As some of you have not yet upgraded to Jive 7 I thought it might be useful to share some of our FAQ and observations gathered during our user testing phase. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer. Note that we are on-Prem and some FAQs may be relevant only to our instance.


Here are some FAQ we put out:


What are the first things I should do after the upgrade?

Update your profile and add your skills

Check your groups and enable the Activity page if needed (video link), add your banner and update your group avatar

Connect with your mobile device (video link)


What browsers is Jive 7 compatible with?

Jive 7 is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 and newer. (Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported)


Will the Activity page be automatically enabled on all already-existing groups/projects?

No, this will need to be enabled manually on all places that existed before the upgrade. Just click on Manage > Settings > About.


Do the Activity page templates apply also to the Overview page?

No, the templates apply only to the Activity page, effectively enabling or disabling tiles and features on the Activity page.


What is the difference between tiles and widgets?

Tiles are available exclusively on the Activity page and widgets are only on the Overview page. Also, tiles are more deeply integrated with the Structured Outcomes.


Do I still need to unlock the mobile app with a passcode every time I open it?

No, with the new Jive Mobile app for iOS, no passcode or even device activation is necessary. You just login once.


What about the Android app?

The Android app will be updated to be in line with the iOS app around the end of H1 2014.


How do I find experts in Vibe without knowing their name?

You can find people based on their skills, location, experience, title etc.. Just go to the People (link) page and use the filters.


What is the point of endorsing other peoples' skills?

To improve expertise location and help other people to find experts in Vibe more easily. If somebody has used their skill to help you, you can endorse their skill in their profile to show your appreciation and also promote the person in Vibe.


Even though I haven't enabled the Activity page on my group, I can still access and modify it, when editing the Overview page. Is this normal?

This is a know bug in Vibe and will be fixed in an upcoming update.


I don't see the Structured Outcomes links under the Actions menu. Nor do I see the Impact Metrics. Where can I find them?

These features are only available for content created in the version 7 of Vibe.

Other observations from UAT

  • You can't design a default Overview page to save as part of your group template. Overview will have the default 'out of box' design per today and users have to play with their widgets.
  • You can save your own Activity template and apply it when adding the Activity page to your existing groups
  • The Activity page is also available for Projects
  • The default group will be Open, Team Collaboration, with Activity (Overview can be added by user). We will 'embrace' this easy default way to create an active collaboration group.
  • We cannot automatically add Activity page to existing groups. When we go live the existing groups will be exactly the same as they are today. Owners will be able to Manage > Settings to add Activity.
  • A group tag can be added to new templates and it will come through when using the template..
  • Tags on the profile in V6 will transfer as skills in V7 so it will be good to clean them up before going live - get a head start on skill tags
  • You now see your Actions and Tasks in your Actions on the left panel, and the Invitations / Notifications about people following you now appear in your Inbox. This is much more intuitive.
  • You can search for content in your group or at the top Content by content marked as success, with action, with decision etc.
  • In Impact Metrics we don't see who 'shared' our content (influencers). It only shows who 'viewed' it (this is because we are on-Prem and have some restrictions)
  • Need to advise about the High Res on Preferences so users will not accidentally check it (someone did this in UAT and got the blue/white screen)
  • The banner allows you to market your group without needing to use the Place Overview widget or Formatted Text. Now you have the banner and About, leaving more real estate on Overview.
  • You can feature your own blog on your profile (you can't feature a group blog in your profile)
  • You no longer need the Actions widget on the Overview page because you now have a drop-down for Actions.
  • Structured outcomes are used in different places e.g. decisions are only on comments.
  • Actions assigned at project level will not show up in tiles at the group level - content from projects can be brought into a group Activity page with the Key Content and Places tile
  • Impact metrics global reach is % of those who have access
  • You can create your own Tile with saved content and save it in your own template


Small things we really liked about V7 during UAT

  • The 'edit panel' at the top scrolls down with you so you can always see it in a long document
  • The notifications about when people are following you or have invited you to their group are no longer in Actions. They appear in the Inbox. This leaves the Actions for 'my Actions/Tasks' only.
  • How easy it is to create a group for a purpose without having to learn about widgets
  • Having & viewing a message conversation about an Action right from the document
  • Search prioritization based on Official/Final, Outdated, Endorsed
  • Searching for people by skill is easy and allows us to promote the Expertise Location use case