Welcome to the new Florida User Group.  The purpose of our group is to connect with some of the best local Jivers around the state of Florida.  Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert, this will be a great resource to help us all share best practices and get the most out of our Jive communities.


My name is Andrew Mishalove.  I have been a Jive customer now for 5 years having built Skynet, a Jive-n community at Groupon.  In late 2015, I joined CallMiner and with the support of Scott Kendrick and the CallMiner team, I built our Jive-x community, EngagementOptimization.com.  To learn more about "EO", please check out CallMiner's new Jive-x community is born - 12/07/15.  To learn more about me, please check out How I Work: An Interview with Andrew Mishalove.


Please take a minute to introduce yourself.


CC:  Becky Leung, Libby Taylor, Thomas R. DeYulia Jr., Brian Gaffney, Nicole Gragnola, Rich -----