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Andrew Gilleran
The content was a question on our Jive instance (cloud) in a small space - 38 viewers. The next highest view was 600. But this had a whopping 23,000 views over a couple of days. Now, we have a lot of clever Devs, so is it possible to run a script to create activity on Jive like that? Open to suggestions and some wild conspiracy theories!
in Jive Internal Communities
Hi everyone I’m looking into how I can support Jivers and am interested to know your thoughts on: - what you’d like to learn about and  - if you were to invest in training, what would it be for, e.g community management, reporting, collaboration, use cases, culture etc.  Thanks in advance! :)
in Jive Internal Communities
I know that many communities don't limit space permissions. BUT, if you do, this is an important note.   The Discuss system permission includes a permission setting that does NOT allow people assigned the permission to see Content shared with the space. And as an admin, you'd never actually notice this - only users with the permission would.  … (Show more)
in Jive Internal Communities
Hi,   i maybe outdated but has anyone heard any news on when and where jiveworld2018 is? Assuming there will be one.   thanks
in Jive Internal Communities
Hello everyone. It's been a while. I'm seeking some advice an ideas for bringing new members into a community in Jive, and then having them quickly and easily complete their profile so that they can become searchable by others. This would involve going to some of deeper features of the profile like Skills. Has anyone found an easy way to do this… (Show more)
in Jive Internal Communities
Hi Guys,   I would like to know if there is a way to get the entire content of a forum in XML, JSON or some feed format?   I am referring to this particular forum as an example.   Though URL like below gives me the latest feed, but I am looking to get the… (Show more)
in Jive Internal Communities
I am trying to use DES to determine how many emails get sent from people following places (Follow > Inbox) and bonus points if I can see what users get the emails.  I figured ACTIVITY_SEND_EMAIL was a logical thing to start with.  When I put that action in the API Explorer I get the output shown below.  Is this telling me that 4 emails were sent… (Show more)
in Jive Internal Communities
Hi, where can I see, in which of my activity streams is new content? Currently in our Jive environment I get no information about this.
in Jive Internal Communities
The projects created on AureaWorks can be followed by other users only when they visit the project and click on "Follow" button on that page. This is a two step process for the user. I want to share my project link(URL) via email to users so that they just have to click on that link to follow the project and not go along with the above two step… (Show more)
in Jive Internal Communities
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