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I'm sure my group is much like yours in that we'd all like about 50 more people to help us manage our communities and an extra 5 hours in every day to get it done. However, the reality is that's not going to happen. In order to keep up with all of our communities my group continues to stay creative in our approach to reach as many as possible.


Among all of our groups we identified 50 that are the MOST critical to our core business base on a number of different factors (purpose of the community, size, and activity). We next did a quick scan of those 50 and communities and quickly called out any glaring issues (very poor page layout, no clear statement of community purpose, poor content quality) and offered quick suggestions.


The last step seemed to be the most powerful...We drafted a simple communication to the community owners and made them feel special. We started off the communication by saying "Congratulations!!!! You have a community that is among the 50 most valuable"

This seemed to really get their attention.


Then below that we offered 4 simple tactical things the community owner could do to help keep their community alive and well. Those items were as follows;


    • Check your community early and often...ensure your members are getting a response to what they post
    • Keep it fresh..people like to see new content, videos and discussions each time they visit. This will draw them back
    • Leverage our community manager group/call (this is a community we have for anybody that is a community owner, and we also do a bi-monthly call to offer tips and tricks)
    • Use the Community Snapshot to see how your group is doing (this is simple reporting we make available at the group level to all group owners)




We got several great responses from this communication. Some of which stating they had no idea their community was so popular. This is clearly not a one-size fits all approach but has worked pretty well for us. We are still tracking this to see if the communities continue to grow and thrive but so far so good!

Dear community managers,


we have been using JIVE for 6 months now and the engagement we have with our community within Devoteam is fantastic.

Communities exist since 2002 in our company, but moving them on JIVE has giving us the opportunity to empower international collaboration.

I have a strong network of 20 community leaders, who I gather 4 times a year for a team building events.

Our last event was dedicated on JIVE (WEEZ) and how to develop communities' awareness a step futher.

Inspired by design thinking approach, we worked with the 20 communities leaders to write the script of a short movie.

I'm happy to share the results with you




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