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Collaboration Girl catches Village Idiot up to his usual tricks. In this episode we encourage profile completion.


For context, 'ACE Global Village' (referred to in the third panel) is the name of the social intranet, powered by Jive.



Illustrated by Fiona Katauskas.


Previous edition of Collaboration Girl vs Village Idiot

Collaboration Girl vs Village Idiot: cartoons to encourage user adoption

The ACE Group internal community, for 17000 employees across 53 countries, is called ACE Global Village.


We are encouraging usage of Jive via a cartoon series (with a superhero theme) called 'Collaboration Girl vs Village Idiot'. The cartoons have been helpful in engaging employees about the benefits of ACE Global Village and expected behaviors. Translated in Thai, Indonesian, Chinese (two versions), Korean, Vietnamese and Spanish, the cartoons have been distributed both online and as posters around our network of offices.


Starting today, I'll regularly post episodes of the cartoons in the Jive Community. Here is the first installment.


1 - Introduction.jpg

The cartoonist we are working with is the talented Fiona Katauskus.

In May 2012, we rolled out Jive to our UK and Canada offices, as well as to some super users in the US (you can read more here: The First 3 Weeks and here: 3 Months Since Soft Launch. . .All I Can Say Is Wow!). In December, we rolled out enterprise-wide to an audience of approximately 55k. With 70, 242 pieces of content created so far (total since soft launch in May 2012), it's been a whirlwind, and I suspect that 2013 will be the same.


What I've learned so far:


Groups (and Bunnies) are like Calculators. They multiply FAST!

We have approximately 2900 groups. In our old platform, we topped out at about 300-325 groups. I love that we have allowed users to form their own groups without any barriers to entry (in the old platform, users were required to take a class before I would build their group). To create a process flow around group creation would be cumbersome for the user and hinder adoption. Some challenges that have arisen: We have no way to formally categorize the types of groups (team sites, community of practice, social). It would be helpful to build this into the group creation workflow so that group owners could check a category-- by 'forcing" this choice, we could then pull a report to show the breakdown of group types. In the meantime, we can roll out a voluntary tagging strategy for individuals to  tag their groups. Emerging social (non-work) categories of groups include: alumni, sports teams/fan sites, movies, television, music, fitness, and hobbies. Approximately 20% of our groups fall into these categories. That means that the 80% majority of our groups are either team sites, project or program based, or Community of Practices.



Can I Get a POC, Please?

I am happy to see that the majority of our groups follow the best practice of assigning more than one admin to their group. This is a BP that I emphasize while giving my “Groups 101” class. While it's great that we can assign multiple administrators to groups, sometimes it is difficult to track down the main POC for a group. Which brings me to a shameless plug for my idea that you can vote on if you are so moved:

My original idea was to designate and display the main point of contact for a group on the overview page, but really, it could be on the People tab as well, as long as it's there somewhere.



I Thought Everyone Used Google

I admit it, I am guilty of assuming. Our users are frustrated with using Search, and they are having a hard time finding things. I am a bit baffled by this, but perhaps I am so used to using this kind of tool that the spotlight search seems easy to me. The idea of spotlight search is not new, however, I guess not everyone uses Google. We will need to put some effort into educating users on how to use it to their advantage. It seems our users are typing in a search term and hitting enter, which yields too many results. I am also wondering if this is just part of the learning curve-- of course it is challenging to find things in a new system-- it is new, after all. I've written two blog posts featuring search tips, and some of my advocates have been blogging tips as well. And, a broader plan to educate our audience on using search is underway.



People Like Points

I can't get over how some folks just really love their points. We have a basic points system set up (out of the box functionality), and have assigned a few items a higher point value than others (for example, to encourage ideation, ideas & comments on ideas get more points than creating other items). Some folks will do what they can to become a “master” in the system. I think the enthusiasm for the points system points to a future for a more sophisticated gamification model. That said, we are not really ready for it. We need to continue to focus on basic adoption. But when the time comes, I have loads of ideas on how to roll out a badging system. . .

Blogging is Popular

With approximately 13% of our content as blog posts (approx. 9100 posts), I am happy to see that blogging has become quite a popular way for individuals to extend their reach across the company. I see folks at all levels using their personal blogs to share information about their team goals, priorities, and recognize others for great work. For comparison: Our old platform only had about 160 individuals blogging, with a total of 3,184 blog posts in all of 2011. I've seen quite a number of "people" managers step to the plate with this new platform and really leverage their blog to communicate with their team. Bravo!

More, More, More!

People want more. I've already gotten requests for all sorts of functionality, which tells me that people are thinking of how they can best use Jive to get their work done. Some of the items requested: workflow creation, forms creation (we have a workaround in place), integration of events with Outlook, use Jive as a front end to a database (which we don't allow), a more robust badging system, more details for member lists (when exported from a group). Our team is working on putting an enhancement request process in place, so it should be interesting to see what types of requests are made vs which ones can actually be acted upon to improve the user experience.

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