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Ok, I lied. I can say a lot more than "Wow!" I could've said "Holy Smokes!" or "Jiminy Cricket!" but really, after I pause and take a deep breath, I am able to collect my thoughts. Here they are:


Boy, they're not kidding when they say time flies. It is already the middle of August, and I feel like JiveWorld is just around the corner. . .good thing, too, since I could use a new avatar photo (photo booths this year? I hope so!)


It's been 3 months since we started our soft launch of our first ever Jive instance (which we call Pulse), and while there is so much to do, we've already accomplished a lot! I thought I'd share a bit more about where we are to date:

  • 13,339 active users. We've only advertised to about 1,000 users, so we've grown virally in the last several months.
  • 7,083 documents created
  • 2,025 comments on documents
  • 506 blog posts
  • 1,372 comments on blog posts
  • 931 groups launched (3x what we had in our old platform)
    *note: Our spaces are reserved for those who are in charge of "official communications" & will be rolled out in the December time frame.
  • 64 job aids provided
  • 17 video tutorials


Our team has trained employees in our main locations, including UK, Canada, and Plano, TX. Training efforts are ongoing through our Getting Started space where we house the job aids, and many Advocates have also offered demos/training to their own teams.


Our UK and Canada offices have done a superb job of rolling out their main spaces. In the UK, they are using a tagged content widget to allow anyone to surface content for their main page (the equivalent of the home page of their 'intranet'). Bold move!

Our Canada office put together an excellent launch video, complete with an executive soundbite!


I ran a 6-week Advocate Challenge, wherein every week I issued a new challenge for our advocates to complete, such as: join the advocate community, add your profile photo & avatar, fill out your profile, start a discussion, follow people & content, share content. Advocates self-reported completion of these challenges. A random drawing for gift cards was held for those who completed the challenges. About 200 Advocates participated in the challenges (our distribution list reaches about 500).


I just kicked off a second round of challenges, which asks a little more of our Advocates. The challenges are: Share a success story about how you are using Pulse, Give a Pulse demo, write and share an elevator speech, and take a picture of our Pulse logo with your team or community & post it (sort of like a flat Stanley game, or the garden gnome game, if you are familiar with those). Information I glean from these challenges is going to be used in a 'Soft Launch Appreciation' week where we highlight those who have really jumped in and embraced the platform.


As the overall Community Manager, much of my time is filled in with consultations, training, answering questions in Pulse, and managing groups. This is very much as I expected and as it should be. I suspect that the consultation and training will continue to be heavy until early next year.


Interesting trends:

  • 42 alumni groups have been created- these did not exist in our old platform
  • When migrating from our old platform, several groups have taken the opportunity to split out their old group into several groups in Pulse
  • In some cases, projects are being used as sub-groups. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I really don't see the need to do this, since a group can be created separately and surfaced via a widget. But, if someone uses a project as a sub-group, then they can see them all listed in their projects tab, which I understand would be convenient.


Most of what I mention above is from my perspective as Community Manager. The rest of our team is still hard at work, hammering out the specifics and details of performance testing, various bugs, and change management plans. Our company-wide announcement should come out in about another month, so it will be interesting to see what kind of spikes we see when that happens. Since all of my power users are already in Pulse, I don't necessarily anticipate a spike in group formation, but do think it will grow steadily. I am already combing the JC for best practices on managing the proliferation of groups, and it seems that any way you slice it, there is a manual component to managing groups. So, I've got my work cut out for me!

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