At Huntsman we are using Jive and Jive for Office module, it have rendered a bit of success as I do not get too many thumbs up but rather panic call if something is not working. We got users clearly now dependant that things got easier to share and collabroate with this apps... below this the blog I did in huntsman on this topic. Little borrowed here and there i.e. some sales material and other bloggers on the topic.

As you will notice, Jive for Office allows you to share documents with colleagues who are in the same groups/projects with you. In this way you will be able to work faster, having the possibility to check the overall work anytime you wish. This is a great add-in that is very useful in large companies like Huntsman who have so many sites across the globe.


Therefore, if you have a team and you want to make sure that you will succeed, you should definitely think about getting innovative with Jive for Office. It is very simple to use and your colleagues will love it. At the same time you will be able to check their work, being able to make all the necessary change or make comments without changing the content. However if users make changes to a certain document, everything is synchronized because Jive for Office notifies all the users in the moment/immediately a change has been made. In this way every user has the possibility to merge their changes with other people’s changes.


You will soon realize Jive for Office will help you organize your documents, keeping them updated. In this way, anyone who wants to make a contribution is able to make it. It is really easy to edit the document, and besides this, you can also follow the activity of each one of the users. In this way you will be able to assess everything, making sure that your activities are on the right track and I now invite you to read our training documents on the topic or ask the help & feedback community.



Leo Lajs