Follow Button.jpgif you are interested.
Track in inbox button.jpg

if you are responsible.


Groups that you are interested in but just want to check out from time to time is the primary reason you would "follow" a group (You can also follow a person or piece of conent).  All of that followed content will show up in your activity stream and you can review it when you like.  You can't "work the stream" like you would a set of read/unread emails so you probably will miss a lot of content.  But your not responsible for the work in those groups (or from those people you are following).  You just want to have an easy way to check out a few posts from time to time as you have a general interest.  So, if it is not critical for you to see every single update and post, then this is a good option.  Conversely, if you must see every piece of content from a person (your manager) or a group that is related to your day job "following" is not on


Track in Inbox

jive inbox button.jpg

Inside every group, profile and piece of content is an "Action item" that looks like the above graphic (Track in Inbox).  Select this if you can not afford to

miss a post, update or comment.  It could be a manager, peer, subordinate or client.  Maybe a group that is for your department or project.  You want to be selective with what content you track in your inbox as you don't want to flood yourself.  Once you start tracking you will then see a number show up in the <Jive> header/banner as shown here.  This is an easy reminder that you have some items to review.  You get the chance to "work your <Jive> inbox" similar to email.  So you can keep items marked as "unread" and come back to them later if you like.,


Fine Tuning Your <Jive> Inbox

stop tracking button.jpgEvery now and then a piece of content will hit your <Jive> inbox that seems to take on a life of its own. Comment after comment that don't seem to stop.  Often it is a promotion announcement or life event (marriage, baby) that is followed by 100 "congrats" comments.  You want out!!  The way you can avoid this is when you decided you had enough, simply click on the content and select the "stop tracking" button found in the action bar.  It is in the same location as the "Track in inbox", meaning you will see just one of these button but never both so you can't make a mistake here.  If this piece of content is in a group you were tracking, you still will see all update and posts in your <Jive> inbox.  However, for this particular piece of content, you will not see another post.


Social Content has some similarities to managing email but there are many improvements and differences.  With a bit of trial and error you will find what works best for you to maximize business value and reduce the noise.


Note if you want to use this....

If you would like to leverage this tip for your own internal community, simply change out the <Jive> references and place your own jive community brand name.  You may also want to change the images if your theme has changed them.  Out of the box, the inbox is called "communications" or "What Matters: Communication" or "Track in Communications".  Many have followed Jive's lead and changed the word "communications" to "Inbox".  So as they say, your mileage may vary. 


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