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Thanks to the insights of Patrick Durando, Tracy Maurer and others on my last video, I created a new one.


This time it is around a purely business situation.



The First 3 Weeks

Posted by Melissa.Rosen Champion Jun 5, 2012

It's been 3 weeks since we launched Jive, and it has been quite busy, but in the best kind of way. Sometimes I feel a bit distanced from the activity, since much of it happens while individuals are working behind their computer (myself included). But then, I get notices in my Jive Inbox and comments and likes on my pages, and that makes me feel connected again. I wish I could make more in-person appearances with my Advocate group and wiki users in general, but with a population of ~50k, it is nearly impossible for myself or my team to handle all the requests for appearances, let alone even a few of them.


In the past three weeks:

231 out of 535 Advocates have taken the step to join the community I set up in Jive (some with prompting, some without)

I've written 11 blog posts (inclusive of a "Manage your online presence at work" (see Example Blog: Manage Your Presence) and a 7-part series on "how to move your wiki content from our old platform to Jive")

I've been able to highlight great Advocate-generated content, including "how-to's" and a "old wiki vs. jive comparison"

Had one Advocate guest-blogger highlighted on the Advocate community, with more lined up

Hosted navigation demos and office hours

Kicked off a 'weekly challenge' for Advocates to complete


Early Learnings:

  • While not necessarily Field of Dreams, we do have more self-starters than I thought we would! About 230 groups are already created in our Jive instance. This is almost as many that exist in our old platform!
  • Our 'beta' groups (groups we specifically asked to go first) are on target for where we need them to be, but what is surprising is the number of groups that are already going gangbusters! I would never have picked some of these groups as 'betas' based on their past wiki activity (in some cases non-existent)
  • Alumni groups are flourishing- they did not exist in the old platform
  • Advocates are still tied to email- great response on email reminders, not nearly as strong if something is mainly in Jive (I've been trying this out as a test-- I mention an event that I've posted in the community & only mention it once in an email-- fairly low attendance, although it was for demos, and perhaps it is so easy to use that folks don't need it. I've posted a poll to help sort this out)
  • People love to automate- quite a number of questions on how they can automate their forms with Jive. We've allowed iframe usage to help them with that, though it's not the solution some want (some folks want Jive to be their front end to a database, which it will never be)
  • Still a challenge to keep up with both email and Jive inbox. I am on the verge of using an OOTO message in Outlook, saying, "for a quicker answer, you can find me in Jive".
  • Great feedback from users so far on the interface being intuitive and easy to navigate. We mostly have Advocates and power-user types in the platform now, so it will be interesting to see if/how this shifts when we get more users in there.


So there you have it. In the upcoming weeks, we will be putting emphasis on blogging, and making sure our bloggers know about the platform & the training materials available. Our company-wide announcement is in early July, so there will be additional efforts put toward training materials that our team is putting together, as well as marketing and comms emphasis that our great comms team is working on.


So for those of you who have already been through this. . .does this sound about right? Are the early things I'm noticing similar to what you've noticed with rollout and adoption? Or different?

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