When we deployed Jive 7 (on-Prem) about a month ago, I prepared some scenarios and used them during UAT (to get sign-off from the business stakeholders that the functionality worked as expected), and then added them to our training space in a tag widget so that users could see the new features at a glance. Our internal name for Jive is Vibe. Lindsay Forcino requested I share one such blog with you. Feel free to copy/edit and replace your own community pics and share on if you find it useful.


Scenario: I would like to create a separate place in my group to work on latest activity with my team, but still keep my Overview page for sharing information and for people to ask questions.



Solution: Jive 7 allows you to create a separate 'Activity' tab for your group. You can easily add this tab to your new group and make it the landing page if you want to. This frees up 'real estate' on the Overview page for sharing more with outside audiences, and gives you and your team a dedicated place to focus on your activity. This is the place you 'go to work'.

v7activity design8.PNG


Use Cases:

Information & Knowledge Sharing


Sales Enablement


Benefit: With a dedicated Activity place you can work efficiently with your team (use case: Collaboration) while still retaining your Overview page (use case: Information & Knowledge Sharing). The Overview becomes more of a place for 'sharing' and cascading information about the group, allowing people to ask questions etc. The Activity is where it is all happening and this tab allows you to work efficiently with your team/collaborators. When designing your Activity page, you can add/customize Tiles that integrate information that is relevant to your collaboration like Decisions and Actions. Great value will come when we start to create custom-Tiles to bring outside content from places like salesforce.com into Vibe (use case: Sales Enablement) (future development)


How: Through your group settings Advanced options, select to include both Overview and Activity.


Click on Manage > Settings, About, and select Advanced options.

v7activity design7.PNG


You can decide to activate both the Activity and the Overview, and you can decide which one you want as your landing page. If your group is primarily for team collaboration, you might want to land on the Activity. If your group is primarily sharing information and getting questions from outsiders, you might want to land on Overview.

v7activity design15.PNG


When you click OK, you will see the new Activity page in edit mode. In Vibe 7 there are 'templates' that you can select for your Activity page that give you a combination of Features and Tiles. If you don't select a template, the default one for Team Collaboration will apply (this is a good general template that has all features and relevant Tiles). You can then edit as you want to.

  1. You can edit the Background to add a nice banner
  2. You can click the 'cog' and edit the group features
  3. You can move the tiles up and down on the right hand side of the page and click the 'cog' to edit the Tile. You can remove/add Tiles. Note that some Tiles will pre-populate with information from your existing group (e.g. Top Participants and Featured Content).

Note also that there is no 'stream integration' at this time. In future you can imagine bringing streams from other collaboration tools to your group (Chatter, Yammer etc..), so that your team is working in one place with all the aggregated streams of activity and information!

v7activity design18.PNG

The default template gives you 5 Tiles and then you can select 2 more by clicking on Add a tile:

v7activity design19.PNG

A Tile is a bit like a widget but is easier to use and is designed specifically for the Activity page. The Tiles bring Actions, Decisions etc to your activity. Here are some nice examples:

Helpful Links Tile allows you to easily bring links from other places

v7activity design.PNG


The Image Gallery Tile allows you to drag and drop up to 20 images that can then be scrolled easily from the group activity page.

v7activity design2.PNG


The Featured People tile allows you to feature certain people in the group.

v7activity design3.PNG


The Gauge Tile allows you to add your own Status, decide the number of segments, and manually change it and add a note to motivate the team.



The Action Items and Recent Decisions tiles will automatically populate 5 recent Actions/Decisions as you place them on your documents, discussions, and blogs - (see Jive 7 scenario - Action a document, discussion, or blog)

v7activity design 20.PNG


Another nice thing about the new Activity page is that you will have your own Group status. Only group members will see this status.

v7activity design 21.PNG




How do I add an Activity tab to my group?

By default all new groups will have a separate Activity page, and by default the Activity page will be the 'landing page'. For existing groups (pre-Jive 6), users may add an Activity tab and make it their landing page by clicking on Manage > Settings > About > Advanced options.

What is the difference between Tiles and Widgets

Tiles are only for the Activity page. They are designed to make it easy for you to collaborate around content and team activity. Tiles 'integrate' content and the big difference is that you will in future be able to integrate content from outside of Vibe (e.g. a Tile bringing content from salesforce.com for example). The KM Ops and Dev teams will be working on these integration tiles for you in coming weeks and months. Widgets are still the same as they were in the previous version, and may be used to animate your Overview page.


How many Tiles can I have on my Activity page?



What Tiles are there?

Here is the list (Jive 7 tiles overview)


Why do I need a separate Activity page?

It allows you to get into your work in a place dedicated to activity. It brings collaboration around content with Tiles that allow you to highlight Actions, Decisions, etc. It leaves the Overview page as a 'front cover of the book' where people can come and access information, ask questions etc. It also frees up real estate on the Overview page as you no longer need to include Recent Activity on there.