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After an amazing Christmas in 2014, North Pole Industries International Holding Corp dba Santa Claus, seeks to raise our operational and collaborative level of excellence for 2015. Please find below our Request for Proposal for social business solutions for our enterprise.

Organization Overview
Our multinational organization served about 1.9 billion children in 2014. We partner with approximately 3.8 billion independent contractors in the field. Our manufacturing facilities employ roughly 1 billion specialists, artisans and managers many of whom are over a century old. We operate a single delivery vehicle operated annually by our CEO and a stable of 19 front line reindeer. We look forward to modernizing operations to leverage technology efficiencies without losing Christmas spirit

Project Goals

  • Streamline communications between customers, contractors and staff. Reduce paper mail and email
  • Replace antiquated “naughty or nice” list with integrated CRM system (badges?)
  • Mobile management of product pipeline
  • Cross generational knowledge management system
  • Operational tools to support and enhance elf engagement beyond unlimited hot chocolate and candy canes.
  • Delivery routing system enhancements (integrated)

Project Requirements

  • Our teams reflect a broad range of ages cultures and languages, for this reason any proposed solution must be easier to figure out than setting the digital clock on a VCR.
  • All proposed systems must be able to operate in a networked environment, in the cloud and or in stand alone mode as global weather changes often challenge connectivity in our primary operational area.
  • Solutions must be accessible by desktop, mobile, tablet and sleigh environments

Proposal Contacts

Please complete the form below to submit your initial RFP overview and contact information.  Once submitted we will link you to our official RFP portal for further follow up by your organization.  Click here for the RFP initial submission form