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Looking for recent college grad with excellent skills in the following areas:  organization, time management, business writing, sales admin functions, creating & maintaining specialized client-specific community sites for sales activities.


Main responsibilities:

  • Prepare formatted, professional responses to Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) requests based on customer requirements, available templates and existing cloud computing material
  • Provide frequent outreach to sales team to develop relationships focused on improving the customer experience
  • Escalate concerns or issues discovered during interactions to sales operations and sales leadership
  • Continue to refine proposal library with new and updated materials for subsequent proposal responses
  • Create quotes comprised of pricing, configuration, and contractual elements combined into a template format


Required Skills/Job Description:

  • Successful completion of 4 year degree with 0-2 years experience;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Jive community site development
  • Ability to grasp technical concepts quickly
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Communicate and escalate issues as appropriate
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Technically astute; interest / awareness of cloud computing


Send inquiry to:

Hi there, Internal Community Managers.


I'm with INXPO, a Jive !Apps partner. We were at Jive World earlier this month, so we may have met some of you there.


Our Jive !App enables real-time communications within your Jive Community - via Online Events, Webcasting, real-time chat and more. We're a big believer in complementing the asynchronous interaction in your internal community with real-time interactions. We have a Group that I invite you to check out and join:




I recently wrote a blog post in that group about the benefits of enabling real-time communications in your Jive Community:


In addition, here's a related post (on the INXPO blog) that my colleague, Alexis Brannan wrote about how our app ("Social Business TV") can bring real-time interactions to your internal Jive community:


If you have questions about our app, feel free to post them to our Group - also, feel free to contact me directly (here). Thanks!

I've been tracking the social phenomenon since before Andrew McAfee launched his seminal piece in the Sloan Management Review, "Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration."  Over the years I've seen technology platforms come and go.  But I recall one of my blogger friends nudged me to go visit this small booth on the first E20 Conference trade floor and see a demo of what was then called, "Clearspace."  It was 2007, I believe.  I walked up and started chatting with a young Matt Tucker who was demoing a very clean and well-designed collaboration platform. I came away very impressed.  From that first introduction, I knew Jive would be a winner for years to come.


We used Jive's software for the ground-breaking Office 2.0 conference as our community platform and I was delighted with the results.  And when it came to selecting a fully functioning platform for the now successful Social Business Council, I chose Jive. The Council launched scores of successful careers as large enterprise early adopters shared and collaborated on their successes and challenges. Some of Jive's largest customers today are charter members of the Council. Jive's platform was the bedrock upon which we all learned how to become social businesses.  I owe the company a great debt of gratitude for launching so many successful social business advocates around the world. 


When it came time to consider career options post my Council tenure, I knew I had to include Jive in some way.  I admire the company's vision; its relentless desire to change the world of work in a powerful way. Its understanding of the complexity of the Enterprise sale and delivery.  It's for this reason, I chose to accept a new position as V.P. Social Business Advocacy at a leading Jive partner, 7Summits.  I look very much forward to joining forces with the smart folks at Jive to level-up this fast-growing sector.  There are fabulous success stories out there and a community of passionate early adopters who are hellbent on success.  I am on a mission to tell that story and aid and assist the Jive team to even greater heights. 


See you at JiveWorld!

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