Happy New Year! I read an email today stating that 2014 would be the year for "social explosion". I like that concept, but wanted a better term for this.


Being the creative type, I decided to create 10 new words to describe a "social explosion". Below, are these new terms.


“collabexplosion” the explosion of collaboration tools and processes

“collaflagration” like a wildfire, social collaboration tools spread across an enterprise

“collabcipation” collaborative tools free us from the shackles of antiquated tools and processes

“socialenisis” social tools create a new journey for a company

“socialarity” people and social tools merge into a balanced unified blend

“collabniscient” social collaboration tools enable immediate access and sharing of pertinent knowledge

“socialeration” social tools accelerate our ability to accomplish

“collavolution” collaborative tools enable a work revolution

“sociadilation” social tools reduce task time

“sociasisyphus” social tools move an organization closer to the top

Hopefully, this will start a fun meme for others to join in. Let me see how creative you can be.