Hi there, Internal Community Managers.


I'm with INXPO, a Jive !Apps partner. We were at Jive World earlier this month, so we may have met some of you there.


Our Jive !App enables real-time communications within your Jive Community - via Online Events, Webcasting, real-time chat and more. We're a big believer in complementing the asynchronous interaction in your internal community with real-time interactions. We have a Group that I invite you to check out and join:




I recently wrote a blog post in that group about the benefits of enabling real-time communications in your Jive Community:




In addition, here's a related post (on the INXPO blog) that my colleague, Alexis Brannan wrote about how our app ("Social Business TV") can bring real-time interactions to your internal Jive community:




If you have questions about our app, feel free to post them to our Group - also, feel free to contact me directly (here). Thanks!