long time listener, first time, call- er, wait. That's not right.  Anyway...  :-)   I'm trying to add tags and categories in bulk in a space.  Is there a way to do more than 20 at a...
    Frank Field
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  • Add Footer to News Digest (for Unsubscribe)

    Hi there,   We have had complaints from our customers that the News Digest gets sent to them and doesn't have the unsubscribe option at the bottom like the rest of the Community-generated messages.  I under...
    last modified by LAMBO
  • Bulk Manage Content for Tagging... Weirdness

    Last week I thought I'd take advantage of the new Bulk Manage tool to add some Tags to existing content; 120 pieces of content to be exact. I have to say for the most part it was pretty easy, though knowing that your ...
    last modified by historian
  • Community Manager Reports Showing Incorrect Data

    Has anyone noticed if their community manager reports are showing incorrect data? We pulled the monthly report for November and one of our measurements is number of correct answers. This shows an aggregated, all-time ...
    last modified by sfield
  • How do I create/send a private message to a group?

    I can't find this anywhere I would logically think it should appear, where am I not looking??
    last modified by briankling
  • Notifications to Private Group Members

    I have a private group.  Do all members/followers of a private group receive notification of any and all content when it is added to the group?  Or do the members have to be following the individual who post...
    last modified by marc-pretrial
  • Tracking traffic on a link/image

    One of our user groups would like to be able to click a button that users can click on to confirm that they have signed off and communicated the information in a Jive document.   Has anyone created an image (a b...
    Sarah O'Meara
    created by Sarah O'Meara