• Gamification from Community Has Disappeared

    Is anyone else having an issue with gamification and accessing the points within their community? Ours have disappeared completely. Jive's status page says that Jive rewards is operational. Wondering if it is just our...
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  • Is it possible to enable Read Tracking for ideas?

    Hi all,   I just discovered the Read Tracking functionality in Jive and this is exactly what one of our customers has been asking for but with ideas rather than discussions.   Does anyone know if it's poss...
    Jeff Shurtliff
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  • Community Manager Reports Showing Incorrect Data

    Has anyone noticed if their community manager reports are showing incorrect data? We pulled the monthly report for November and one of our measurements is number of correct answers. This shows an aggregated, all-time ...
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  • Where can I view thread posts that were rejected in moderation?

    Hi I rejected a post in the moderation area, but I would still like to review it, how can I find/see it?
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  • Does "Table of Contents" work for anyone? Or anchored tags?

    Hi, all... I was asked if we can do anchored tags on a document.  A search led to using Table of contents to achieve this. But the little "table of contents" option in the RTE doesn't seem to do anything. And ...
    Frank Field
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  • Has anyone heard from Lithium?

    Has anyone heard from a Lithium rep regarding the acquisition and future of the product? We're going on almost two months and I haven't heard from Lithium, nor do I know who my Jive account rep is. This does not lend ...
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  • Tips and Techniques for Getting Questions Answered

    Anyone have any tips or cool techniques for helping to getting questions answered in an external community? We are live since January and have a decent response rate etc, but what do you do with those questions that ...
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  • How open is your external community?

    Hi all,   We're looking to open more areas of our community to the public. Right now, we have a ton of areas "behind a wall", so you have to be logged in AND a customer to see most. I'd like to open as much as I...
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  • just for fun area in external communities?

    What is the sediment out there for you external Community Managers on having a place for non-support, just for fun, etc discussions?  Obviously there would need to be some guidelines on what can be posted (relate...
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  • Lithium to Acquire External Online Community Business from Jive?

    Hi, Anyone has insider news on Lithium to Acquire External Online Community Business from Jive?   I wish Jive will inform its external communities beforehand and let us know what it means.   Please share...
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  • Follow vs. Join a Group?

    Hi- I've searched in the community, but I wasn't able to locate a recent answer to the question.....what's an easy way to describe the difference between following and joining a group? We use Jive-x. I have to agree w...
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  • Display documents or blog post content as a gallery on a space

    Hey community,   I'm wondering if anyone knows of a widget or tile that would allow me to display documents or blog posts in a tile/ thumbnail format similar to this below (taken from the content section of a sp...
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  • Mega Menu

    Hi All -   Has anyone implemented seen examples of mega menu top nav in Jive-X community?
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  • How to see who on your team is answering questions & how fast?

    Question response time is one of the items our executives look at when calculating ROI. Problem is I don't know which member(s) of my team to coach to improve our question response time because it doesn't break the me...
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  • Have you transitioned your community to tiles from widgets? Why or why not?

    Since tiles have been introduced, there has been a push for us to use them over widgets, but the introduction of tiles has been slow and widgets still offer more functionality and I think, a better experience.   ...
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  • Have you integrated a Learning Management System (LMS) in your community?

    Hello all,   We have been looking into different learning management systems over the past few months (both for internal and external purposes).  We've started to lean towards a popular open source solution...
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  • Customizing the OOTB social sharing buttons

    We just installed the JiveX7 plugin that includes the social sharing buttons OOTB. We would like to change the placement of the buttons and possibly theme them so they stand out more. Has anyone else tried this?
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  • Reply Marked as Helpful

    I'm going to sound whiny for a second, but I'm really hating the "Reply Marked as Helpful" because its lighting up my inbox.  30 emails since noon today.  I don't think marking something as helpful really wa...
    Julie Cardinali Brancik
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  • How to get started with tiles

    Can anyone point me to how to get started with using tiles over widgets? I'm on the Jive Cloud platform. Thanks
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  • Who Owns Content: the author or the space?

    Good day everyone, I was just contacted by a community member telling me that he could not find a blog post he had created withing a secret group. As the site admin, I could see the content within his profile under ...
    Toby Metcalf
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