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My CEO, David Levin, is leaving in a month and he's been our #1 community champion, so when he reached out to me yesterday to ask for counts of his total posts and activity in the community over the years, I wanted to help him as quickly as possible. Looking for the fastest solution, I turned to the Community Manager Reports in the hope I could make them cough up the data, and I found a simple way to make it work.


To filter the data down to just one person's results, I added a unique tag to my CEO's profile (ceo_david_levin). The change did not affect CMR immediately, but after a few minutes I was able to filter CMR on that tag.

cmr tag filter.png


Presto! Individual stats for my CEO!


This method would also make it really simple to create custom reports for specific groups of individuals, such as small teams that are not already distinguished in our profile fields. So, if you get a special request for stats for a set of people, it would not be hard to add a unique tag to each profile, and then pull custom CMR views for them.


Visuals Make Them Look

Posted by spearce Champion Jan 27, 2014

My three tricks are to: 

  1. Use a bright visual
  2. Create a title that hints at the impact of the content (compliments visual)
  3. Write initial text that sucks them in and, slurp, they are all mine!


If you are reading this, you know that the tricks work to a certain extent.  In Jive, the potential audience usually sees the title first making it of greater initial importance than the visual.  But the title suggested that you look (and you did).


Share your tricks for making your potential audience look, click and read.


Jive_Visuals Grab Their Attention.JPG.jpg


As a community manager, vacation time is a bit of a quandary.  I need a rest as much as the next person but who will drive traffic, answer questions, post new materials and help out while I am gone?


The short answer is the community advocates. 


Sometimes you do not even know who they are.  Sometimes they change over time.  Sometimes you ask them to be an advocate.  No matter how they got to be an advocates, they all have one thing in common, the collaborative spirit.


I did not know there were so many collaborative spirits about for the first two years as a community manager.  I did have volunteers helping me with some of the community issues but I had not thought about the community member themselves as advocates.  That was until I had to leave for a more extended period of time.  I did not know who all the voluntary advocates were so I opted for publishing a post in the community stating that I would be out and to please help each other out for the duration. 


The results were very pleasing.  I think that the open post to the community was a viable solution.  There was higher-than-average traffic in the community as many members stepped up to bat and helped other members get answers or search for solutions.


saviorfare.jpgI see you, Jive employees, I see you.


I see you, Community Managers, Marketing Directors, Communications Experts, Engagement Specialists, SEO Consultants, Social Media Developers.  I see you all.


But I am not you.  I am merely a Sourcing person working for a big global company.  I'm not "in" social media.


Or am I?


The truth is, I am.  And that guy over there in IT Services who writes a blog and answers people's questions on the company's Jive internal community? He's in social media.  All of HR have been forced to be in social media whether they wanted to or not because, hey, it's appraisal season!  THE WEIRD GUY IN THE MAIL ROOM IS IN SOCIAL MEDIA, TOO.


And Geoff from Accounting? Well, not yet but watch out - we're coming for you, Geoff!


I'm in Sourcing and I manage an area called Sourcing Operations.  If you have time, I'll take you through a 78-slide PowerPoint deck telling you exactly what that means.  I'm guessing you don't have time - especially now that I've mentioned my PowerPoint deck. It's OK - you don't have to understand my job.  I'll just be over here crying in the corner.  Not even my mom understands my job.


aintnobodygottimie.jpgThe point I want to make (hey! don't rush me - I'm getting there!) is that the tools and processes my team manage touch up to 65,000 employees.  Oh, sure - we offer training sessions and e-Learning and there is a company help desk, but do you think they have time for that? Ain't nobody got time for calling the company help desk.


There was a day when a cauldron of soup cooked all day over the hearth fire. Nowadays, if we can't hit the 1-minute button on the microwave and have hot soup, we write a sternly worded letter to Campbell's, usually in 140 characters or less (fewer).


These days, we have the attention spans of gnats.  It's not our fault - we have so much coming at us so quickly!  Chicken, egg, who knows.  So those of us in the business who are not Communications or Marketing or Community Management or SEO Optimization Specialists - we're in social media too, because business is social.


Social media - it's ubiquitous!  (But you guys already knew that, because you're so smart!)


(See, Mom? All that time you said I wasted on Facebook and Twitter - it all paid off!)


The truth is I'm shocked you're still reading this.  What's up? Are you waiting for a venti mocha skinny no-whip vanilla latte with your name on it to be passed up onto the counter? Is that how I've gotten your attention for so long?  No worries - I'll not look a gift horse in the mouth.  (If you think I just called you a horse, I respectfully say neigh - I did not. But we have gone off track and I bet you'd like me to rein it in.) (See what I did there?)


The point of this blog is to say I'm not one of you, but I am, and that's why I'm here.  While I may not have any of those fancy social-media words listed above in my job title, I need to be able to reach people, connect with them, engage them, and so I am in social-business.  Just like you.


Hi, my name is Linda Doty and I work in social media. My mom still won't understand what that means, but you do.


Nice to meet you!





Happy New Year! I read an email today stating that 2014 would be the year for "social explosion". I like that concept, but wanted a better term for this.


Being the creative type, I decided to create 10 new words to describe a "social explosion". Below, are these new terms.


“collabexplosion” the explosion of collaboration tools and processes

“collaflagration” like a wildfire, social collaboration tools spread across an enterprise

“collabcipation” collaborative tools free us from the shackles of antiquated tools and processes

“socialenisis” social tools create a new journey for a company

“socialarity” people and social tools merge into a balanced unified blend

“collabniscient” social collaboration tools enable immediate access and sharing of pertinent knowledge

“socialeration” social tools accelerate our ability to accomplish

“collavolution” collaborative tools enable a work revolution

“sociadilation” social tools reduce task time

“sociasisyphus” social tools move an organization closer to the top

Hopefully, this will start a fun meme for others to join in. Let me see how creative you can be.


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