First of all, I don't want to put the Jive team on the spot here, I'm just sharing experiences, that might be interesting to other community members.


So, the document preview in Jive. I, like most people that use Jive, have a love-hate relationship with it. It's a great feature, to be able to view a document without having to download it first.

However, on many occasions the layout of documents (especially Excel and PPT) is botched up pretty badly, so that I have to download the doc anyway. Also the flash based viewer isn't particularly snappy at times.

All in all, it's a "good enough" solution in most cases.


In one of our products we need to show binary content (Word doc, Powerpoints, Visio, etc) in the browser. For many other things we rely on Jive, but the document preview feature is not available to Jive add-ons so we had roll our own for this.

Also, the support for Visio and MS Project files isn't in Jive anyway.


We settled on a commercial solution eventually, and I thought it would be interesting to have some comparison between the document rendering in Jive and other solutions.

Word document

OriginalJive previewIn our app using 3rd party library
word1.pngword1.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image1.jpg
word2.pngword2.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image2.jpg
word3.pngword3.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image3.jpg
word4.pngword4.pngdeb70108-b818-4bf8-9db8-53fe6a4e65d5_Installation Guide - Lotus Notes Social Connector for Jive.docx_image5.jpg



OriginalJive previewOur app with 3rd party library
powerpoint1.pngpowerpoint1.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image2.jpg
powerpoint2.pngpowerpoint2.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image8.jpg
powerpoint3.pngpowerpoint3.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image9.jpg
powerpoint4.pngpowerpoint4.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image25.jpg
powerpoint.pngpowerpoint5.pnga0285afd-6030-4c60-a40a-9ceacf4b475f_New Jive Corp Deck-1.pptx_image26.jpg


Generally, Jive has gotten a lot better in the quality of conversion, but I think it's fair to say it doesn't compare well to specialized solutions (or Office365 for that matter). Maybe as part of the Box partnership, Jive could leverage Box View as an option for this at some point.

Jive Internal Communities managers, is this topic something that is on your radar also?