• Jive Developer Days 2016: European Edition — Register Today!

      When we were first kicking around the idea of Developer Days, we got a tremendous response and inquiry from the folks across the pond. We actually had no idea that would be the case, so we were trying to figur...
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  • Feedback from your platform in your company.

    Hello everyone,   I am in charge of Jive platform in my company and i would like to have some feedback from you to see how the new changement of digital with this platform in your company improve the way of wor...
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  • Comment Sodexo s'y est pris pour choisir et déployer son réseau social interne

    Article presse (press article) apparu dans Collaboratif Infos (http://www.collaboratif-info.fr) le 29 mai 2012, par Olivier Roberget   Devenir une organisation apprenante en développant le partage de conn...
  • France User Group - May 22nd, 2012 - 2PM CEST

    5/22/12 5:00 AM
    Jive is coming to Paris, and that means a Jive sponsored User Group! Use this Event to RSVP your attendance for the User Group. When: May 22nd, 2012 @ 2PM CEST Where: Cercle d'Affaires Privé KADRANCE Ch...
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    France User Group - May 22nd, 2012 - 2PM CEST
  • Welcome to the France Regional Group

    Hello and welcome to the France Regional Group! The purpose of this group is to give our customers, prospects, and general social business enthusiasts a place to look for people in their area to discuss social busines...
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